And more emphasis on pushing the steel and coal industry group only to prevent "merger" no "synergy" scene


Recently, the central ministries joint inspection team composed of around backward production supervision and inspection work, the formation of the lead after the end of the report submitted to the State。At the same time, the steel industry to resolve excess capacity, to prevent "the bars" resurgence special checks are also set to expand by 8 in 21 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)。  According to the relevant personnel, from the current situation, to the production capacity of the country is large, some places ahead of schedule to complete the task。However, coal enterprise debt problem still exists, large debt difficulty, the steel is also facing the same problem。And in promoting transformation and upgrading of corporate mergers and acquisitions, has been around the development of relevant policies, are actively promoting the。  Why talk about advancing the steel, coal industry mergers and acquisitions, new Weber Liu Zhe, vice president of economic research on the "Securities Daily" correspondent said that on the one hand by means of mergers and acquisitions market, improve the quality and efficiency of enterprises, enhance the economic toughness。On the other hand, can effectively reduce excess production capacity out of the impact brought about by unemployment, enhance the toughness of the labor market。  But Liu Zhe also pointed out that in promoting iron and steel, coal and other corporate mergers and acquisitions process, there are still some errors and inconsistencies。Which means that errors in the restructuring process, only certain companies at a loss in the simple merger, not a corporate strategic transformation or integration of industrial chain layout。Although it is possible to solve temporary difficulties, but it does not bring fundamental to enhance the quality of enterprise。The contradiction refers to the process of local government mergers and acquisitions, corporate management, personnel changes and other conflicts of interest is relatively complicated, delayed the merger process to a certain extent。  In this regard, Liu Zhe believes that mergers and acquisitions in order to solve the problems, on the one hand you want to improve the quality of the supply system as the main direction, encouraging traditional industries, new industries can be backward production, advanced production acquisition or merger, a focus on the technological progress and industrial transformation and upgrading, safer, more environmentally friendly, less energy consumption, improve the level of automation and intelligence, not just reductions restructuring。On the other hand, the state has adopted policies to strengthen top-level design, to clarify the process of mergers and acquisitions related to the interests of the principle of distribution and financial support, employee relocation and other supporting measures to avoid just the words "merger" no "synergy" phenomenon。