70 billion pharmaceutical market value wiped out step "three measures" trying to "transit robbery"


Following last year on November 29 intraday record 155.After the highest price of 41 yuan / share, listing just turned "age" of step Pharmaceutical shares Waterloo, this year, its share price again and again lower, as of yesterday's close, the step size pharmaceutical market value when away from the highest price point, has evaporated over 700 one hundred million yuan。  Recently, a collapse in the share price, pharmaceuticals step self-help moves frequently。So, these "self-help technique" can save in "dire straits" in the step pharmacy it?  A self-help technique: the acquisition of pharmaceutical companies in Fujian expansion cardiovascular market December 21, step pharmaceutical announcement that intends to not more than 1.1.8 billion acquisition of the new Fujian Wuyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 70% stake。  Statistics show that the new Fujian Wuyi Pharmaceuticals is a research and development production and sales as one of modern Chinese pharmaceutical companies and high-tech enterprises, product variety to cardiovascular drugs, respiratory system drugs led。  It is worth mentioning that the announcement represents a new Fujian Wuyi Pharmaceutical 2016 annual net profit of 2,054,734.07 yuan, 1 mid-2017 without audit – The October data show that net profit -70,458.28 yuan。  In the performance decline, stock prices worrying situation, step pharmaceutical investment in poor performance of the new Wuyi Pharmaceutical again, trying to do?  Third-party medical service system Maisikanglai founder Shi Lichen "International Finance," told reporters that the main reason for the new Fujian Wuyi losses in its pharmacy business is poor, but it has two star products: white mountains and Ruanmailing , step pharmaceutical mainly spotted the new Wuyi of these two products。  Reporters noted that Ruanmailing Wuyi is a new pharmaceutical R & D division of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medicine, as the industry analysis, told reporters, as the leading pharmaceutical companies of cardiovascular medicine, pharmaceuticals step in income does not increase profits situation will remain performance poor Fujian Wuyi new pharmacy in the bag, is trying to expand its competitiveness in the Chinese market cardiovascular drugs。  And pharmaceutically step 2016 prompts prospectus, ranked first risk is relatively concentrated product, its three patented products Naoxintong capsule, Wenxinkeli Danhong injection and its contribution to a relatively high proportion of outstanding achievement。But Danhong injection is at least 11 provinces (municipalities) are 26 warning (strictly monitor), restrict the use of, or even facing the risk of disabling any time。  "From the acquisition of the new Fujian Wuyi pharmaceutical company, in step pharmaceuticals have been aware of their own problems in the product mix and want to enrich product variety through acquisitions, increase market share, reduce the risk of a single main product。"Shili Chen believes that it is because of the urgent need for the adjustment of product structure, step pharmaceuticals will 'burn' acquisitions。  Self-help technique II: 1 vote.200 million yuan to build traditional Chinese medicine extraction plant and other facilities with projects in December 21, step Pharmaceutical announced that a subsidiary of Baoding Tianhao Pharmaceuticals intends to invest in new projects traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop, preparation workshop, warehouse and auxiliary facilities, the investment amount is not more than one.200 million yuan。  Step pharmaceuticals, he said after this project is completed, will expand production capacity in Baoding Tian Hao, improve the company's product category, and thus enhance the company's profit and market competitiveness。Will not cause a significant impact on the company's current financial condition and operating results in the long run, will be the company's continued viability and competitiveness of enterprises have a positive impact。  It is understood, Baoding Tian Hao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of tablets, ointments, sol, etc., as of December 31, 2016, total assets of 2.6 billion, operating income of 4.500 million yuan, net profit of 20.48 million。  "Since July 1, December 1 respectively start of the" Traditional Chinese Medicine Act "and" Chinese medicine clinics filing Interim Measures, "will make the future market of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine clinics will explode, and the step size is China's largest cardiovascular drugs proprietary Chinese medicine production enterprises, the investment is to prepare for the next hot Chinese market. "。An industry source told reporters said。  Self-help technique three: Beijing Red Cross donated 3.06 million yuan legitimate pharmaceutical market in question step when the step size pharmaceutical promptly issued a "responsible image" ads。  December 22, step recurrence announcement that its subsidiary, a step in Shaanxi, Shandong Danhong, Baoding Tian Hao, step pharmaceutical sales were donated to the Beijing Red Cross RMB 2 million, 8.20.11 million, 32.74.16 million, 65.31.78 million yuan。  According to Reporters statistics, it has been the title "Corporate Philanthropy" in step to a drug from the market, which is the second public donations。July 13, Shandong step, Baoding Tian Hao of Beijing Red Cross were donated two million yuan, five million yuan。  "Mud Buddha across the river" in step pharmaceuticals, after more than 70 billion market value evaporated still "Heart" charity, consider what is behind this?  Shi Lichen analysis, "philanthropy often has a direct relationship with the brand awareness, not previously listed before, step pharmaceuticals also done a lot of charity, but this amount was significantly less, which is related to the market downturn step now, At a time when charity, quite 'easy way out' meaning '。  So, investors will pay for it?  A holding step pharmaceutical investors, "International Finance," told reporters: "As a company with advertising violations, substandard quality of drugs convictions listed pharmaceutical company, the product is only good sense to save the future of the only price the right way。"For issues related to the company's reporters to step secretaries office pharmaceutical letter sent to interview, but as of this writing, has not received a reply。(Original title: 700 billion market value wiped out, step out of the pharmaceutical "three measures" trying to "transit robbery") (Editor: DF309)