Good sweat steaming sweat steam or hot yoga is good to note matters


Good or sweat steaming hot yoga, sweat steaming summer often go to a health project, hot yoga more popular, so good sweat steam or hot yoga is good?Xiao Bian tell us something about good or sweat steaming hot yoga。 Khan steam Bikram Yoga good or better people to stay in one room, so that the body temperature by sweating, so as to achieve the purpose of weight-loss beauty of this approach believe many people will think of the sauna, in fact, Bikram Yoga is also true of steam and sweat the surface between these three terms are the same, in fact, still a big difference。 In contrast, Khan steam weight loss is much better, there are statistics show that doing 40 minutes of sweat steaming, equivalent to 10 kilometers outside of the addition, the temperature because only a little higher than normal body temperature, sweat steaming to be comfortable, not as uncomfortable as a sauna and hot yoga, people can rest assured to enjoy the steam room sweat inside, so sweat steaming has become more and more people choose weight-loss。
What is hot yoga Bikram yoga is to achieve ideal health effects through body movements。 The heating temperature is generally 34-42 °。 Good sweat steaming hot yoga or better by simulating an animal, such as the cobra, cat, crocodile, camel, eagle birds, locusts posture as well as a series of pull, twist, bending and other movements, the body has been no activity on the location to get pulled stretch, twist and the improved health。 Khan steam required points to note。