China's most famous living flash marriage


Saying "Gods," the most capable people have real power and ginger, which is a late-bloomer。    After he Kunlun Mountains in the next, you talk about love, playing the most famous China's first flash marriage, he was seven years old that year, has been delayed marriage and childbearing policy from very far away, but from the love he felt very close。    The young married woman named Ma ginger, and ginger gonna get married when still a flower girl, but has been sixty years old, she Shoushenruyu quite high for a man or a standard, can not drink nor smoke, nor of course vivid flower to another woman, although a little that such a condition, but fortunately these ginger can be reached, so the two men became a flash marriage, after all, the age is not small, ah, oh no flash does not work。    Although ginger man learned, and hands are the responsibility of the Gods down, but then do not Shang fate, he did not there when the prime minister to the Western Zhou Dynasty, so in the eyes of Miss Ma Ma belle of change, only ugly and old and can be considered a poor man money, nothing, neither business nor do business, every day, take a look at the art of war, sworn brother to old eating a bowl of rice, in the house he had home“Dream Theater”Day, it looked beautiful horse heart unhappy thought,“You see I married a man who sowed it, not the slightest man's spirit, but also earn money, I ruined his aging mother in your hands, left for so many years, only counting on a good man to love, to enjoy happiness , but I do not know shanhun form like this, and regret the original ah, no, I have asked him to go out to work venture, to see him at home to save on its hands”。    Ginger, is a late-bloomer, he was at home after a young married woman too obsessed with round after round too, there is half the cheek borrowed capital to the sea to learn to do business, you know that a woman of your home too poor too obsessed with round after round you say of time, that is the worst luck when you are in this life, even when she said that like or love you and you shanhun。    Ginger first with their hand-woven technology a few good-looking but practical bamboo basket, Chaoge to market and sell it, he was thinking this thing is a necessity of life, and environmentally friendly and strong, but also did not have chased I pipe, this can certainly make money, but ginger did not think that, just as he lug baskets forgetting the line trying to make money, a team of police riding Pegasus whistled at the gates, he dodge, there had stunned to see the basket is rotten in there and kicked the horse, ginger go back later to say the beauty of the horse, the horse beauty did not call him, but he said, saying,“Ginger eggs do not matter”。    Business ginger second time to do, is to sell the pig trafficking, is changing hands, business process very fast time, money and capital will return quickly, again, was not any road toll, well done because everyone is to eat pork, which is not even the North wit have to sell pork, not to mention that I do not have diplomas bloomer, I kept thinking of ginger on the music, and if this time made money I'll buy a beautiful diamond ring to help the horse, I call it“A diamond is forever, a mass stay forever love”, Called her know know, flash flash my marriage is not wrong ginger, ginger thing the United States was thinking, suddenly heard the cattle market in front of the Azeri to shout,“Decline in value of the pig, pig dropped in price to the swine flu, and sell the meat”After hearing this ginger, skull there is a word we often say that the Internet chat,“gosh”, Ginger shuffles back home, back to this beautiful horse scolded him,“You really do not egg thing, his aging mother with you flash a marriage is the biggest mistake I ever made in”。    After listening to ginger the most beautiful horse breaking his word or two, and she wanted a divorce, anyway, to the Bureau of Civil Affairs of running nine dollars a marriage certificate, divorce certificate eight dollars, it is also convenient, but I thought ginger or do the last time in my life it up, after all, I think so big, flashing a marriage is not easy, thinking, ginger and went with the last of the capital, the Zhu a bunch of traders, sheep, ah, thought this time, as long as the money I have earned, and now there is no swine flu, and have not heard of sheep flu, this time not lose money ah?Pity!Accidents will happen, people have the world back luck, this time ginger was sold again, that he's Zhu sheep, ah, all traders in the hands of high-priced hype came from hot money, so he shot the price to a trial of strength the go down, ginger furious, saying,“I call this troubled world how mixed ah, after which I'm afraid will go back to the horse beauty really will not scold me, she wants to divorce me, alas, to break off the bar, I heard later I said to myself depressed ginger: ginger ah, ginger, why bother to cross the most widely circulated of the most famous living flash marriage this Chinese history it, you grew Single decades do not come ah”???    Read the "Gods" of the Earth's people know that a person does not experience love, not flash marriage, but also can not meet the flash of life after marriage, even if he is very famous late-bloomer old man or gods, their final outcome is after breaking up the evening she did not love, and some just do not know each other before that period in the illusion of love or love!!!