You do not know the secret to make sex more wonderful bed


You do not know what the secret of bed sex life has always been a very important part of our lives, sex lives and in fact, there are a lot of things we do not quite understand the。
So in the end what are the little secret is we do not know it following small bed brought little secret you do not understand for everyone, so that sex becomes more beautiful!You do not know the secret of the bed 1.Candlelight, moonlight make a woman change a global coverage of more than 6000 US Women's latest survey shows that 37% of women having sex more enjoyable by candlelight or moonlight, as special wavelength candlelight and moonlight can make a woman look more delicate, rosy。
2.Man changing position just to please women are not keen to transform every man in various positions in bed, in fact, they do more to please a woman。 From the physical structure point of view, men extent picky much lower position than women。
As long as no excessive muscle crush, they can use almost any kind of posture to orgasm。 3."Self-suggestion" Most women make a woman orgasm faster romantic love。
British sex therapist, said the woman in bed "self-suggestion" stronger than men。 Experts on a group of women made a 3-month follow-up survey found that 34 percent say affectionate with her boyfriend at the time, if fantasy beach, blue sky, white clouds and other natural scenes, climax come faster。 You do not know the secret of the bed 4.The busier during the day and at night to release the British Psychological researchers found that the performance of the more elite women during the day, at night the need to release the pressure。 Because too tired omitted affectionate with her boyfriend of "strong woman" craving will gradually accumulate, leading to the collapse of the soul defense, which is "a strong woman" love often cause obstacles。 So no matter how busy work, but also take time out to spend the night with her boyfriend。
Fives.Sex in the car, a woman feel more secure United States Women Medical Research Center, the latest survey shows that 19% of women like the car as affectionate place。
Because the car has a good airtight, the flow is a "bed" that can bring a more intense sense of security than the bedroom。 If you want to change a few new tricks, affectionate may wish to move locations from the bedroom back seat。