60% of surveyed students love to accompany my father


  Fatherly love is great, but the understanding of what is fatherly, maybe not the same。 There is a saying goes like this: true love, the child must be allowed to see your presence, and you play together, you listen to the teachings of the healthy growth of your attention and care in。   Children play together and dad say I am very happy June 12, the newspaper of the Xi'an Weiyang West Airlines three schools 52 fourth-grade students in six classes did a survey (see drawing data)。 For many children like my father to accompany the reason, the children are given this statement: "Dad and play together very happy。 "Yang Yang said the boys 'gym together we can'; Xu expressed little boys 'father is always telling jokes'; Hao Hao said the boys 'mother because a lot of nonsense'; girls Wenwen said," I usually accompany my mother, so prefer Dad accompany "there are children means 'because my father was very generous' on the grounds girls then ran to write that 'because my father always took me out to play, my mother always let me learn'; girls drizzle said, 'because my father would give me about a lot of knowledge'。   What do you like to accompany her mother on the grounds that it?Girls Showtime said, "Mom I understand the psychological, Dad is very difficult"; most like to accompany her mother on the grounds that "I am more concerned about"。
  Dad is always busy hoping to spend more time with my dad asked most want to say a word, 52 children, 31 children are written: "Daddy, I love you!"But there are many children of my father raised desire: Dad drink less, I hope the boss asked my father to Xi'an to work, I hope my father to accompany them less play on the computer, I do not want to grow old dad out to eat。
Most expressed the hope that these children have a "weekend dad" or "father late at night," the survey accounted for 48% of these father。   Ma Rui Yi girl's father as a teacher in Baoji, Xi'an and only the weekend will return to their families。
Ma Rui Yi said, Dad usually do not go home, she was always with my mother, my father came home on weekends will accompany her calligraphy, painting, and she especially hopes to travel with Mom and Dad, "on a trip together or 4 years old, my father took me to Fengxian County。
"" My father is very busy, I rarely see him every day。 "Tianyi Hu Gao Ling's father in a hospital worker, often came home late, and occasionally come back too early, and my father would give him a coaching job, but hardly a weekend dad to accompany him because he is always busy。   My mother say her husband was not at home often affected her character Chen of Taiwan, a senior reporter instrument recently wrote an article caused a lot of people resonate, she put forward the concept of "pseudo-single mother," the husband is busy at work, home late one day their child less than two sentences, or from morning to evening, did not see the child's face。
Sometimes, even though her husband to stay at home on Sunday, is also limited to eating, sleeping, watching TV, playing games, both eyes are usually not placed in the body of the child or the child's mother。   Ms. Ray, who lives in Chang'an District of Xi'an feel is pseudo-single mother, her husband is doing telecommunications projects, stationed in the field for many years, occasionally on weekends back, she is a full-time wife。
Ms. Ray said, before a child she can not cook, water and electricity at home no matter what she。
Since her husband work outside the home, in addition to her home to take care of everything, but also alone with children。
My husband came back after the weekend, will go out drove Niangliang "spreading rumors", "only this time, it felt like a home。 2 year old daughter because the father did not see a long-term, with the strangeness of my father, and sometimes we are not willing to let dad hold。 "Ms. Ray said:" The child's growth, accompanied by his father can not do without。
Father give the child a sense of security, some timid and introverted daughter now, and I feel a great father to accompany little relationship。
"Dad say 'weekend dad' very reluctantly have to support the family say people love Mr. Liang is a software engineer, has a 3-year-old daughter。 Speaking to accompany the child, Mr Leung admitted that his wife is not well, he's very fixed working hours, frequent travel, in most cases only the weekend to go home。   Mr Leung said it is because of the child, he was more focused than before work。
"The reality is, you have to be desperate to feed their families, and secondly to love。 "He said if you do not travel, he spent almost every day in work time in about 13 hours, and sometimes also need to add classes。 "I go home tired and disoriented, and in most cases will no longer bother to accompany the child。 "For children's education, no less Leung and his wife quarrel, often reflect too little time with their children," but sometimes really powerless。
"Often accompany the child will identify and correct the problem people in Xi'an Mr. Liu's son Benni 8 years old, second grade。 He enjoyed the time together and children, came home from work, he likes to talk about everything and son far apart。
Weekends and whenever he would take him to the library, College Gate and other places。   "When the father is certainly more open than the mother horizons。
"Liu believes that family education, should let the boys masculine, let the girls gentle presence of the father is crucial。
Now many fathers are busy with work to make money on the grounds, less child's companionship and education, resulting in a lot of "feminization of boys, girls woman man" phenomenon。
  Mr. Liu said, when his son to kindergarten, once and say goodbye to him, a gesture that suddenly made him feel like a girl。 He was a bit worried, more worried to understand the kindergarten, the entire nursery is not a male teacher, chef is only one man。 "I gave my teacher said concerns about the teacher as a woman, do not realize。 "Mr. Liu said, because it is often accompanied by children will notice the change, and correct some of the problems, such as when standing son, Mr. Liu will always remind him chest rise," a man will have to stand there standing。 'Expert opinion' confidant high school students' rankings father at the back friends "want fathers to remember their role。
"Yesterday, in the League Committee, the Provincial Working Committee held a 'red scarf Auditorium', deputy director of the China Youth Research Center, vice president of the China Youth Research," Journal of Research on Children, "editor in chief, the famous educator Sun Yun Xiao earnestness to suggest that the absence of fathers do not in the child's education。
  SunYunXiao mid-1993 has published a famous reportage – "Summer Camp contest", he recorded a prairie adventure summer camp in mid-1992 to be held in August in Inner Mongolia, Chinese children in physical fitness, ability to survive and Japanese children there is a huge gap。 CCTV said the article to promote the Chinese education transformation from exam-oriented education to quality education。 In early 1994, the CYL Central Committee, the National Working Committee launched the "Chinese Young Eagles action" is also based on the impact of this article。   "Lack of family education has been very severe, according to the survey data, the minds of high school kids looking for ways to rank and talk to those who solve the problem, in the first row of the same sex friend, the second is of the opposite sex, mother barely squeezed into the top five , the father of the election accounts for less than 20%, in the sixth, and even in the 'friends' behind。 "Sun said。 SunYunXiao the importance of fathers in education with an elephant-themed pictures to tell。 "According to the observation of the zoologist, after elephants lose adult male elephant, baby elephant especially small male elephants become more aggressive。 So man。
According to the American sociologist of research and found that the prisoners there is a lack of fatherly Qicheng。 "Teen Idol stage will need。 Sun Yun Xiao believes that his father has become a model for more conditions, for boys, it can be a goal of, for girls, can become a benchmark measure of the opposite sex。 "With role models, children do not easily confused。 "Sun Yun Xiao explained that the two directions of a person's life should include the intimate character and independence, intimacy brought about mainly by the mother。
"The mother and the children held on tight to the scope of activities of small children, while the father better able to respond to emergency situations, children will usually release the child's initiative, give the child a sense of freshness and excitement, holding a child children fly high swing low, he grew up with sports, adventure, showing the power, the authority, if necessary, strain, etc.。 "As a result, fathers should teach children to play brave, and brought up by the mother of the children, especially boys, are often gentle and even a weak character, independence and resilience of poor。
SunYunXiao exhorted fathers, no matter how busy, must spend more time with their children。
  Expert: father affect child mental Shaanxi Institute of Psychology and Social sunshine, national secondary counselors Ducui Hong said, the impact of intellectual father of the child is also great。
American Research Institute, University of Michigan survey found that people have more opportunities to contact with the father of the child's sensitivity to external stimuli, life sense of independence and self-confidence have the advantage of learning。
More information is displayed, often with the mother of the child thicker novelty interest, stronger social skills, while dealing with higher math scores father more children。 Children are often more willing to observe and imitate his father's behavior, have a beneficial impact on his ability to learn and problem-solving skills。 If the father and son or father-daughter relationships are more negative, negative impact on children's intellectual development and learning ability。   In addition, the father have a greater impact on the child's social interaction。
As children grow older, to explore a range of external things gradually increased, the demand for increasingly strong interpersonal, social categories and give way before no longer meet the mother, the father to bring new and exciting children outside society, rich social experience, to meet the psychological needs of children。 Newspaper intern reporter segment Xiaoning Zhao Ruili Yanghao Ting Cui written (Original title: Liu Cheng are investigating students prefer my father by his side (Figure))。