The difference between yoga and Pilates yoga and Pilates are a lot of benefits


What is the difference between Pilates and yoga and Pilates are shaping the movement, are suitable for white-collar family practice, both have the same point there are different places。
So what is the difference between yoga and Pilates Here it together with the small series to see the difference between yoga and Pilates bar。
The difference between yoga and Pilates 1, different breathing patterns: Pilates is breathing with the nose, mouth breath, the use of abdominal breathing, and yoga is inhale through the nose, the nose breath, abdominal breathing is mostly , thoracic breathing can also be used completely or breathing; 2, different asana practice: Pilates postures more focused on strength training and muscle control, muscle building effect on various parts of the well, and yoga asanas flexibility, stretching and balancing poses on exercise some more; 3, the focus is different: Pilates focuses on the core muscle training, emphasis on physical function and muscle exercises, and yoga focuses on the combination of body and mind, flexibility and tensile Pilates exercises than more than more; 4, different effects: Pilates in terms of reduced fat shaping effect is more significant, while the role of some rehabilitation training, and yoga is flexibility in terms of physical exercise is better, so that body more symmetrical; 5, different birthplace: Pilates by German Joseph Pilates invention.。 Yoga originated in India; 6, different movements: Pilates movement is dynamic, and yoga is more static。 In particular, Pilates is more focused on doing the action of this process, while yoga focuses more on how to use his strength and flexibility to continue to maintain this action after you finish the action。 The difference between the benefits of yoga and Pilates yoga practice 1, create the perfect female body: through yoga asana practice and perseverance, you can allow your body to get a significant change: bodybuilding chest; beautify the chest curve; prevention of breast sagging; the waist soft; beautify the buttocks: gluteus avoid sagging, landscaping Tunxing, eliminate belly fat and prevent lower body fat; off long legs, increase hamstring flexibility, eliminate thigh, calf fat。 2, lose weight: yoga weight loss is up from the fundamental transformation of human。 Obese people, mostly overeating, and more practice can restore normal appetite。 In addition, the causes of obesity and possibly weak, by practicing yoga, let you in the face of temptation of food, there will be more control; in addition, because of obesity or other gynecological reasons, but only with a variety of yoga asana to weight loss is not very good, need (,, etc.) aid is available to achieve good control results。