Men do Trustee illegal military disability certificate to court to recover the white 40000 2.50000


  The court held that after hearing, civil rights and interests of citizens, legal persons protected by law, any organization or individual may infringe。 Haomou not handle military disability certificate staff, Deng Mouming know these situations, but still let Haomou help handle the military card with disabilities, non-normal way of offense, therefore, the two sides of this base contract is signed legitimate acts conceal illegitimate purpose, should be invalid, Haomou any property obtained by contract, shall be returned, although the total cost of the contract stated Haomou pay 40,000 yuan, but the trial, the evidence submitted was insufficient deng confirm the amount of their claims, and Hao only recognizes a charge plaintiffs a total of yuan, it shall be returned to the plaintiff ten thousand yuan Haomou。 Due to an invalid contract, also the fault of the plaintiff, the court deng advocate of interest, transportation, lodging, and other expenses not support the loss of working time。
  Chang'an District Civil Court Second Chamber Judge Han Liqin said it did not comply with state laws and regulations, fraud violations related formalities by others, such as opportunistic, conduct illegal operations in the end only a bamboo basket to fetch water get the job。
Meanwhile, units and individuals if by illegal means for the relevant documents for others, is against the law even constitute a crime。