Hong Kong partitioned rooms small residential rents rose about twice the rate of rent increase


  Unit "living room" while a washing machine and television, on the ground more cooking tools。 Figure from "Wen Wei Po" According to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" reported that the Hong Kong scarcity of land, studies have found that Tang house (the owner or principal tenant will be an ordinary house into several small rooms for rent, equivalent to the mainland partitioned rooms, group rent) and rent rent rise is about twice as small dwellings, some scholars refer Tang tenant do not know the market price, no bargaining power。
  According to reports, some people with a monthly income of half the rental house about 150 feet Tang, but life still subject to noise and rodent problems, a total of 100 yuan per day is only available (HK $, the same below), more family members due to environmental narrow to move to relatives staying, that home is not a home。   Future Land Institute and Center for Housing Policy Studies in cooperation with the Chinese University of Hong Kong attention Tong room platform over the past year through the field measurements, visit the tenant, approved the investigation verification, etc. Tang in Hong Kong 107 rooms, a total of about 30 units, covering the territory of about 10, such as regions more room Kwai Chung Tong, Sham Shui Po and Wan Chai, Hong Kong in October last year, results showed that Tang housing rent index of 351, and valuation Department over the same period the CPI rent index for residential , refers to Tang room rent is about twice the CPI housing rents, among the highest rooms to rent in Kowloon Tong, Kwai Chung refers to more than 100 feet to 9000 yuan rented room Tang。
  Zhongshan University, deputy director of the Institute of future urban loose Yan Yao explained means of investigation for all Tang rooms within a field visit to the unit, will learn the various Tang house rent added to arrive at the actual rent the entire unit, and comparing that to RVD the valuation of the unit, so as to arrive Tong housing rental index。   Yao Yan Song said the investigation is a measure Tong in Hong Kong for the first time housing rental index indicates that compared to the reference rent index variable factors such as geographic advantages and disadvantages of each Tang rooms and units such as removing quality, thought to be more accurate and error-free。
  In addition to the various survey interviewed Tong room from the lease is estimated that by the Tang house rent index rose to 2012 in October 2015, an increase of 56%; CPI housing rent index in 2012, rising to 10 in 2015 month, an increase of 21%, indicating that the rate of increase Tang house rental housing rents are times CPI。
  Song Tang Yao Yan refers to the current room had black market, people do not know the market price, so no bargaining power, but also because they can not afford the deposit period and caused difficult to find another unit。
  The survey also collected Tong tenant's electricity consumption and monthly electricity bill, the result means that the owners overcharged tenant costs, the research center members Liang Jiamin supplementary means I do not know some of the tenants in electricity consumption, on a regular basis to pay a fixed amount for electricity; also some Tang-bedroom units with a meter reading device, but the charge per kilowatt of electricity than the high standard set by the company, part of the difference between dial-in if the rent, the rent for the index to rise to 351。   Mrs Wong citizens and two daughters lived in a Kwai Chung Tang house about 150 feet, about ten thousand yuan monthly salary income dependent on their husbands, but the monthly rent of about 3,000 yuan two years ago, added to the current 5100 yuan, accounting for revenue about half of the electricity consumption in the clear, every two months to 900 yuan, Huang too represents three people live to be frugal, available only daily total of 100 yuan, a daughter even more so to go 40 minutes on the way to learn。