Boys do not know the girl's heart


Said a woman heart undersea needle, men do not understand。Women really so difficult to understand it?Like, but not entirely so。"Dream of Red Mansions", said: daughter is made of water, gentle fine; the man is doing soil, dirty bear。A man living in reality did not make so unbearable, but according to the woman's meticulous worse galaxy…Only the pairs of lovers in real life, scenes unchanging picture: Female: bad for you, you do not know me, you really hate。  Male (look innocent expression): how yet?I was doing something wrong?It just is not good?  Woman: You're not good…  male…silence…silence…silence…  Girls more angry, and turned to leave…Leaving the boy still thought: I'm doing wrong and what?  What boy really unforgivable thing wrong yet?I guess not in most cases, but more often, the boy definitely do something to make the girl unhappy things, it may be small, as small as possible simply because you just neglect the word of mouth of his girlfriend, or will girls just suddenly small evil to do drama makes you a little nervous about, but you do not know the loss of fault…I do not know what to do with silence。  This time, the girl was really angry yet?In most cases: the beginning and did not, maybe she just wants to draw your attention to her, or perhaps she wanted to see what you anxious expression, but more often she wants you to listen to her care of her warm care if only to coax her heart。At a time when you are silent like a statue, unsuspecting, most boys choose to remain silent and so she slowly subsided, everyone knows the theory of conflict between man's calm in your suit her volcanic eruption which has become the fuse, her anger in the silence of your time a little bit like the inflated balloon in growing your silence is a test of her time limit, if you had an epiphany big dream at this early time limit line, two good words to win beauty smile, excited junction immediately iceberg ice and snow melt, the return of spring; but mostly boys no such Taichetaiwu savvy, you just wait for the moment that the ice queen of volcanic eruptions, lavas four gradually, you certainly will not survived。Even more exasperating is that you do not understand why the dead?Great tragedy of life…  When the Creator put this creature into the world of men and women。She gave the tall and mighty men to protect the body petite woman; a man is fearless spirit to support the timid delicate blue sky woman; she gave the man generous shoulder to shoulder the burden stir up fine woman; she a man is generous mind to encompass a woman stingy narrow…But just forget that men need a gentle and delicate heart。  It is the Creator really so careless?I do not think, "too perfect in itself a defect in it" the Creator intended it to be here, so that only the resolute courage, joy and ease, open-minded, upright but just lost much of my gentle and delicate man; and also the world that weak petite, pretty charming, gentle and moving, gentle enough but everywhere ultimately share meticulous petite woman。And because of each other's defects that have the perfect combination of male and female bar。Only the world that countless or pathos or beautiful or touching love story from generation to generation, love has become immutable topic, after thousands of years of generations。Thousands of years of history experienced a love that millions dynasty, the river of history was also washed a lot of times, ebb and flow, running tens of thousands of light-years of Earth, that is, except one thing will not change: a man forever do not understand the woman's heart!