Between turn。..


—- Susan, as promised, bathed in dew in September, in my heart quietly built a thatched house, sitting in the time, overheard the little daisy mind。  The whole September, I have those little fragrance wandering daisy, love the flowers of these humble little。Those faint of heart hidden in the flower inside, has been entangled in time, again and again hit my heart, I love blossoming early years, once again reunited with you……  —– text / sissy few years will eventually be returned to the lonely, in fact, it is a quiet, it is quiet good traveled Love。  Not to know too many people, walking quietly, do not pretend, not confused。  Precipitation and clear heart, are silent GAO, in compassion there is always still waters run deep。  Or perhaps, dull, it is rising to meet the fireworks curl and gorgeous, gentle and reasonable manner to those carried out in the end elegance。  If the obsession of what they will be hurt, as the memory of planting flowers, open walk freely in the open thanks。  Yingying a water, cross the river, but never forget themselves, and perhaps also a poetic simplicity。  Murray quiet years, there is always a dash of light to the extreme calm, but those mind, it has not yet alienated。  Those in the past to pick up the thick and beautiful, peaceful spot in the thin warmth that。  How many feelings, not always good-bye, those mood disorder, there can always glance at the innumerable twists and turns。  Trivial of life, Qingmeizhujiu, no surprise, only for the resettlement of those innocent falling。  Leaves lightly, mountains and rivers still quiet silent, heavy touch, will eventually encompass all。  Let the years which the slightest green walls, every flower never see in verdant, leaving a little bit of a touch of warmth to the rest of the Love……  Fold Yisuo wind, sleeve cover a month, indulge in a past life's accent。  That nice ring, one day will bring patches of memory to recognize?  Through the years, as if everyone encountered are that April day in the standing figure。  Those traces of different shades, all in the heart of the ups and downs in the clear。  No way to tell, nor tangled, would naturally clear hi, is the most beautiful experience。  Those subtle always through the years, no alienation, not deliberately, in abstinence, looking forward to the purity and tranquility left the world of。  Still can not escape fate, those who can not stop falling maple leaves, but can still hold that piece of elegant maple。  How many dreams, after all, time will be eroded, leaving only several flower fragmented memories, there is a melancholy to incomplete。  Slowly, all your mind, are back fireworks。  What simply do not persistent, it is ordained in the interpretation of the real you。  Things such as wind, calm the mind, such as lotus, in the ancient city of Nanjing's clear, quiet bloom…. 。 How much worried about spring, lean cut of Love?How much treasure, had quietly End of the World?  Whose heart blossoms in the window who's busy, and that some green fleeting, who decorated the swing frame?  How much mind, in full bloom in the silence of the night, and slowly grew into a lush Bodhi。  Favorite quietly falling yesterday that sticks, bags decorated years。  I was so unintentional, fireworks slowly turn around, do not want to live up to all the Zither Love。  How much pure, lopsided, died down years of love, there are ten million kinds。  Heart, looking forward to the year anyway, ten thousand kinds of treasure in my heart in full bloom。  You go I stay, maybe a lot better than this, most people love, but also the most ruthless。  Between come and go, if the light breeze, peace can be comfortable。  Dew on a lotus leaf, always empty labor care。  Some people, some of the things some of the situation, had to accept the inevitable outcome of those coming。  Be quiet running horizon passing, find a fishing village in the Enron mild, everything, will be fine, warm……  Folds of time, the wind is from the mind of the millennium, cup plum taste of water, always in plain white in the United States alone。  Leaves fluttering in the faith, I'm afraid but had no any involvement with the earth。  The eye is still dressed emotions that several flower flower, how much sorrow gorgeous, clear sky across his lips, already not worth mentioning。  That bud puberty, still indulge in the warmth of summer, are you ready, to take a lifetime full of questions and answers kindred kapok trees and flowers?  Nature walk in down-hearted soul, the number of dreams, still distant from the ferry stop?  How many egrets, still there at Mizusawa in habitat?  The slightest desire, as fireworks bloom in my sky, how much mind, in those years Formosa natural immortality。  Trance memories still walk, I would like to use after years of parting, in exchange for casual get together。  Innumerable twists and turns, the old and the number of Love?  Earth wind and frost struck facial features, sometimes, not even an unusual dependency, can not afford to give each other。  Some fate through, there is always the lingering compassion。  Touch the warm rain, bluestone lane as if see smoke。  Perhaps the pair met, is to meet, and those who have had bone-deep。  Even if one day, come early outcome, similar to leaves elegant, fill the gap that is gentle reflection……  Petals season has stimulated the king, those in the past, though gone, but never touching those who cherish。  Those hidden in the petals of daisies in full bloom, always make people speechless sweet。  Past and Present of kite flying, falling Gate Lane, deterred most home。  Perhaps you never have to look for, where to fall, and visit not return at all, is the fate of the。  Thus, only willing to go with the flow。  Some people, too, was met met departure from the departure, those lobes of wild daisies always makes grateful heart health。  Why chase, why go to hesitate in the face of today's old yesterday, after all, could not pull time rush。  How many waves, inadvertently implicit in farewell, but quiet good piece of Hanada。  Hand, holding everything is still, the love, just love, nowhere else。  The world has never been a misunderstanding, only wandering heart swing way out and clear autumn season。  Time at both ends, the depth of love woven wrong number for Love?  Dimei years of soft plume of smoke, instant annihilation in one place vicissitudes。  Collect all thoughts, those fragrance, never for whom, who does not need, many years unharmed。  Listen to the wind, listening to the rain, watching the leaves, flowers, and some feelings, without words, in a pool of lotus pond of quiet beauty nestling Kingston……  Then later, how much thought, had already deserted in the flower field。  Barren, why unfortunately, it is a reservation of emotion。  Inadvertently, then glance, have been separated for years, perhaps love a person, you must bear the fate of the debris。  How many tears point in mind, touching unfunded despair Benjamin。  Canhong one place, lightly away, I sigh with whom fall?  All in all, if only start with the outcome, they are away to infinity。  I cherish my secret is the bow of the most gentle, quiet passing。  How much love, it has not yet away?  Those who can not, no one to talk, those faint fragrance, in the dull years always enjoy the aftertaste。  Some people, something will eventually quietly covered with hearts, some quiet joy, smiling quietly in time where。  Perhaps love, just love, smile remember, is sufficient。  There are always some pain never into warm, filled with treasure, both calm and tranquility in the petals of daisies in……  There are always those moments, the heart is still salvage the TV drama of that day。  And how many thousand mountains twilight snow pure, met the former 风雪夜归人。  The soul of the film, are yellowed Sentimental, memories, but the flowers are thick, between turns, in fact, only sleep slowly flowing。  Who slowly lost later, but it is getting stronger poetic, that heart, those bustling, it was in full bloom in small daisy's petals。  Eventually forget, Ann and warm care of the other side?The evening did not twilight, a feeling that it really displaced End of the World?  How many feelings plain Jane, still youthful in shy, since there was no rivalry with the streamer, then flying in a quiet brow。  How much leisure, detailed in the palm of time, and quietly profound feelings of vicissitudes in homeland?  Inadvertently, go to the window autumn, thin eyebrows and painted curved, across the wind, Dianjiangchun, a light cover sleeve lingering。  Stare between the completion of the rain poetry, Zen time to listen, I saw the Buddha, not people。  Can be felt, but not explained, those plain Jane, a string, line by line, with sea hear the wind, in my soul to play in the thin dash sat leisurely……  Trying to wipe away those memories, or can not hide, time rush, and who understand that this is a long-lost care?  And how many gentle, leaves dancing in?  Those lonely tea is cool, still can not get rid of, wandering alone in the branches of time。  Still can not suppress the desire for spring, some way, a person can only go。  In still falling, people have the horizon, those who made an appointment counterparts, can only stand in the place that overlooks the covered Ome。  My heart a little cinnabar, skinny reduce the number of Love?  In the quiet time in the afternoon, I could not help but dream of a return to the south, there is still time to tell so many words。  To live up to, not to miss, just remember do not remember in Acacia……  How much can not break the joys and sorrows, still in the misty cloud of dust?  Eighteen Springs quietly gone through, love, not love, has been in farewell, then what to say?  Some fate is just footprints in the past, both men quietly claim an appearance of life, from do not want to dwell。  All sorrow, are left to drizzle, wandering the quiet that prosthetic always been perched on the soul's falling。  Susan, as promised, both inside and outside Shen Yuan, had not owe, Goddess of joy, but also a period of Love。  Time, such as embroidery, how many tiny exhort, holding incense sticks on old, because of years of relentless and never to the beginning of the end。  There are always gentle, quiet good dust half flower bloom。  Even woke up no place to seek those quiet lane wandering, but also very beautiful life for some time。  Those thoughts came together during the rainy season, will eventually blossom a smile on his lips, that flower fragrance, has been quiet breathing。  Those faint beautiful, paper backs kept walking, how much love, hidden in flower in time, always refused to leave?  Regrets loved, come the inevitable calmly Xiangxi together for compassion, but also of possibilities Wind and Smoke all net……  Heart With Million Knots, fiber cloud get clever, quiet good number for Love?  Xu promise not light, it is not negative light, a regret, but also into how much compassion?  Mo how many wandering thoughts, all in soft flower's time。  Always too early or too late dash of leisure, standing in the wind, without a word, looked。  How much affection can not see, this life is heavy, let all missed, all in the afterlife intersection, waiting for the new moon slowly round。  Although your happiness, then none of my business, but those who have joy, or having an affair with my years。  Those most know, my heart is still lightly, and his well-being, already carved in stone Sansei。  The wind, the rain, the clouds, quietly meditating in time, the practice of their own smoke Nalv。  Have always believed that those destined to their own, after all, not far from, how much eternal, not crossing the Buddha who originated from crossing。  Perhaps you never know who is looking forward to some things, thin, old, and has nothing to do with time。  Those left behind read to my heart, pure of their own, between turns, gently pick up a few Xu Xianya。  Those little daisy mind, never no sorrow, no joy, gently through the ancient walls, but stuck in the memory of the wire-line。  Those who refused to exit, and still barren of life is quietly growing。  And how many Acacia, just like the central water, hold a meditation, it will not give birth to the desolate, tracked the heart of the grinding time alone。  How many tears have, through those beautiful, had cemented a bay amber。  Those joy, on the title page in the life of birds are flying long grass, it has been stuck in the spring……