Ministry of Commerce spokesman issued a statement on the suspension of concessions China released the list of products imported steel and aluminum products 232 measures against the United States


  March 23, 2018, the Commerce Department released a list of products for suspension of concessions and the United States imported 232 products and measures for public comment, to be on some products imported from the United States imposed tariffs to balance due to the United States on imports of steel and aluminum products loss of tariffs caused to the interests of China。
Ministry of Commerce spokesman issued a statement。
  The provisional list contains seven categories, 128 products tax, according to 2017 statistics, involving US exports to China of about 3 billion。 The first part of a total of 120 tax, involving the United States and China billion dollars exports, tariffs include fresh fruits, nuts and nut products, wine, denatured ethanol, ginseng, seamless steel pipe and other products, intends to levy 15%。 The second part of a total of eight tax, involving 25% of export tariffs on US-China billion US dollars, including and products, recycled aluminum and other products, to be imposed。
  US "national security" grounds on imports of steel and aluminum products were 25% and 10% levy tariffs behavior actually constitutes safeguards。 According to the relevant provisions of China's "Safeguards Agreement" the WTO to suspend concessions to develop a list of。
Sino-US trade compensation if the failure to reach agreement within the prescribed time, the Chinese side will exercise the right to suspend concessions first part of the product; China will implement the second part of the list after further assessment of the impact of the US measures against China。 The Chinese side reserves the right to adjust the actual situation on the measures, and carry out the necessary procedures in accordance with WTO rules。   US "national security" grounds to limit imports of practice, serious damage to the World Trade Organization as the representative of the multilateral trading system, seriously interfere with normal international trade order, it has been opposed by more WTO members。
China also through multi-level, multi-channel negotiations with the United States were, in the legal action under the WTO framework, with other WTO members to safeguard the stability and authority of the multilateral trade rules。
  China and the US as the world's top two economies, cooperation is the only correct choice for the two countries and hoped the two sides from the overall situation of Sino-US, meet each other halfway, the focus of cooperation, control differences, and jointly promote the healthy and stable development of Sino-US economic and trade relations。 China urges the US to address the concerns of the Chinese side as soon as possible, to resolve their differences through dialogue and consultation, to avoid damage to the overall situation of Sino-US cooperation。
  Ministry of Commerce Circular on public comments on US imports of steel and aluminum products 232 measures and measures to deal with China。