"Fortune" 500 Chinese: ICBC is still the most profitable Ali and other new list


Beijing News News (Reporter Liang Weiwei) the evening of July 8, "Fortune" (Chinese version) released in 2015 China 500 list, Sinopec defending list, Commercial Bank of China as the most profitable company。  Operating income from the ranks of view, no change in the list of the top three ranking last year, Sinopec [microblogging] 2.8 trillion yuan in revenue defending the top spot, PetroChina, China construction with the second and third place。  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China with 275.8 billion yuan of profit, once again become China's top 500 most profitable companies, their profits even more than the 500 US Apple's most profitable, the latter profit of 395.100 million US dollars (about 241.8 billion yuan)。  List shows, this year's top four standings before the profit is still a "work in agriculture to build the" big four state-owned commercial banks, the relative ranking has not changed。However, their profit growth will decline from last year's double-digit to single digits。  List shows, this year a total of 53 companies new to the list, including within the last year just listed Wanzhou International (35th), Wanda [microblogging] Commercial Real Estate (No. 51), Ali Baba (81st), blue Synopsys (section 330), etc.。(Original title: "Fortune" China Top 500 list of successful candidates ICBC is still the most profitable)