White needle harm you have three major hazards have to be careful


White needle white needle hazardous it is a very good whitening of plastic products, it can be able to achieve a whitening effect in a short period of time, and therefore a lot of people will choose plastic surgery。But while the White needle actually has a lot of side effects and hazards。The following night network come to you talk about the three major hazards have to be careful oh!White needle harm white needles, full name is called oxidation whitening injection, is a common。That white needles what harm it Here we take a look together。
1, whitening needle heart and brain damage due to the system of white needle injecting intravenous injection, is white needle drug delivery directly to the heart and brain circulatory system, for physical damage is extremely large, and therefore does not appeal to female beauty by injection White needle a way that white。2, whitening injection needle prone to infection Many people like to come back from abroad with white needle injection, they will choose to go to a private place whitening injection needle, and utensils Private spaces because of unclean, poor sterilization causes the body to infection。
3. Long-term whitening injection needle can damage the health of the saying goes, three-drug, and white needle warranty period of up to one year, if the white needle after injection because of improper care of themselves, but also make the effect of white needles greatly reduced, so you want long-term whitening, whitening injection must be long needle, and a long white needle injection causes the body's liver, kidneys suffer damage and is not recommended to use whitening whitening needle mode。The effectiveness of whitening whitening needle needle hazardous why so many people do it to fight the white needle fact, the most fundamental reason is the effect of white needles。That whitening effect, what does a needle, tranexamic acid is the enzyme can be used to control the action of melanin, melanin reduction。
2, ginkgo help metabolic cycle enhancer。
3, glutathione helps detoxify the body, it can also help cell。
As shown in FIG. 4, as white needles containing vitamin C ^ whitening ingredients, and having an antioxidant action, so that needles may hit whitening far melanin。5, HGH growth hormone can promote such human cells continue to divide newborn。
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