How the Australian graduates choose a career?Employment growth areas of expertise


Demand for technology professionals to expand。 (Source: "Macao and China Finance Online") physical retailers online platform for comprehensive, complementary and traditional sales。 IBIS World study shows, the next five years, the field of online shopping will be the number of enterprises% annual growth rate。
This is good news for point of sale technicians, site and user experience (UX) designers and digital marketing services coordinator for。
IBISWorld expects the next five years, online shopping in the field of employment% annual growth rate, industry revenue is expected to grow%。
IBISWorld senior industry analyst Claudia Hartman (NathanCloutman) said: "Inventory and Distribution Service Coordinator may be popular。 "In recent years, the market for digital security, anti-terrorism demand technology, artificial intelligence software and the growing fiber-optic network technology, network security consulting industry is expected to employ about ten thousand professionals。 IBIS World expects 2022 fiscal year, employment in related fields 6% annual growth rate, industry revenue growth of over 8%。
NBN fiber network and cloud storage usage growth, data storage services employment rate is expected to remain in the%。
Claudia Hartman explained that the online data storage solutions for the growing demand, there will be more companies involved, the demand for cloud management consultants, data center manager, data storage and storage design consultant engineers and other professionals further expand。
Expects 2022 fiscal year, the smart phone application development industry will enjoy income% annual growth, employment growth rate remained at%。
Claudia Terman said, the industry threshold is low, the smart phone software to increase profit by emerging to encourage more enterprises to get involved。
Industry revenue and business growth in the number of science and technology to further expand the demand for network professionals, with expertise in software technology talent more attention。 "Sport industry services improve Claudia Altman said the next five years sports management service industry revenue growth%, relative to the graduates of professional athletes in the eyes of a beautiful dream, this industry provide better protection for graduates。
Some of the major Australian sports teams to enhance the participation of the region, promote trade income by charging service fees sport activities in the surrounding。
As living standards improve, more and more people pay attention to their own situation, the growing demand for fitness center and stadium are expected in Australia will further improve the physical therapy services。 According to IBIS World Data show that the number of enterprises and employment is expected to grow an annual rate of% and% respectively。
Crow Terman said: "In addition to occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants for the relative expansion of demand, pushing the employment rate increased。 "Specialization employment growth momentum remains strong government support for innovation, research and development results and safety is particularly important, IBISWorld expects demand for business services industry knowledge law continues to rise。 "The government strongly supported the key downstream industries, further enhance the participation and employment levels is expected within the next five years, trademark and patent attorneys, agents industry annual growth rate of employment%。
Government to encourage the use of renewable energy power generation, promote wind power and other energy companies the number of growth, but also beneficial to improve the employment rate。
IBISWorld expects employment in the energy sector% annual growth rate, industry revenue growth rate of%。 Former company carrying out M & A activity will advice to professional organizations。
Claudia Terman expected demand management consulting industry will be further expanded, increased private capital expenditure。
"Consulting firm has specialized skills, all levels of government to seek assistance through outsourcing consulting firm, increased public sector demand for management consulting services, the next five years annual growth rate of employment%。 Provide support "in the development of large-scale road and tunnel construction for the road and bridge construction industry employment growth, especially professional engineer industry。
Melbourne is expected in western Victoria road project will provide construction-related work key driver of employment growth。
Claudia Terman further stressed: "However, employment is expected the next five years for the construction industry annual growth rate of only%。 "Editor: Xu snow。