Chinese students are spies?Australia vice president of government schools hate anger: nonsense


Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Michael Spence (Figure Source: Australian "Financial Review") overseas online January 29 in the electric intensified malicious allegations of Chinese espionage students launched in Australia on the occasion, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Michael Spencer plug can not help but stand out, accusing the Australian government's fear of China rhetoric is nonsense, and hope this seek a meeting with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop。   According to Australia's "Financial Review" reported on the 28th, the University of Sydney is Australia's oldest university, the school a total of million students, of which there are million Chinese students。
Recently, the Chinese students for spying on the country appeared, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sydney Spencer, said: In the absence of any evidence to put international students called a spy, this is not a good way to welcome。
The child's family made great sacrifices to send them to study abroad, I think we need to give them a fair environment。   The vice president went on to say schools: I never see any decisions made by the University affected the Chinese side, I have not seen the so-called school because of fear of China and what decision to make。
He also said that these Chinese students are hot, the United States and European universities are lining up waiting to receive them。
Frankly, Australian universities to be held in the world's top 100 universities in the position, we need to be open to students from all over the world。
  Spencer also said he is seeking a meeting with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, in order to better understand the intent of the government, in the end how they want to deal with the relationship between Australia and the most important trading partner。
We hope that the Australian government can understand, what kind of impact these very serious remarks would cause some people。   Students are slander launched espionage in Australia, what is this rumor come from?It turned out that in October 2017, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), said Australia has been unable to keep up with the harmful espionage and foreign interference in the pace of action, these foreign forces are conspiring to shape and influence the Australian public, media organizations and government officials the idea, in order to promote their political objectives。 However, the Security Intelligence Organization did not mention China。
  Just months after December 2, the Australian Labor Party Senator Sam Denson was traced because pro-China stance, warning that mobile phones may be tipped off to the Chinese businessmen Australian intelligence agencies monitor and a Chinese businessman very close, and in December 12 forced to resign。
In the same month, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has also been director of an anti-China farce, he not only in the new bill submitted to Parliament a formal requirement that the official Chinese media to register with the Australian government, local communities while also visit Sydney, Australia encouraged the media to play a Chinese threat theory, but also with Britain called on local people to stand up bilingual。 Caused uproar in the words and deeds, Turnbull also later claimed that he had a Chinese daughter, could not anti-China。   December 11, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman responded that generous land, the Chinese advised to stop some of Australia published their own image and undermine Sino-Australian relations speech。
You'll notice, remarks Australian leaders have caused some concern in China。 We advise some of Australia's stop making their own image and undermine Sino-Australian relations speech。
In our view, for himself, for Sino-Australian relations have no helpful。
(Compile / Zhang Ni overseas network)。