Afterlife about (two)


[A] next life, I want you to do me the most beautiful bride in any cloud drunken night a gaunt, thin miss any clear word on the pad, and perhaps miss his mouth when the tears, but also a pain to the extreme happiness。Baby, next life, I want you to do me the most beautiful bride。Next life, I will be waiting at the intersection early you must pass through this life is no longer like that then you're missing。    ——Inscription in accordance with the Guzhen, you want blue eyes, gentle and well-behaved think you look like a pamper feeling began rising in my heart, curls, endlessly……    Pro pen case, this state of mind, how should the sentence read like a fleeting?And a cigarette burning a team, drank glass after glass of liquor, the Zhijian always turned down no less than that sum。Tonight, my eye, still in your direction overlooking the thin frame of mind to find you left behind。At the moment, shaking shadows, red candles burn, call of the soul, flowing silently at your fingertips……    If you did not stand in that year's Rainy street, this life, how can I let go of that touch of shadows south?Every Red traveled lanes, you are like a flowing lilac shadow beside me leave immediately。    I remember you saying that filled the snow is your life full of love, that white is the color of your life unchanged Passions; remember you said that your life is flying rain sleepless thoughts, that is your crystal raindrop this life spotless infatuation。    Your ears still echoed those words, but could not see you tonight with me, baby, I really feel bad。    Lute Yin, tell your love life, I sum sway, how can fall under the thoughts of this life?I'll wait for the boat to happiness has not come yet, I'm waiting for the dawn did not come, could not get much sorrow and sadness to escape flooding in the hearts of Yilian。Picturesque Tsing Yi, who traces mess my Kate?In this Zither Love Lane, who promised me the dust has settled, give me Forever?    This life, I love figure is too far away, so she can only stay in my heart, so moist eyes, turned into a movement of thoughts, write a song after another lonely song。    That you can not always tell the interpretation of a word, I can only let the wind drift in the wind, I hope you can see this condensate full of cool earth autumn there are still waiting for my shadow, as you sigh in, you worry。    Because you were born in the fall, so the fall has always been my favorite season, autumn leaves Falling pieces each season will make me sad heart, heart miss。You know – baby?Because of love, I can at Maple Leaf rosy time in the book, see no word; to a song, hear no rhyme; a person, read to the sleepless。    I admit that I was a very ordinary man, this life I see you, you are deeply in love, I am How fortunate ah!With you, my heart, there is always a“Under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain”Idyll mood。Baby, really want to hold your hand, away from the hustle and bustle of the Red, hidden in the depths of the Lonely, were you and Zhao Zhao evening twilight, quarter after quarter total of your life……    After being kissed you loved, I like being cast a spell, like, the only hope of life after life cycle have you, can only hope the situation will always lingering with you, along with writing love poems。Even if tomorrow can not reach for happiness, I have to hand hazy rain, for the love of his life chant, and his silent recitation。    I heard years ago some unfinished love rather than drink cure my people will leave a mark with Meng came to this world, baby, I hope the plight of the mole mole on your neck and my chest is we mark the millennium of love, I hope you left hand on the back of my past life is sinking mole tears dripping in your hands。    A big crowd, I finally found you, sigh only sigh, this life we have met too late。    A "Dear how do you not with me," I always mess could not tear drops, this life, you can cycle season, vegetation can be reborn, only time can not be repeated。Today, the memory of a dense that touch of pink, enough to make me regret a lifetime, a lifetime of heartache。    Tonight, my fingertips condensation, Zuo Yi autumn moon, weaving all over the sadness, little broken pieces, onto divergent in the window next month, then, expect a mind of Enron, would like to close your eyes, that you and I can work together to listen red rose petals sections and drop, rotate, leisurely, escape far……I look forward to happy dreams tonight can knock on my door mottled heart, and I look forward to tonight's dream can touch the warmth of your fingertips。    This fall, I would like wet and dry sad that I love on the last one leaves, I plead for Buddha bless the fall of next year's world no injury endless number of leaves, so I can walk in the green Lonely Walk on the slate, the storage period of Fangfei fleeting, will stand by you to the most beautiful scenery in my life, forget that night and nights singing songs from the rainy night。    Baby, next life, I want you to do me the most beautiful bride。Next life, I will be waiting at the intersection early you must pass through this life is no longer like that then you're missing。I do not want to be like next month this life alone drunk as any poignant sadness of my reincarnation。    I would like to meet you again next life!Afterlife, let us strung together memories and love of this world, Cheng pulls together Qingming left hand, right hand poetry incense, not to miss lean into a lotus stem, no longer let“sad”I love your character to become the protagonist of!    [Two] reincarnated, I would like to do the most beautiful bride if you were reincarnated, I would like misty Chu Chen, and so you must pass through the street。If the afterlife destined, I'd get with a luxuriantly red dress, do you the most beautiful bride。    ——Inscription window, the rain kept ticking。Quietly listening to the sound of lonely Yuhua floor, in the night, no one can understand my attitude to drink alone with a cup of haggard。    Rain, tap memory knocker Thus, thoughts were dragged in such a rainy night。However, paper-inch square pad, poetry even rows, damp into articles, such as how many complaints do craze?    Opened the window, stuck his head out of his hands, moist face any rain, falling on your palm, you wear any of the thousands of mind the rain away……    I remember you said that because you love me will fall in love with every rainy day。I remember you said, every drop of rain falling on my window are saturated with you day and night flying horizon Siyi。    Honey, tonight Yuhua Romance dash?    You still lingering on, and today I do not know where to find your shadow。    In every lonely night, I let the old heart solo in space and time。How I wish, tonight you can rife swaying, Huayu I can go hand in hand, to borrow a tie Song Qing Yun together to pursue the initial touch of the heart with each other, and that a search for the most beautiful smile that year, I bloom for you。    Now is the season of Willow smoke stack, although you were not my moon flowers, no longer accompany me to a total of Mu drizzle, you can end my heart faded and strong attachment, your smile is shining on me eyebrows, your true feelings still entangled in my palm。In the coldest most lonely, I often sniffing the fragrance of your pen and ink, to salvage the memories you gave warmth, vaguely, I still was sparse Ying Hong Mei sleeves。    I thank God my life to meet you, because of you, my life is no longer empty, because of you, my life with vibrant color。No matter how the years change, I always remember that we have the heart of spring loaded, with a few flowers bloom, facing the sea together and watch Yunjuanyunshu。I still remember the North owned a good vigorous man gave me love, so true pain。    Because love is too deep, so I had to choose to turn around, love is not ended before the rest of his life in solitude selected。    Jun know, since parting, as I thin you face the water, as I have you carrying a wisp of a smile illuminating as heavenly peach fragrance fade into the mound, journeying staring eyes do not stop countless sleepless nights in front of the window stop the webs?    I do not know who said 45°Angle is looking happy, Jun know, I 45°Always look in the direction you have to stay in place?    Met Bana open late, bleak sigh solo wind and rain。Life shallow edge Yudie whipped, the more difficult the final sea。I know, you and I met last love can only dream is to spend Xie residue, no matter how this world than I have hope again for my roses in full bloom。    Rain, wet paper fans who?Wind, cold, warm whose wine?Life, a lonely paper dust who dream of youth?    Let me set itself deep in the heart of a lonely fairs, as you put your heart to write poetry, the kind of love in verse。I put myself in the depths of the Red shake crossing, waiting for you in the memories。    What really reincarnated?If there is an afterlife, I wished he could suddenly grow old overnight, advance into the next cycle, so that this life unfulfilled dream, unfulfilled love in the circle next life, next life continued。    Honey, if there really is an afterlife, I hope God can you gratitude for this life infatuation, I will not let you have this life only we'd lament when the meet married, I will not let you have this life of its own women Luo Shijun Cardiff apply their own regret, I will not let you heaved across pairs of this world, everything is displaced。Hope that the next life will be a place where only fireworks Golden Age, Bliss is not downtown, only quiet, no noise, only love, only you and me。    Reincarnated, I would like to bring a ray glow of life, a Star do you the most beautiful bride。Reincarnated, I would like to promise you I smile, and you spend the well-being。    Front, rain is still falling。A gentle grip, I caught。    Open the door, I rushed into the rain。    Side of the road, still beautiful cherry blossoms swaying in the wind。I stood quietly under the cherry trees, indulge in memories of that year, that month's romantic cherry blossoms again……