To what extent such a good massage massage more healthy


During the massage operation, should do the muscles relax, breathe naturally, undress pine belt, so that the body can clear the meridians, blood flow。 In the limbs, trunk, when the abdominal massage is preferably carried out directly on the skin or via thin clothes, to improve performance。
The best massage in air circulation, temperature suitable for indoor, several times a day can do more, not hurt。
Wake up every day before going to bed, it is the best time of massage。 When you are awakened by the alarm, he can not help but feel sleepy unsolved, trance, might stretch, doing massage, and then will feel vibrant, full of energy。 After a busy day of intense work, lying in bed to do to do massage, can eliminate fatigue, relax muscles, relaxation of the brain and the heart level gas quietly to sleep。 So, what people do is not to do massage 1, physical signs were stable, as some chronic illness too weak, serious cardiovascular disease in patients with known or elderly infirm。
2, menstrual period, not by the waist, more than five months pregnant pregnant women。 3, no serious hematological diseases such as purpura, thrombocytopenia, aplastic anemia 4, where the massage not infected, serious skin diseases, such as various acute infectious diseases, acute osteomyelitis, tuberculous arthritis, infectious dermatosis, eczema, water and fire burns, skin ulcers, tumors, and a variety of other sore。 Massage to what extent good 5, when the fever high fever, nor massage。 6, dislocations, strains patient。 7, acute peritonitis, acute purulent peritonitis, acute appendicitis patients。 If you have these symptoms, you should be cautious when doing massage oh。
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