"Game of Thrones" Final Season exposure protagonist of a fall in death by one


  "Game of Thrones" Final Season exposure plot after another fall in the death of a protagonist WASHINGTON epic fantasy drama "Game of Thrones" short of last season will end。
After many years of experience of opera fans may have become accustomed to death an important role, but the face of the finale will be staged, previously sent a "lunch" may be only an appetizer before it。
  Recently, the "Game of Thrones" HBO executives attending the forum Chupin, revealed the news a lot of role play will mark the moment of death in the final quarter。 He recalled a recent script will be read aloud, said, "It was a life and career that we really powerful moment。 All cards Division have not received the script in advance, one by one, they fall in death。
Read the last few pages of the script when we cried to not work。
Then everyone standing ovation lasted 15 minutes。
"" Game of Thrones "season eight finale will be composed of six episodes, the show is the least number of set-ever season, is expected to be broadcast in 2019。