Surprise mid-2017 the global economy is likely to happen | Trump | Economy | United States


      1.Trump hard to turn soft Trump vowed to win those who opposed his 2020 support。 He no longer insists his extreme positions on almost all issues, which makes some of his right-wing supporters are disappointed。 He insisted that "the voters chose me rather than some kind of ideology。 "He put aside unilateral actions of government policy makers to make the entire government into chaos。 He vowed to abolish almost all the treaties and agreements have been modified during the first day of his inauguration, rather than being discarded。
  2.US economic growth picked up again to 3% of the company and personal tax cuts, more constructive trade agreements, financial and energy companies lax regulation of infrastructure and tax incentives to promote the US economy in 2017 more than 3% real growth rate。
Since 2014, productivity has increased for the first time。
  3.Standard & Poor's 500 index rose to 2500 in 2017 the S & P 500 operating earnings were $ 130, with investors holding long-term confidence in the US economic growth, the index rose to 2500。 For fear of rising budget deficit was covered up。   4.Euro-dollar exchange rate is below average。   Investors great gains in macroeconomic fluctuations in currency。
The yen against the dollar becomes 130: 1, in order to stimulate exports。 With Brexit approaching, the pound fell against the dollar to the cause of the surge in tourism and real estate speculation。 The euro fell against the dollar。   5.US 10-year Treasury yields reach 4% growth rate of economic growth, inflation rate approaching 3 percent, and the new capital requirements make the 10-year US Treasury yields approaching 4%。   6.Since the rise of populism in Europe, Angela Merkel failed populism in Germany's general election in October spread to Europe, which affected the elections in France and Germany。
Angela Merkel in the general election of October was defeated。 European voters began to question the usefulness of the proposed European Union, to the end of the year about to abandon the euro and return to national currencies withdraw from the EU's plans were actively discussing。   7.Global oil oversupply, the price of crude oil below $ 60 a barrel, energy industry deregulation led to the surge in US crude oil production。 Iran and Iraq have also increased production。 Despite the increase in global oil demand, but increase the supply of crude oil prices are still making less than $ 60 in most of the year。   8.Trump realized he had been wrong to China。
  Trump realized that his views on China has always been wrong。 China's currency is overvalued, not undervalued, and the depreciation of the US $ 800 in 2017。
Consumer spending and more exports for commodities contributed to China's booming economy。
In order to prevent trade wars, Trump did not pursue punitive tariffs, and the world's second-largest economy expanded more cooperation。
  9.Japan's economy and stock market rose sharply benefiting from strong growth in China and the US economy, Japan's real economic growth for the first time in decades, more than 2%, the stock market led to other developed countries。   Significantly reduce the threat of the situation in the Middle East eased slowly。 Trump and his Secretary of State Rex Tilson cooperation with Putin, Syria finally negotiated a cease-fire agreement。
ISIS in the Middle East and the threat of a significant reduction。
Bashar al-Assad is still in power。