Cycling so many benefits, but women need to pay attention to these points (1)


  If you want to stay young, you may wish to start from the cycling sport。
King's College London on the British middle-aged lovers 122, were tested and found that their muscle strength, lung function and physical fitness are all very young and。
The researchers said the rider can maintain neurological acuity, maintain heart and lung, muscle and whole body system。
  Note that many people have adopted the method cyclists to exercise, but they found themselves as a result of perineal discomfort, the results had to stop the exercise, in fact, want to prevent vaginal discomfort caused by the rider is not difficult, as long as doing the following on it: 1.The seat is too hard, it can be used to make a soft foam seat condom on the seat, the seat to reduce friction on the genitals。
  2.Adjust the height and angle of the vehicle seat。The seat is too high, when the left and right hip dislocation inevitable, likely to cause abrasions perineum; the front of the upturned seat more easily damaged perineum。
  3.When a long time, pay attention to transform cycling posture, the body's center of gravity has moved to prevent perineal some point long focus。
  4.Early speed riding car, speed not too fast, and time is not too long until the body adapts to the acceleration and processing time。  5, when it is found that perineal symptoms, should promptly identify the cause, if the issues of the seat in question, to be immediately removed or improved, and pay attention to rest, to eliminate the symptoms and then ride; if not eliminate symptoms, should ask the doctor to the hospital for examination and treatment。
  More experts we introduced the five items should be noted when riding a bike, cycling exercise is a good way, if perineal discomfort symptoms, these can be changed in accordance with the above methods, make yourself comfortable。