A landscape, an Everlasting


Who outline the colorful dream, the dream looks like copy, Yi Mei fluttering, rode from the sun's smile warmed the chill of early spring, awakened Painting flowers。——Inscription April fangfei, Fallen flowers all over the floor, scattered mind how many innocent, ignorant squandered a number of heart; far away in the colorful, blooming Tumi, thin cold April sky, pear rain, everywhere is silence, everywhere is barren; folding the shadow of the old year, you are in the cold at the time far past, blinding follow landscapes, flowers blown sky, scattered on the ground lonely sad。    Past a page spread, the former in the morning twilight, gradually blurring of sight, intermittent blank, what can be used to fill decline this quarter; Zhuyingyaohong, miss disaster; nobody sunset under the trees, the flowers falling pamper, dyeing with tears, a poem, in a word, all thoughts drift to the lake, will be a once beautiful sweet reveries; lonely Xiaojiang, overlooking the Xiangyun; changing helpless, future the future, is it high mountains far away waiting?    Time was removed dusty memories, displaced, blurred images, uncertain dream, where is the habitat of mountain water, came a very distant smile that simple, sweet and warm, really want to go back again to all too; the wind was very light, clouds are still very light, you light my time leaning against the slow count; years old, we can also bathed Yimiyangguang, saw flowers horizon, the situation over the Cape。    Miss the days, like sit in the window, along the sun, stretches the idea of heart; a story, a theme song, Repeat Play, repeated as appropriate, ironing a little old thing in the mood, waiting for a long time, old time , and whether in the glow of the hand covered pavilion, hold, read the Red-being and enjoy the best peach Shili。    This is a pen, a painting, contains the time of the affair, joy in my heart that Chen, each piece is associated with you, often in the pages of text in the chapter, look to take a long read to, read to as Lan , sometimes joy of music and dance, sometimes inexplicable melancholy; to do more than write the story of romantic, in a sum of clear joy in doing your eternal plums, onions Eiichi tree, independent of the other, just like the quiet, silent appreciation, fingers phase pull, waiting time dyeing。    When thoughts moonlight chipping, chipping in the water, falling eyebrows, soft fall and my heart; please allow me to read you a quiet, even read a poem old, dead end, but also in crushing sadness, look for colorful imprint slowly reading materials, through the raindrops on the moss, ink off the fingertip, recorded under the debris of broken pieces scattered cool, to miss Sheng Kaichun flower, warm the other side, so that a landscape, that an Everlasting, walking in ze chapter page, the singing and light singing ever met!    If possible, cook his life time, the fleeting bright, embedded in Acacia petals, write to make swaying gently tenderness, decorated during the encounter that Jin Su years; for the romantic, cloud Huan give clear-centered destination let tis meet Colorful flowers, beautiful, long song in time where, without saying past lives, do not ask posterior, but in a period of quiet beauty Sentiment love affair, the brilliant fireworks season, a shower of flowers moon。    At that moment for eternity, eternal in the hearts removed as April, Seiitsu the fleeting, Unter den Linden Xu obsession, quietly like a sum of soulful poetry incense filled, painted a curtain Chun Kam tempting to miss to go Chi Chan lit, so no longer sleep at night, warm ear whisper, Xu dreams still picturesque gorgeous; make it a landscape, it is an Everlasting, no longer alone; Xu mind with slight, graceful grips, deep species soul pen cozy, warm satisfactorily met in the United States and make quiet。    A landscape, an Everlasting, a lifetime miss, I, waiting, pen and ink life!    Xue Wu Lamei original QQ1697814860