Dishwasher strong sales growth is not high utilization issues remain to be resolved


  Institutions predict: dishwasher retail sales expected to double this year, according to "2017 Annual China dishwashers industry White Paper" data, dishwasher China market in recent years continues to improve。
2016 Market retail sales reached billion yuan, an increase of%; As of August 2017, the dishwasher market sales reached billion, total annual retail sales over 2016, an increase of%。   Orville cloud network (AVC) predicted that 2018 sales will reach dishwasher billion yuan, an increase of% retail volume will reach million units, an increase of 108%。   Dishwasher explosive growth market, making it the new position of household electrical appliance enterprises competing layout。
The PRC retail monitoring data show that in 2017 the number of brands of dishwasher market reached 59, an increase of 21; the Model up to 285, an increase of 77。
  Due to the different food culture in the West, Western-style dishwasher dishwashing show on solving the problem of insufficient, but there are companies actively doing localization of innovation, so companies should be product innovation and consumer demand around Chinese families, to introduce more suitable Chinese family kitchen dishwasher products。   "At present, almost all major household electrical appliance enterprises have launched a dishwasher products, showing very optimistic about the future of the product。
The next three to five years, the product will maintain rapid development, and is expected to reach annual sales of 10 million units of the scale。 "Appliance industry veteran observers Liu Buchen, said that at present, China brand dishwashers formation of two camps: the natives and overseas school, local school in the transformation of Chinese products has done better; overseas school is basically the United States and Europe dishwasher products directly into the Chinese market。
Currently, the two camps is intense, overall trend is gradually sent overseas beyond the。   Market: need a more thorough localization transformation Liu Buchen, frankly, development dishwasher market there are still many problems can not be ignored, the main problem is that the user has already bought a dishwasher, the utilization of the dishwasher not high, even long-term idle, indicating that there is a certain gap between China and dishwasher products consumer habits, the need for a more thorough dishwasher market localization transformation。
  Senior industry observers Liang Zhenpeng told Guangzhou Daily Economic whole media reporters, many consumers dishwasher popular desktop experience is relatively poor。
He suggested that users should install should go in the rough housing renovation initial stage, to reserve space for a good dishwasher decoration。