Vancouver International Airport Practical Handbook: Teaches you how quick and easy entry


December 26 electric travel from China to Canada, Vancouver Airport Immigration is undoubtedly a good choice。
Asia as a whole from the nearest airport in Canada, Vancouver Airport reputation is more striking: from 2010-2017 mid SKYTRAX eight consecutive years as the best airport in North America, from 2012 to 2014 for three consecutive years among the ranks of the world's top ten airports in , but in 2013, 2014 annual top ten airports in North America only selected world……So, we as travelers, arrive at the airport, how to get contact with family and friends, how to most quickly and easily through customs, and how it links to the city from the airport?Vancouver Airport acquaintance of both famous, but also stylish warmth Vancouver International Airport (VancouverInternationalAirport, airport code YVR) is located in British Columbia, Canada (British Columbia) column sandwiches Island (Richmond) on, about 15 kilometers from downtown Vancouver。
It is the second busiest airport in Canada, second only to Toronto Airport, also has one of eight Canadian airports United States border preclearance facilities。
Vancouver Airport also has a seaplane airport and seaport, its distinctive art and architecture reflect the magnificent natural scenery and vibrant culture, British Columbia。
Rich Pacific Northwest Coast Native artworks featured throughout the airport, along with the building here, showing the artistic themes sky, sea and land combination, as many international visitors leave the first, or last impression about Canada。
Under numerous reputation, Vancouver Airport also caring for visitors, to show the soft side。
If you need help at the airport, you can: * Search Customer Care desk for consultation; * seek help customer service staff dressed in blue uniforms; · seek help from volunteers wearing a green vest。
Credit: how Vancouver airport official microblogging sample from home, here, Vancouver airport is not very big on?So, arrived here from China on how it?At present, mainland China has opened 13 non-stop flights to Vancouver's friends!The 13 cities include: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Kunming, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Chongqing and Tianjin。 In addition, there are direct flights to Taipei and Vancouver。
More Chinese airlines offer domestic flights to Vancouver, including Air China (Air China), Capital Airlines (BeijingCapitalAirlines), Eastern Airlines (ChinaEastern), China Southern Airlines (China Southern Airlines), Sichuan Airlines (Sichuan Airlines), Xiamen Airlines ( XiamenAirlines), etc.。 Credit: Airport interior Walking Guide Learn the basic information, then we take a look at what are the Vancouver airport terminal building, how to quickly reach the places you want to go inside the terminal bar?Vancouver International Airport has two terminals, Main Terminal and South Terminal。 Most flights are landing at the main terminal, South Terminal and major service routes in British Columbia, but more so in this presentation。 Main Terminal is divided into two parts, the domestic terminal and the International Terminal。 Note that, in the International Terminal, the US entry-exit area and the immigration area is separate from the other countries, if there is little the United States and from Canada from the partner, not wrong。
There are four main terminal, one gives all kinds of airport services; layer to reach the second floor, including Canada and the United States arrived in the domestic and international arrival; three as a starting layer; four to reach the city provides SkyTrain Canada line。
In other words, little friends after arriving in Vancouver airport, the airport will first floor, and when you need to return home from three。 Credit: YVR airport official website Fun Raiders first step: the convenient self-service immigration!Finally landing!Can not wait to embrace the beauty of Vancouver's food, but the reality is, you look at customs entry long before the long lines, lamenting the hard life……But now, such a scene at the Vancouver airport has become a matter of history!In order to make foreign tourists easier and faster to immigration, Canada introduced a way of self-service immigration clearance (PrimaryInspectionKiosks, hereinafter referred to as PIK)。 PIK enabled Vancouver Airport in mid-March 2017, as long as your passport electronic identification, you can use the PIK clearance?Self immigration clearance in two ways。 The first way is to find the self-service machines clearance after arriving at the airport, scanning a passport, take a photo of yourself on the machine, and then fill in declaration。 After completing these three procedures, will get a receipt, the receipt will be handed over to customs officials can。 Customs declaration tips over ten thousand Canadian dollars in cash, traveler's checks, bank drafts and other stock or securities must be declared。
Immigration can not carry weapons, fireworks, drugs, cultural relics, rare plant and animal products, meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs and dairy products。
Per person over 19 years of age with a liter of wine (or liter of liquor), 200 cigarettes (or 50 cigars) entry, the excess will be tariff。 The second way is to use a Canadian official launch of the mobile application。 The app is called 'CanBorder-eDeclarationmobileapp', there are systems iOS, Android, BlackBerry system in three versions, search in mobile application store 'CanBorder' to get。
Source: Canadian immigration services agency official microblogging to note is that this application is currently only available in English and French languages。 But its use is very simple language, but off a small partner, do not worry。
After downloaded, first select the language, usually English selection。 After selecting Select 'Iaccept' on the page that appears to accept the Terms of Use。 On the next page that appears after the prompts to fill based on some simple personal information, select 'MyDeclaration' personal information and fill out the customs declaration。 After all the information filled out a two-dimensional code。
Source: Vancouver Airport after arriving APPstorescreenshots find PIK machine, two-dimensional code scanning, passport, you can get a receipt back to take a personal picture and confirm the declaration, the receipt to the customs clearance staff can be friends!Free airport Wi-Fi:, hold the whole communication!Free Wi-Fi coverage throughout the airport, you can get in touch with family and friends after landing?It should be noted that the free Wi-Fi is available at most four hours, exceeding the time limit can not continue to use the free。
Airport to the city, soeasy!From Vancouver airport to downtown Vancouver has a variety of modes of transportation, nothing to worry about traffic problems。
As in the daytime arrival at the airport, the general choice of the Canada Line to downtown。
After entry through the outlet into the international arrival waiting area, leave the building to find the label indicate the Canadian line, take the motor vehicle parking lot in front of the entrance of escalators and elevators to reach the Canada Line station is located at the fourth floor of the main terminal。
Source: Canada Line official website Tickets can be purchased at the self-service ticket machines。 Self-service ticket machines on offer Chinese, very convenient to buy tickets。 Depending on the arrival area, the fare range, but should be noted that from Canadian dollars to Canadian dollars, when the airport to the city, tickets need to pay an additional 5 Canadian dollars of additional costs, so the total fare ranging from Canadian dollars to Canadian dollars to。 Daytime train linking the airport and downtown Vancouver, journey time about half an hour per minute。
If you arrive at the airport at night, you can choose to take a late-night bus line No. N10。 In addition, many hotels located near the airport and offers free shuttle service to the Port Office can live phone book hotels through the second floor of the main terminal, then take the free shuttle。 A free shuttle pick-up and drop-off area is located at the 2nd floor green roof to Hong Kong International Terminal and Domestic Terminal 1st floor hall to hall of Hong Kong。 Airport overnight?A variety of ways, choose what you love!Vancouver Airport again this year is "sleeping all over the airport," named North America's most suitable for overnight airport, take a look below at the airport overnight what are the right way。
If you decide to overnight at the airport, from the airport and around the airport there are some closer hotels to choose from。 In addition, internal Vancouver Airport hotel FairmontVancouverAirport。
This hotel is located in the main terminal building, went to the hotel from the domestic terminal and 10 minutes, went to the hotel from the international terminal and 5 minutes, it can be very convenient。 Depending on the room types, ranging from 1900 yuan to 2600 yuan equivalent per night。
In addition to hotels, the airport and 24-hour coffee shop (such as Starbucks Starbucks) and a snack (such as Subway subway), is a more appropriate choice。 Meanwhile, Vancouver airport also provides a quiet zone, D67 gate located at the international terminal after security check。 Here it is equipped with comfortable chairs, mats and other yoga stretch, when the flight left if set at an earlier time, you can consider overnight in quiet area。 Source: YVR fun in the official website of the airport: stroll to eat, eat stroll, visiting shopping eating, relaxing, gourmet……Airport dazzling array of shops will definitely make you dazzle!Vancouver Airport WorldDutyFree largest duty-free shops located on the third floor International Terminal, after passage through customs straight from the right in the end you can reach。 Prices here are lower than in China 25% to 40%, you can use the yuan checkout, also accept UnionPay payment cards, as well as Chinese-speaking staff can provide a shopping guide service。
Other Canadian duty-free shops including gifts and souvenirs monopoly of ThinkingCanada, selling skin care products, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. TheBeautyShop, as well as some luxury goods such as Burberry, Hermes, Omega, etc., mostly in the international departure lounge near gate D53。 In addition to various shops, the airport as well as a number of restaurants and cafes, fast food-based, such as Burger King, Tim Hortons, etc.。 Where, A & W is the most common local fast food restaurants in Canada, where Coke is one of its selling points。
This use of cola over the frozen glass costumes, without ice in cola to prevent the melting of ice cola flavor fades。
For the first time to a small partner in Canada, try a。 Buy buy buy, Chi Chichi tired, in the Vancouver airport also has a number of spa offers rest, beauty and other services, it is not very close?(Canadian Bureau micro-channel public number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。