Assange CIA exposure to the world's largest hacker personal phone no privacy at all


For the insider Dabao, CIA spokesman said, "We are not content or the authenticity of the alleged intelligence documents published"。 (Source: BBC) March 8, according to British BBC news website, WikiLeaks (Wiki) website on Monday alleged disclosure of a large number of documents and files from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Network Information Center。 Site founder Assange claims that this is the most comprehensive ever made public collection of American spy confidential files, more than the number of "defection agents" Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) disclosed that CIA into The world's largest hacker。 These codenamed "Vault7" (No. 7 vault) files, the first part of data called the "first year" (YearZero), which contains 8761 dossiers, revealed the CIA invasion plans were secret in the world, including by malware , viruses, Trojans, zero-day vulnerabilities, malicious distal remote control systems, etc.。 Documents revealed that the US Central Intelligence Agency has developed its own attack included for Windows, Android, iOS device OSX and Linux computers as well as Internet routers malware。
In this attack, no secret at all personal cell phone。 Documents show that the British government also helped CIA, so Samsung Smart TV affected by the virus, becoming the monitoring tool。 WikiLeaks said that television is not the only target, CIA want more control systems of new cars and trucks, although did not specify the purpose, but it allowed CIA kills。
WikiLeaks that the US Embassy in Frankfurt, is itself a hacker base。
It is understood that former US President Obama has promised in January 2014, CIA should be the major software vendors to publish their security holes, but the CIA obviously has not done so。
Instead, they exploit these vulnerabilities, regardless of the enemy can exploit these vulnerabilities same。
For the Dabao insider, CIA spokesman said, "We are not content or the authenticity of the alleged intelligence documents comment"。 (Compiler / Hou Xingchuan) Department of People's Daily Overseas net official website This article is overseas network exclusive compilation manuscript, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source of overseas net draft。 Editor: Hou Xingchuan。