After marrying American original CCTV hostess was abused by a pack of sanitary napkins a year


August 23 electric August 17, in the north of Los Angeles Lancaster City North High Court, accepted the bizarre lawsuit between ethnic Chinese couples together。 Chinese husband is a doctor, his wife apply for a court injunction。 Wife is the original CCTV hostess, told her husband of abuse, the same court injunctions, and the court crying need food。
According to the parties Ms. Cao introduced himself as a media person, before coming to the United States, working in China Central Television, doing the show hostess。 January 28, 2015 and a doctor in the United States, Mr. Tu married。 June 9, 2016 Ms. Cao with Mr. Tu emigrated to the US。
"I have no brothers and sisters, his father died early, his mother also died after I came to the US, I have no relatives in China。
"Ms. Cao said, always wanted more than a couple of children, very satisfied with the marriage, the couple hope to live a happy life back to the United States, but then everything happened so that Ms. Cao unexpected。 "First of marriage her husband did not tell me he could not give birth to me a very big blow, but think two people can live peacefully bad。
"Ms. Cao did not think more is that Mr. Tu treat her the way。
"He did a doctor in Palmdale, Palmdale Alhambra and has the property, but he did not give me a key to the house, to the United States more than a year, I am now a temporary green card。
In addition, I have no identity card (ID), no car, no US accounts, no money, no nothing。
Later, he gave me the keys to Palmdale home, however, the key must be hung on the wall, anyway, I do not have a car, so remote Palmdale, where I can not go anywhere, I go to church are good-hearted people pick。
"Ms. Cao said she was a lot of food is expired, it provided some photos。 (Provided by Ms. Cao) provided one of Ms. Cao expired bread image, according to her, is her husband has expired bread。 (Image courtesy of Ms. Cao) in addition to "what" are no more surprising it is that, according to the court testimony of Ms. Cao wrote, "My husband just bought me a pack of sanitary napkins so I used the year, Costco is $ 100……Let me cook with oil, the oil can not open, will lead ant; control my bath water, summer home, the temperature is maintained at 89 degrees, 61 degrees in winter……"。
The daily life, Ms. Cao can not stand the most is that she does not have enough fresh food, the refrigerator is almost empty, "they are expired food, no way to eat。
"Sue each other in court of origin between husband and wife, according to Ms. Cao said she believes more than a year were abused and we hope that the judiciary to solve the problem。
During sought an injunction, Ms. Cao and her husband can not live, speak, this has completely no food, she is currently requesting help the church, the church said they would provide 12-14 days of food, "but I did not receive a lot of nerve, picking up a little vegetables, bread, egg-rich food。 "Ms. Cao list out the food, really have to receive less food, and people seem particularly thin。 Holding the evidence, testimony and the presence of witnesses, Ms. Cao would have felt very at ease, but did not expect her husband hired a lawyer, request an extension to September 13 hearing again, Ms. Cao frazzled, "he did not say it would be a lawyer And why was he postponed?"Formal hearing, Ms. Cao's turn to speak, she suddenly tearful voice, facing the judge repeatedly stressed, saying," I need food!I need food!I need a free lawyer!"Women judges did not look up, routinely says you can go next door to 'Help' for help。 After indicating that you can leave the courtroom, Ms. Cao looked very anxious, Mr. Tu said loudly: "My husband, can give me some food?"Mr. Tu said, be careful Ms. Cao said she will take advantage of people。 For food, driving and other issues, Mr. Tu representation is Ms. Cao they do not want to learn to drive, do not eat their own。
"I love clean, very save。
I hope she can take care of usually, sweep hygiene, she does not want, she does not cook at home。
Take her to eat buffet, she ate times and diarrhea。
"Mr. Tu emphasized in daily life will never truly know Ms. Cao。
Referred to "abuse", Mr. Tu Ms. Cao expressed in slander him, to destroy his reputation, not be obvious willingness to want reconciliation, unless Ms. Cao write it down, stating "there is no abuse, no fight," he felt that Ms. Cao can return China。
Ms. Cao was looking forward to Mr. Tu willing to settle, I asked Mr. Tu said something, when you know cleaning issue, Ms. Cao tears down again, said he was like every day "slaves" to do the same chores at home。
"He said to me, just eat buffet on the diarrhea What does it mean?"Ms. Cao very puzzled, but more concerned about whether he can provide some food, even throwing at home。 Ms. Cao has been said loudly, "I'm really hungry, I do not know to appear in court that day in September, if there are efforts, anyway, I have to climb to climb into court!"() Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。