Pu Cunxin to Paris to hear him talk, "I and my role," the story


May 11 electrically May 19, the National Pu Cunxin men of God will enter Paris, about "Me and my role."。
The stage is his destiny to embark on the road of the actor, on stage, the audience looked underneath, play his favorite role, you know those behind him and his role, what it all happened?"I and my role," the topic, so rooted in many years of performing artists regardless of whether he finally returned to the stage and screen roles, and to open up and talk about the role of culture and cultural survival as an actor identified problems。
Drama "The Cherry Orchard", the Pu Cunxin plays Luo Boxing drama "White Deer" stills Pu Cunxin mentions that "the role I now have the right to speak in front of an audience, I give my thanks to the role of 'education'。
"Twenty years 'Bai' a drama played two decades and played the same role, which is rare in an actor's artistic career。 Create a character from scratch, and accompanying role through 20, so that the audience comes to think of Li Bai Pu Cunxin teacher, he became the first person in the history of three-dimensional image of the poet of。 Drama "Li Bai" stills The two most important characters in the movie "moon" in the Master Hong Yi and the movie "Lu Xun" in Lu Xun Pu Cunxin, is the most influential of the two roles。
Movie "moon" stills Pu Cunxin, played by Lu Xun Pu Cunxin Description: Pu Cunxin, a famous drama artist, the CPPCC National Committee。 Current Chairman of the Chinese Dramatists Association, Beijing People's Art Theater Vice President。 Elected 2002 Top Ten People moved to China in 2005 was the 11th China Film Hua Biao Award for Outstanding Actor in 2011 was the third national moral models Award nominations。 Representative works are: the drama "Hamlet," "The Seagull," "Uncle Vanya," "Ivanov," "The Cherry Orchard," "corn bread hall" "Teahouse" and so on; the movie "moon", "Lu Xun" and so on; TV "hero no regrets", "police chief", etc.。 () Editor: Fan Fei, Zhu Jianyu。