Ganzhou Rare Earth 18 private mine action in the fight against rare offer up | rare | Ganzhou | blow


  AASTOCKS News Agency June 19 hearing, a person familiar with Wednesday (19th) revealed to great wisdom news agency, the relevant departments on the 18th Ganzhou rare earth mine to conduct a comprehensive fight against private, most private mine was closed down inventory。   China Rare Earth Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Zhanheng great wisdom, told news agency has heard about the news above, but the specific situation is not clear。
  The source said, rare earth traders choose to watch the market outlook, offer rare earth began to rise。
  Chenzhan Heng said that the South is less heavy rare earth enterprises assigned to the mandatory production plan targets, which led to the emergence of more private rare earth mine, but against private rare earth mine to achieve the "combining guidance"。   Chen Zhanheng said that this year the Ministry has already held two meetings on the rare earth industry consolidation, focusing on the fight against illegal exploitation of rare earth ore and private, etc.。
  () Deputy General Manager, Deputy General Manager Zhang Hui on the 17th day of great wisdom to accept the news agency in an interview that the company took part in the rare earth industry consolidation meeting organized by the Ministry of Industry, to a greater extent a new round of consolidation action on rare earth rare earth production capacity to combat illegal, illegal excavation smelting of rare earth, rare earth is not used against invoices behavior。   Rare earth sector listed companies mainly in China's largest light rare earths company Baotou Steel Rare Earth () and (), (), (), () and other heavy rare earth companies, which under the given Minmetals Rare Earth New Materials, South China Resources Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi County red gold rare Earth Co., Ltd. is located in Ganzhou City, the two companies are separated rare earth smelting enterprises。
  Issued by: Zhu force / Yong / Cheng Jing / Caomin Hui revision: Wang Zhaohua。