"The main theme of" how both popular and blockbuster movies?Multi-style entertaining


  An open and multi-style edutainment "promote the theme, insist on diversity" refers to the literary and artistic works may reflect a positive and healthy mainstream ideology (such as sing patriotic spirit, heroism, respected Sound of Music) by means of a variety of art forms, accepted by the masses。
Any nation needs to have its own theme of work, a lot of good-looking foreign blockbusters and the country's main theme of the movie。
But for some time, some domestic, "the main theme of the movie" because the market does not look good who were left out。 "Theme" and "diversity" is not irreconcilable contradiction?  Study the history of Chinese film development, the early days of shooting in mid-1949 found that the main theme of the movie, do not need government issued compulsory private use of official documents, also welcomed by the public, attendance is high。 At that time, the masses of high political enthusiasm, made films not yet facing competition from a variety of cultural entertainment and large imports, which are important factors that can grossing movie theme, but not the most important factor。   The main theme of the early days of blockbuster movies have something in common law: the majority are not serious drama, instead of using various types of film style or "Cross-type" style as a carrier, creative ideas and enrich the artistic means, the commercial selling point clear, truly put teaching in music。
Such as "Civil war", "Dong Cunrui", "best", "Red Sun", "heroes and heroines", is the theme of content combined with a war movie style, its spectacular hot war momentum considerable visual impact, but not only will be a pile of big scenes, but also shaped the character fresh batch of characters: never admit defeat as "stubborn cub," Dong Cunrui, crude and refined the company commander Zhang hair, Shi Dong Geun, versatile Fang art troupe members, unaccompanied battle group Wang magic soldiers……These large war rhythm Zhang relaxation, designed many humorous details of life, but also the insertion of the beautiful sounds of the movie soundtrack, such as "My Motherland", "who do not speak My Hometown," "Heroic Symphony", are It became popular songs, to attract more viewers into the theater。 "Heroes and heroines" With life drama troupe, loved by the masses of the introduction of dance, story-singing。
  There are a number of motion pictures and theme content thriller style combining different selling points Adventure。 "Outsmart the Mountain" is a beautiful thriller, describing the People's Liberation Army commando necessary to climb the steep peak, but also to fight against the enemy, constitute a double suspense。
"Railway Guerrilla" is an action thriller, learn martial arts films means of expression, the guerrillas have rarely seen "unique skills" – Grilled Speed。
"Remember the reconnaissance," "The Brave Hero" is a thriller plot, Lee company commander led a team of serious matters stunt scout behind enemy lines, was chief scout Thai impostor scored nest of bandits, cunning and fierce opponent of wits。 "Brave hero" description beautiful female spy in love with Miss Alan military reconnaissance Thai hero had at the time was a bold break the restricted area。   Sing the praises of the new style of socialist construction period of "A Story", "Today I rest," "are satisfied", "two brothers" is the theme of content combined with style comedy, humor comedy, comic-style farce。 Reflect modern life in the barracks, "two brothers", the fun lies in the introduction of the then high-tech innovations – double-exposure photography "head transplant" and let an actor playing a pair of twin brothers, the audience amazed。
  Assorted platter then there are a number of beauty both interesting theme of the film using a variety of entertainment elements ingenious hybrid genre of "assorted platter" tactics。
Sing the praises of the new rural life in Yunnan comedy "five" and the description of Xinjiang military and civilian thriller Hidden Feite wipe out the "tip of the visitors" were associated with romance, musical, beautiful piece, folk pieces grafting。
War Films "plain guerrillas", "mine warfare" inject humor comedy elements, anti-Japanese fighters and leader of the enemy contest, mainly teasing style fry, shadowy tunnel warfare, minefield hard to detect, even children can be maneuvered let steal mines devils engineering expert hands soiled smelly feces, which let the audience laughter。
  Red Army martyrs praise of the "Red Detachment of Women" is not a genre, but also very particular worth watching。 Ancient playwright Li Yu said: "Legend legend, non-singular does not pass."。 "Red Detachment of Women" learn from this approach, there is a strange description of Hainan Island Red Army troops – one hundred Detachment of Women, even young female composition, but also have a very handsome man party, a pair of little green Wanhong。
The film shows a beautiful tropical scenery, southern barelegged can wear short trousers female bodybuilding shape, unique in our military forces。
Lyrical multi-voice female chorus "red flag floating on Fingers" rich mellow flavor Qiongju and Li, breaking the movie soundtrack was only solo single mode chorus of mixed voices。 More ideas than those at the time of the northern rural rustic heavy fighting piece, looked fresh and chic, make this performance the difficult years of the film is full of beauty and fun。
  Above the main theme of the movie to implement an open and inclusive approach, no matter what kind of style, genre, style of expression, can take over with, not "unified style" limitations, receive and efficiency "12 + 1" and。   In contrast, today's so-called "theme" movie does not hit the crux of what?it goes without saying。   The tradition of heavy market bold new era of the early days is not a market economy, but also frequent "left" wind interference, why would filmmakers consciously pay attention to market it?He has a great relationship with the social environment as well as the artist's birth experience。   The early days of film artists, originally part of the liberation of the big city movie director, actor, they shoot progressive movies will not get government funding, must overcome the Hollywood blockbuster strong competitor in the market competition in order to survive, so pay attention to develop the market Occupational habits。
Another part of the film art troupe of artists originally liberated area director, actor, starred in the movie is not liberation, but they are years or staged stage show, versatile, quite understand the effect of the theater, the audience pay attention to develop psychological habit。   At that time the society by the "left" side effects, but also has a positive side, such as the promotion of the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly, criticized the idea of personal fame and fortune。 Seventeen Years, national film awards held only three times。 Therefore, the award-winning film designed for very few people, we have to shoot the masses Favorite Movies proud。
  Decades later, a new generation of filmmakers birth experience and the social environment they face, and the veteran is very different, their values and creative ideas, can not be completely copied。 But the spirit realm older generation of artists heart of the public, bold and innovative way of thinking, versatile solid foundation, worthy of future study。   It is gratifying that, in recent years, a new generation of film artists inherited the glorious tradition of their predecessors, good at drawing style or genre "Cross-type" style theme of the film shoot。 Such as praise patriotism, national unity, "Red River Valley" and praised the spirit of internationalism "Lover's Grief over the Yellow River", and the gathering long war films, thrillers, youth, romance, beautiful piece of; describe our military bandits " Modern Peking Opera "long gambling spy Game, action, flick it: two uprising reproduction of" Army of the Republic "and the gathering epic, long action movie, flick, the praise of the people's Advocate" Mekong case "and" wolf 2 "" Red Sea action "gambling gangster film, a long piece of modern military action, the theme of the film in the market victory!  Two benefits double harvest screen new work, although few in number, but after all, people see the Chinese mainstream movie can hope to retake market。 A single spark can start a prairie fire!。