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  Said the domestic financial industry is a high-paying industry, the annual salary of millions and is not a dream, today a ratio, which are weak burst, CEO this year the bank to earn 100 million yuan!  Recently, the Swiss bank announced that the bank's CEO a year pay 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan is what the concept?  This is equivalent to a daily wage million, up hourly million, or one minute pay yuan, the CEO talked about ten minutes things, maybe he will show you thousands of dollars on revenue。
  According to brokerage China correspondent statistics, nearly half of the A-share listed companies net profit of less than a year of 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan and pay more spike domestic banks listed brokerage executives。   What is the concept 100 million yuan?A net profit of less than 100 million shares of the company more than half of Europe's largest financial holding group UBS AG (UBS) has revealed that the bank CEO pay rose sharply in 2017, by the 2016's 13.7 million Swiss francs (about 91.24 million yuan) raised to 14.2 million Swiss francs (about 94.56 million yuan)。   It is worth noting that the majority of the year A-share listed companies are not making 100 million yuan。 According to brokerage China correspondent statistics, from 2016, annual disclosure of data, A-share listed companies a total of 3499, there are 1625 companies, which is nearly half of the company's net profit in 2016 are less than 1 million。
720 GEM listed companies, only 276 companies in 2016 net profit of over 1 billion and 444 companies net profit of less than 1 million。   The annual salary of a million, equivalent to a daily wage million, while reaching a high hourly million, or one minute pay dollar……Wang Jianlin said, there must be a small target, such as the first to earn a million, then a one hundred million in the end what is the concept of it?  For ordinary people, it meant to burn forever。 Because if you keep it up, in accordance with demand deposits% of the annual interest rate to calculate it, one hundred million yuan in the bank, the interest of a year there are 300,000。
  Spike domestic brokerage bank executives we look at executive pay domestic financial institutions。   First look at the domestic market brokerage。
Brokerage Chinese reporter counted 29 listed brokerage executive pay in 2016, where the assistant general manager Lin Chung (part-time Haitong International Vice-President, Chief Executive Officer) The highest annual salary for the yuan, less than UBS Group CEO pay sixths one。   From the 29 listed brokerages in remuneration of 580 executives of 2016 annual disclosure point of view, only three brokerage executives last year, higher than the annual salary of 10 million yuan, respectively, assistant general manager Lin Chung Hai Tong Securities, annual salary million; the former executive director Yin Ke, annual salary million; Chen Fei, chief risk officer, a is 10,000 annual salary。   Only 39 executives earn more than 5 million in 2016。
Among them, nine executives from, and each of the six Founder Securities, Haitong Securities and each 3。
  Let us look at listed banks。   China correspondent brokerage Statistics 25 listed banks on executive pay in 2016。 From 586 executives remuneration disclosure point of view, the banks pay significantly lower brokers, not even an executive's compensation more than ten million。
  Which is the highest paid chairman of Hong Qi, annual salary million; followed by the Executive Director, President and Chief Executive Officer Tianhui Yu, annual salary million; Minsheng Bank, executive director Zheng Wanchun annual salary million, ranked third。 Only 11 of the more than 5 million yuan annual salary of executives。   It is worth noting that all the TOP100 bank executive pay more than 1 million yuan, but the level of brokerage and 3,000,000 still many gaps。   Overall,。