Parker 29 points and the Spurs won 3-0 on four match points in 20 minutes off the bench without Blazers


  Ticker May 11, Spurs away to 118-103 win over the Trail Blazers, with a total score of 3-0, promotion in sight。
  Spurs easily cross the border, the audience behind only once, in this round of the series, they are a total of only 33 seconds behind。 Tony – Tony Parker scored 29 points and six assists, Tim – Tim Duncan 19 points and seven rebounds, test Wye – Leonard 16 points and 10 rebounds off the bench Manu – Manu Ginobili 14 points, Pa Di – Mills 10 points。
  A total of only 6 points off the bench Blazers。
Starting five in double figures, Wesley – Matthews 22 points, LaMarcus – Aldridge 21 points and 12 rebounds, Damian – Lillard 21 points and 9 assists, Nicholas – Batum 20 points, nine rebounds and seven assists, Robin – Lopez 13 points and seven rebounds。   Trail Blazers in the locker room and even found a snake, but this is not their biggest trouble。 Their troubles on the court, how to stop the Spurs?  In NBA history, 0-2 comeback appeared 16 times。
Blazers had experienced, after 1977, they lost the first two games comeback, eventually won the only championship in team history。
37 years later, the Blazers once again faced with this dilemma, "do not rebound, we do not defend, we would not have the slightest chance," Portland coach at a time when the pause says。
  Blazers not the slightest signs of a rebound in the defense also failed to perform better, after the opening today, and binding the hands in front of the Spurs。 Duncan took the lead shots, Parker After four consecutive shots, the Spurs 10-3 to start a wave。 After Aldridge and Lillard find the feeling, have shot fired back, the Blazers shot a wave of 10-2 to 13-12 go-ahead。 But this is their only lead, this section last 6 minutes and 28 seconds, the Blazers only hit two goals, the Spurs maintain a high hit rate, after the first section to 28-18 double-digit advantage in。   Marco Belinelli and Mills have hit three-pointers in the second quarter after the start, the Spurs bench also after blasting opponents, both the gap continues to widen。 This section there are 2 minutes and 40 seconds, Parker hit two consecutive third, Spurs 23 points to lead 58-35。 Matthews also credited with three points, after which rod Lillard hit, but only slightly narrowing the gap。 Halftime, the Trail Blazers to a 40-60 behind。   First half, the Spurs hit rate as high as% 12 three-pointers vote 5, one person Parker scored 20 points。 More surprising is that the Spurs only once mistakes。   Blazers turnovers reached nine times, hitting only%。 Matthews scored 12 points, LaMarcus Aldridge 11 points。
  Spurs also have nap time, they are the third in the last three minutes without a point。 Blazers seize the opportunity to play a wave of 12-0, in this section there are 7 minutes and 24 seconds, chasing the score became 57-64。
Spurs soon awaken this section last two minutes, they did not let the opponent score, the Spurs scored five points after three quarters still 83-69 dominant。 Ke Leifu before the end of the first half, missed two free throws, missed the front end of this section has two goals。
  Trail Blazers in the fourth quarter with Bartum to anti-Parker, but the effect is not good。
After this section there are 9 minutes 49 seconds, the ball break Parker Road, Duncan follow, with a fine cast scored 3 points, at a further break while Lillard ball, but Duncan and basket ball, and Parker Leonard since then have "three-point play" successful, still in the game 7 minutes 43 seconds, leading the Spurs to 103-81。
  Spurs after nearly five minutes, not shooting, but by virtue of free throws, still maintaining the advantages 111-95。 Competition also 2 minutes 50 seconds, Leonard hit third, the Spurs did not give the opponent the opportunity。