Women and health: wash with vinegar, Qubanyangyan


[Lead] spots on my face is a nightmare for many women, and therefore the most effective freckle how to become a topic of concern to the majority of women are common, serious impact on melasma, freckles and other facial appearance to。
So how freckle on the most effective, we should know more about concrete and effective method。 On the question of how the most effective freckle, should pay attention to clean up and eat some light food, but for some spicy and stimulating foods you should try to avoid eating。
1.Note the skin clean to get his face clean, then usually have to keep the skin clean, experts suggest that we should at least wash the face three times a day。 At the same time, when face to pay attention to try to choose some of the smaller and less irritating spice content of soap, and preferably cleaned thoroughly with warm water。 Also note the use of a bactericidal effect of acidic, non-greasy after washing the face skin care products。 Experts point out that regular bath also has good effects on skin care, not only to ensure the smooth and delicate facial skin, the skin at the same time in various parts of the body to maintain the same, the only way to make you more attractive。
You may wish to add a little vinegar in the bath in the shower, so you will feel more comfortable after a bath。