18 years just to break the bank financing against the allocation of funds should pay attention to risk level | bank financing


  Source: Daily at the end of 2017, "line 3 will be a game of" jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Regulating financial institution asset management business (draft)," clearly we want to break the rigid payment further strengthen financial supervision and information management services, prevent financial risks。
No doubt, this is bank financial impact of huge。
  Hangzhou Branch senior financial planner iron Ya Yuan analysis, information management under the influence of the new regulations, the bank financing market in 2018 will usher in "Three Changes"。 "Just get rid of the dollar" bear the brunt of the change, the future of banking financial investment will go back to basics, financial income is fully linked with the market, investors need to own risk, any financial institution payment will not be underwritten, which means that the former "closed eyes era bank financing to buy "will be gone forever。   In this trend, investors' asset allocation ratio of bank financing in the grasp how it?Iron Yuan Ya analysis that there are just as financial products from R1 to R5 from low to high five different risk levels, as investors for different risk tolerance, the bank also correspond to different levels divided in A1-A5。
In such a framework, and then according to the customer of the term, demand for different product types, product manager banking customers would recommend necessary living expenses and personal 3-6 months a year might use the funds (such as a car, children interest groups, personal travel) out configuration financial products。   For just graduated, yet a family of xiaonianqing, these funds may be at around 50,000。
Customers can choose flexibility as they enter a long-term and short-term financial products closed financial products, the distribution ratio of 7:03, even according to individual needs, and then increase the flexibility of the ratio of short-term financial products。
If not enough funds 50,000, up from less than the purchase amount of financial products, customers can also choose innovative savings bank, the minimum can be 5000 yuan。
  For about the small investors have under the old, these funds may be 200,000。 Customers can appropriate to increase the proportion of long-term closed-end financial products, and short-term financial flexibility ratio can be 5:05, and even more earnings will be better。
  For ordinary investors, the elderly, these funds are relatively abundant, the pursuit of risk factors is not high。 Customers can choose closed-end long-term financial products。
While on the advice of the product manager, according to their needs, to match a variety of investment period of financial products, increase yields。
In addition, if you want to lower the risk factor and more than 200,000 yuan of funds, you can select files by interest-bearing savings deposits of innovation, time deposits can also be used with the check, the recent interest there floating, floating up to 40%。
  For deposits tend to lower risk way to keep clients' assets, in fact, there are also deposits of tips。
Scroll saving method can help investors with their own conduct on the period, resulting in higher deposit than a single term benefits。
Reference CMB current certificates of deposit interest rates, the 1-year, 2-year, 3-year%。
Based on this example, stored in a large 3 + years large yields of about (% +% × 3) far greater than the rate (% × 4) of a large memory 4, the customer can enjoy principal secondary compound interest after the period dividend。