Do not wear reading glasses for the elderly to age standards, remember to buy four points (1)


  Most people at 40?After 45 years, you can not see when reading or other close work, and increasing year by year phenomenon called presbyopia, commonly known as presbyopia。
Once presbyopia elderly appear, look around things will be very difficult, daily life will also be affected, it is imperative that with a pair of reading glasses。
  About the treatment of presbyopia There are two ways, one is with reading glasses, second surgery。Currently surgery is not very mature, has not been widely promoted。
So the most commonly used method is to wear reading glasses。  Reading glasses is a lenticular lens, which can be used to supplement the shortage of accommodation in the eye, to achieve the purpose of treatment of presbyopia。Before the first optometry glasses, first determine whether myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, and presbyopia by age and extent of changes in diopter。That there are short-sighted to minus normal age with the degree of myopia presbyopia, such as: the original 200 degrees of myopia, now aged 45 years (the normal age presbyopia 100 degrees), actually only wear 100 degrees myopia lenses can see near objects of。Hyperopia that there should be degrees of hyperopia plus the normal age presbyopia, such as: the same is 45 years old, and the original 200 degrees hyperopia, the fact should wear reading glasses 300 degrees。
If you have astigmatism, you need to take when astigmatism fusion degree in reading glasses。  The relationship between normal age and presbyopia generally have the following rule: Of course, but also with the working distance when patients usually are accustomed to reading glasses, an appropriate increase or decrease the degree of lens, such as working close proximity of the old should be increased reading glasses degree, on the contrary, it should be appropriate to reduce the degree reading glasses。
  If there is presbyopia, struggling not to wear reading glasses, the eye ciliary muscle fatigue too will increase the difficulty of reading, to produce many of the symptoms such as dizziness, eye swelling, affecting the life and work, which is very unwise。
So, that is equipped with reading glasses when not a single standard age。  4:01 buy bear in mind.Vertigo can occur glasses, do not delay。
  When there are many elderly people appear to see things vague phenomenon, and my heart will resist wear glasses, so I dragged go with。
If long-term blurred vision, may also cause dizziness, eye swelling and so on, so the old man when blurred vision occurs, be sure to go to the election as soon as possible reading glasses。  2.Glasses should be checked before。
  Where can I buy reading glasses?The flea market everywhere, a few pieces of dozens of pieces have。The elderly must not be free to purchase reading glasses。
The old man must do a thorough check before buying glasses, including check distance vision, near vision, intraocular pressure and fundus。
To exclude after cataract, glaucoma and some retinal diseases, in order to determine the degree of optometry, and then select the appropriate eye glasses according to their own situation。
  Cheap reading glasses big flea market are quality problems, if quality problems the elderly long-term wear glasses, natural eye injury, increased eye。
  3.Immediate replacement。  The degree of presbyopia will increase with age and deepened, so the elderly should always pay more attention to the comfort of presbyopia, have to be replaced immediately if found inappropriate。In addition, the lens will have a certain life span, such as scratches, aging, can also cause blurred vision and other phenomenon。
  4.When required to wear。
  Presbyopia is characterized by distant objects clearly near objects blurred, so the elderly need to wear reading glasses when looking at near, usually do not need to wear is not the best course of。Long wear reading glasses can also cause dizziness, blurred vision and other symptoms。