Guangzhou's first automobile Vending Machine shop floor takes the consumer self-service car


  It is reported that in the future consumers can sweep under the face to the store, the car keys will automatically pop up, do not shop, consumers will be able to self-help pick up the car and drove off, up to 3 days to experience the depth test drive, and then decided to fully understand whether to buy。
  Reporters interviewed Alibaba Group was informed that, in July 2017, Lynx has announced it will launch a "car unattended vending machine", Volkswagen, Audi, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Ford and other major car brands have joined。 I do not know how many temporary car brand to be settled in Guangzhou。 Lynx car vending machine will open dozens of stores in 2018。
January 2018, Lynx cars vending machines in Shanghai will open a second store in Hongkou District。   Analysts say China's current car sales is fierce, traditional 4S shop has been selling cars just do not make money or even lose money, often rely end of the impulse rebate money; this new sales "like to buy a Coke in the vending machine as" the purchase of automobiles after landing mode come true in Guangzhou, will further impact 4S shop business。