God the car!Virtual track can go unmanned you want to experience it


There are three bus lengths, but also the flexibility to turn, almost no red light…… October 23, the world's first column wisdom rail trains run in Zhuzhou, Hunan officially launched。
Plan 2020 automatic "virtual track-following control" technology driving the car used in Zhuzhou independent research and development, in order to identify the road-vehicle sensor virtual track, instruction by central control unit, adjustment of train traction, braking, steering accuracy , precision control of train travel on a given virtual track。 "Chi-rail train chief architect" in Zhuzhou as deputy general manager and chief engineer Feng Jianghua introduced, rail Chilean conductor meters wide and meters, maximum capacity of 307 people。 However, use of high-speed rail vehicles chi flexible grouping mode, the capacity can be adjusted in accordance with changes in traffic, such as when using the grouping section 3 standard, more than 300 passenger trains, passenger capacity of more than 500 when the grouping section 5, greatly increased capacity。 Chi-rail train driving plans to achieve 2019 semi-automatic driving 2020。 Chi rail loading train new energy power with zero emissions, polluting properties, using the vehicle energy storage battery charging, the charging terminal stations, a single 10-minute charge, can be loaded with 25 km, 70 km maximum speed。 In addition, intellectual rail train in the same capacity with the modern streetcar, the road reconstruction will be able to simply put into use, the whole line is about 1/5 of the modern streetcar。 At present, China's modern tram lines cost about one hundred million to 200 million yuan / km, that is, compared to the modern streetcar, the construction of one kilometer of the line, rail wisdom can save at least 100 million yuan。 An experience line early next year, put into operation October 23, Zhuzhou officially announced that the world's first intelligent track Express System Demonstration Line of Experience line completion of the capital, began to line matching test, and put into trial operation, planned for early next year Zhuzhou put into operation。 It is reported that Shen Nong Avenue formally launched a line demonstration experience, Zhuzhou City will start the construction of two model line。
After completion of the project, Zhuzhou City will gradually promote the "wisdom track" and regular bus, BRT butt fusion, and to achieve zero transfer station and Maglev。 (CCTV micro-channel public number, Xiaoxiang Morning News) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。