Communications: "Our life is more important than the gun."


  February 14 this year, Parkland Florida City, Douglas Middle School occurred a vicious shootings suspect Cruz handheld AR-15 automatic rifle attack, killed 17 people。 Violent movements Shortly thereafter, a lecture entitled "march for our lives," the anti-gun that is brewing marched throughout the United States。
  24 noon, downtown Washington, Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House road parade crowd was packed, people holding "to protect the safety of students," "anti-gun vote," "our life is more important than guns" and other slogans, along with on behalf of the surviving students shout out。   US media said this is the largest since the Vietnam War young people to participate in a parade。 Washington march organizers had expected 300,000, but the number of actual participation far beyond this, according to a number of Washington police estimated at nearly 500 000。
  Crowd in Washington to participate in the parade mainly from the neighboring state of Virginia, Maryland, and so on, but it was coming all the way from Oregon, North Carolina。
Natalie Smith away in the sixth grade in Portland, told reporters, before she was also involved in student rally closed 14th called on gun control activities "Florida is shooting a warning, reminding each of us, this is a pieces needed to solve things。 "Christina Kelly drove the night before a special trip from North Carolina to Washington, she said:" This is a matter in respect of each child, so I want to make 11-year-old daughter 艾玛纳蒂娅 can participate, know her voice is also very important。 "艾玛纳蒂娅 believes that only the murderer should be responsible for the shooting in Florida, people condone the incident should also bear responsibility。   艾玛纳蒂娅 said her classmates and friends will participate in a similar march in North Carolina。
According to the "march for our lives," the official website, there are 845 worldwide day of rally-related activities。
In addition to the US cities of Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and other parades are anti-gun violence, including shootings occurred Parkland Florida。   Trump is currently the President of the United States House of Sea Lake, Florida, West Palm Beach weekend, White House deputy spokesman Lindsay Walter issued a statement commending the courage to right many of today's young people to stand up and exercise the First Amendment, and said the United States to protect children's safety is a priority Trump。
Former President Obama issued a document on social media, said he and his wife Michelle encouraged by the participation of young people march。 "You are leading us forward。
Nothing can stop millions of people calls for change。
"America's largest firearms owners organize the National Rifle Association (NRA) that day to remain silent on social media。 14, when the nation's millions of students out of the classroom calls for gun control, NRA has posted a picture of assault rifles on Twitter and issued a document, said: "I will control their own guns, thank you。 "For the US gun violence is not a new topic, but in recent years the government requires control of the gun louder and louder。
The latest polls show 69 percent of Americans believe should tighten gun laws, in 2013 and 2016 the figure was 55% and 61%, respectively。