Which dental we can solve this problem do not worry


What we can solve it?Teeth are very important, do not take good care also often go wrong, some are able to resolve, then you know exactly what dental problems they can solve it。
What he can solve dental 1.Roof of the mouth to the roof of the mouth burns due to high temperature burns meals。
Tooth Methods: warm salt (1 cup of warm water and a teaspoon of salt mix) mouth, can be alleviated。This is because salt can neutralize oral acidity relieve and prevent bacterial infection。
2.Missing teeth can lead to tooth loss trauma。Tooth Methods: clean his teeth and then immediately returned to the alveolar situ, a soft cloth or mat wet tea bag and then gently nip。
If tooth loss return in time, can sometimes be complex and gums again。After one or two months, the teeth will gradually improve。3.Tooth sensitivity, mostly due to gingival recession。
Daily life, bleaches, detergents and toothpaste containing abrasives and certain phosphates, can lead to tooth sensitivity。Dental care methods: Do not brush your teeth too hard。If the tooth pain not long, you should see a dentist。4.Eat spicy food, the lack of other factors can lead to mouth ulcers。
What he can solve dental dental care methods: use cotton balls dipped in vegetable oil, then press and hold ulcers, 3-4 times a day, can effectively alleviate。
Fives.Jaw pain, temporomandibular joint syndrome can cause pain in the ear to the chin。
Night sleep molars can lead to jaw pain。Dental care methods: one to the regular activities of the chin。Two or supine to lateral, pillow suitable height and hardness to avoid prone。
6.Sore gums gingivitis can not be ignored, it can lead to increased risk 7-fold increase 63%。Tooth Methods: mouthwash, help relieve sore gums。
In addition, you should also use morning and evening brushing and flossing regularly, eat less sugar。