This signals that you have blood too sticky, spring anti-thrombotic eat it most useful!(1)


  When the old doctor, doctors often hear mentioned blood thick, thick blood probably means prone to blood clots or a sign in front of occurrence, in many cases also understood to be caused by increased blood lipid levels。
In general, if there are four of the following symptoms in the elderly, it means that the body's blood viscosity may be high, and it should carry out the necessary examination and treatment。
  1.Early morning dizziness, high blood viscosity at night sober people, the morning after feeling dizzy the mind, the brain does not wake up sober, smooth feeling thinking。After breakfast, the brain gradually becomes clear。After the dinner, the best state of mind。
  2.After lunch there will be a normal sleepy feeling drowsy after lunch, but you can endure。
People with high blood viscosity immediately after lunch sleepy, need sleep for a while, or general malaise, lethargy all afternoon。
  If some sleep, mental state improved significantly。This is a typical symptom because after lunch, high blood viscosity human brain appears insufficient blood supply。
  3.Shortness of breath, high blood work when squatting viscosity of the majority of obese people, these people squatting difficult, some people simply can not work squatting or squatting work, shortness of breath and chest tightness。  This is because when people squat, reduce blood back to the heart, combined with blood is too thick, the vital organs of lung and brain ischemia, leading to difficulty breathing, breath holding。  4.Some of the elderly paroxysmal vision blurred vision usually can be, but often temporary blurred vision case。
  This is because high blood viscosity human blood can not be adequate nutrition of the optic nerve, the optic nerve and retinal transient ischemic hypoxia, resulting in blurred vision paroxysmal。
  For the elderly, the blood rubbish is the culprit of many diseases, if your body has four signals, in addition to the necessary examination and treatment, to remind you of it and quickly reduce body!Only vessels healthy people to live longer, this method is simple, less money, were also introduced to the friends try it!。