The method of self-massage to help you from illness


What are the methods of self-massage is a very simple and effective method of health care, I believe we are all too familiar to it, but probably a lot of people for some specific massage methods are not yet clear, right。
The following night on the net for everyone to bring self-massage method to help you stay away from!Self-massage method of self-massage cut belly, beer belly anti-fatty liver patients in a large part to obesity and alcohol consumption, these patients tend to have a common characteristic, that is the beer belly。
Beer belly not only affects the appearance, but more importantly is hazardous to health。
Because such patients abdominal obesity, visceral fat layer is wrapped in its thick, seriously affect the functional activity of various organs, therefore, the danger is often more serious than other types of fat, should attract everyone's attention。
Beer belly, by definition, a large part of the patient's beer belly is really because often drink beer out of long。
Due to the low alcohol content beer, good taste, is common in people's lives Drinks。
However, drinking too much beer will not only make people fat, but also damage healthy。
This is because the beer is a high-calorie drinks, calories per 1 liter of beer offer, equivalent to the total calories a person needed one day 1/3。
Moreover, the beer also can stimulate the body's digestive gland to secrete large amounts of digestive juice, increase appetite。Over time, people can belly thickening, formation of a beer belly。In addition, long-term heavy drinking beer, can induce fatty liver。The researchers found that alcohol intermediate metabolite acetaldehyde is the main reason to cause fatty liver。It can be combined with acetaldehyde in liver cells, to form an antigen, stimulate the immune system, the immune damage。
Acetaldehyde can inhibit the metabolism of fatty acids, but also make increased synthesis of fatty acids, increased liver fat accumulation, the formation of fatty liver。
For health, it is imperative to remove the beer belly big thing。Here are just some simple methods of self-massage and exercise to you in order for you to stop disease flat belly。Self-massage method [method] bedtime Rouan Rouan abdomen Cellulite, Cellulite can not only lose weight, but also can achieve the purpose of bodybuilding。Both hands knead 30 minutes of abdominal fat。Specifically: pinch hands in the horizontal direction provide part of the fat layer, this time with the remaining four fingers opposite the thumb force, rolling this portion of the fat, a few twists, mention up until this part of the skin color redness and can begin to feel local heat up。
Note You can not just grab a layer of skin, be sure to abdominal fat layer arrested when rolled mention pinching the job。Knead finished one back to another piece, until the completion of the entire abdomen are rubbing up again。
While also using the thumb and forefinger place by thick abdominal fat。1 day。[Method] Moroccan belly Cellulite。