Disease-prone seasons, prevent frozen shoulder is critical (1)


  Activities Due to the emergence of extensive adhesions around the joint will occur, so that the direction of the joints significantly restricted, and even lead to stiff joints, forming a frozen shoulder。  Patients in the attack, life and work are affected, and will be long-term nerve compression caused by nerve damage, numbness in the hand, the impact of frozen shoulder patients。  If the long-term trend continues, it will force the blood vessels, so that the hand shoulder poor blood flow, causing severe muscle atrophy, frozen shoulder a serious threat to the patient's physical and psychological。
  Prevention 1.Sport is an effective way to strengthen the prevention and treatment, but perseverance。
If you do not exercise, do not adhere to rehabilitation, the shoulder is difficult to return to normal function。
  2, malnutrition can lead to physical weakness, which in turn often leads to physical weakness。If the nutritional supplement full, plus appropriate, often not taking medication。  3, the cold is often a predisposing factor, therefore, in order to prevent frozen shoulder, the elderly should pay attention to warm cold, cold shoulder without rendering。Once the cold but also timely treatment and avoid delays dead。  As shown in Figure 4, the occurrence and development to strengthen the shoulder muscles can prevent and delay the。According to the survey, shoulder muscular, powerful people, the probability of the onset of frozen shoulder dropped a lot, so the ligaments around the shoulder joint, muscle exercise strong, for the treatment of frozen shoulder recovery has an important significance。  Prevention can also insist on hanging while the horizontal bar (or similar crossbar) every day, you can also jog or creeping crawling。Here's a frozen shoulder physical therapy。
  Exercise therapy using standing a day, morning and evening time。Patients can do it all, can also be selected as appropriate,。
  1, for each direction of active movement advocate joint, as before the move, extension, adduction, abduction, external rotation before and after。
  2, lumbar flexion 90 degrees, upper limbs drooping naturally, the muscles relax, swing and circle around, do action。
  3, elbow bent 90 degrees, shoulders provocative, from weak to strong, per 50?100 times。
  4, upper body bent forward, do ipsilateral forearm was down fishing action, every 30?50。  5, face to the wall.Toe away from the wall about 20?30 cm touch of the finger limb wall, enough upward, climb as far as possible, reducing, turned 90 degrees in situ。
The walls of the side limbs, fingers along a wall reaching up as far as possible, reducing。  6, the arm against a wall, elbows 900 of flexion, upper arm and the wall close to the trunk, palms facing, outwardly rearwardly, as far as possible a wall with the thumb touching the tip, and then the thumb is touching palms down on the abdomen。
  7, a two-finger Huwo cross in the back, elbows straight, with the healthy limb contralateral limb is pulled toward the reduction, then the two fingers touch the waist, elbow, upward movement of both thumbs to the back, as high as possible, reduction。