Bronchitis, cough, how do you say goodbye to help inflammation


Bronchitis, cough, how to do bronchitis is relatively common disease, it is often accompanied by cold appear together, can be said that most people have been suffering from this disease。Bronchitis, cough, then you know if in the end how to do it the following night network come to you talk about how to do bronchitis, cough, inflammation help you say goodbye!Bronchitis, cough how to do the traditional treatment is to improve their fitness and function of the main organs and organ, in order to enhance their own resistance to disease and restore their organ function, allowing patients to effectively prevent relapse, and away from the disease, bronchitis is a common disease, cough, sputum, wheezing as the main symptom, so there are two major aspects of the treatment。1, the use of vaccination bronchitis vaccine, usually at the beginning of the season before the onset of the application, subcutaneous injection once a week, since the dose, each increment?Until the?In order to maintain the amount of。
Effective should stick with 1?2 years。Broth nuclear casein injection measles vaccine intramuscular or subcutaneous injection twice weekly, every 2?4 ml; vaccine injection or intramuscular injection 3 times a week, each 1 ml of BCG extract in weight, the season before the onset of treatment, once every 3 months may be to reduce the onset of chronic bronchitis and colds。Bronchitis, cough, how do Biostim Biostim Klebsiella pneumoniae glycoprotein extract of the first treatment for eight days for the 2mg / d, stop taking three weeks; 2nd treatment of 8 days, 1mg of / d, stop taking 3 Week; 3rd treatment eight days, 1mg of / d, 3 months for treatment。Preventable chronic recurrent respiratory tract infections。
2, increasing physical activity, improve their quality and disease resistance increasing physical activity to improve their fitness, to select medical exercises, tai chi, five animals and other items according to their physique, exercise, can improve the body's resistance to disease, activities no significant amount of shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat and excessive fatigue degree。Chronic bronchitis patients in remission to make appropriate physical exercise to improve the body's immune system and heart, lung reserve capacity。