Weekly Wine News | Langjiu issued a 10 million yuan award, the epidemic affected the European wine industry

◆ Achievement Jinsha Wine’s sales target for this year is 2.43 billion. On the afternoon of 9th, Jinsha Wine’s Ancient Online Distributor Conference disclosed that the company’s revenue in 2019 exceeded US $ 1.5 billion, an increase of 165%.By 2020, the sales target of Jinsha Wine Industry is US $ 2.4 billion, re-accelerate the national layout, and adjust the product structure as the annual focus.At the same time, Jinsha Wine Industry plans to increase the production capacity of sauce and fragrant wine1 within two years, and strive to achieve the listing of the main board in 2024.As of the end of February, Jinsha Liquor Industry has realized a payment of 5.600 million, to complete the first quarter target in advance.Dynasty Wines ‘estimated annual combined maximum of over 60 million supplements on the evening of March 13th, the profit warning issued by the once-crossed“ Financial Fraud ”storm Dynasty Wines revealed that its total annual audited comprehensive cost for 2019 will be reduced by approximately 10% annually—20%.Based on the estimated amount of substitution of 79 million in 2018, it is expected that Dynasty Wines will gradually replace approximately 71.1 million substitutions-63.2 million substitutions.Dynasty Wine said that the narrowing of the company’s decrease was due to reduced costs and expenses; and the expected decrease in revenue was mainly due to the economic growth rate during the year, which led to a decline in sales and the impact of reduced sales of imported wine.◆ E-commerce sales Liquor online more than 2 billion days in January-February 2020, according to Ali online e-commerce data for January-February this year.The data shows that Liquor ranks 20th in the January-February online.3.9 billion US dollars, an increase of 58 per year.41%, sales volume 506.810,000 pieces, down by 5 every year.06%, average price 402.26 yuan, an increase of 66 per year.86%; single February liquor online publication 2.$ 5.1 billion, an annual increase of 47.86%, sales volume 88.810,000 pieces, an annual increase of 7.12%, average price 282.96 yuan, an annual increase of 38.04%.According to data analysis, the average selling price of liquor online has increased significantly.To proceed, the average price of conventional institutions indicated that the frequent loosening of policies will increase consumer demand. High-end liquor has certainty triggered, and it is optimistic about the liquor sector.E-commerce sales increased by 7%. Gu Xiaojiu’s trial of digital warfare “epidemic” As a “digital liquor brand” established only two years ago, Gu Xiaojiu, which is still in its growing stage, suddenly encountered a new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Its 15,000 stores in the countryThe sales of offline terminals were temporarily surrounded by stagnation, and the launch of new plans was also delayed.However, in the case of logistics shutdown and catering business, Gu Xiaojiu e-commerce sales increased by 7% compared with the same period last year. The internal evaluation results show that the epidemic has a substantial impact on Gu Xiaojiu.Liu Fei, founder of Gu Xiaojiu, believes that this just confirms the industrial advantages of the e-commerce model. Gu Xiaojiu will also serve every consumer through new products, new social networking, and new retail in the future.◆ Recognition and Recognition Langjiu Group issued a 10 million yuan prize. On March 12, the quality brand taste and the first Langjiu Quality Award commendation ceremony and the opening ceremony of Langjiu Manor Company were antiques at Gu Lin Langjiu Estate. At this meeting, LangjiuThe group submitted a total of 10.9 million cash awards to teams and individuals who have contributed to the improvement of Langjiu’s quality.In addition, the Langjiu Manor Company and the management team also made a collective appearance, which also marked the new stage of the systematic and professional operation of Langjiu Manor.Chairman Wang Junlin said in his speech that Langjiu Manor, as the carrier of Langjiu quality and the core development engine, has been built 60%, and it is expected to be fully completed in 2023.Figure / micro screenshot of Langjiu Official ◆ Resume and resume production Hubei liquor company Baiyunbian wine industry brewing system officially resumes production On March 11, Hubei liquor enterprise Baiyunbian wine industry brewing system officially resumes production.It is reported that Baiyunbian Company followed the steps of “brewing first, packaging management, and then field work” for this resumption of production plan, and promoted the division of work.As a liquor brand in Jingzhou, Hubei, Baiyunbian Liquor has been recognized by the former Ministry of Light Industry as a typical representative of the national thick sauce and fragrant liquor with its unique style of “aromatic and elegant, harmoniously coordinated, thick and sweet, and mellow.”Under the epidemic, in response to market demand, from February 26th, Baiyunbian has been issued outside the province.◆ Fighting rights counterfeiting Fuyu Group announced the elimination of multiple fake “Benfu” wines. On March 13, the American wine listed company Fuyi Group (Treasury Winery, referred to as TWE) issued a document on the official WeChat public account that the group recently passed a civil lawsuit.Administrative investigations, customs seizures, and other judicial and administrative means to protect rights, crack down on proprietary products such as WOLF888, BYFOLDS, Xingrui Benfu, Benfunio, Benfletti, Benfu Hailan, “These products are seriously infringingThe Wolf Blass of the Fuyi Wine Group and the Penfolds Penfolds brand.”◆ Zhang Li, General Manager of Personnel Wine Convenience, resigned for personal reasons. On March 10, Henan Wine Convenience Commercial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wine Convenience) issued an announcement saying that he had received the resignation report submitted by General Manager Zhang Li on March 9.And it took effect on that day.In essence, the company intends to apply for a credit of RMB 10 million from China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Branch for a period of 1 year.◆ The exhibition epidemic affects the European wine industry. Several announcements have cancelled or replaced the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The reporter has learned that many domestic and foreign wine exhibitions and wine tasting activities have been announced or cancelled, among which was originally planned for EuropeMany wine exhibitions of antiques in some countries have interfered. There have been many meetings in recent days, and the event has been cancelled or postponed.Including the OIV Spring Conference, ProWein 2020, Burgundy Wine Tasting and other exhibitions have been canceled, the United Wine Show in Italy, Vinexpo Hong Kong showroom replaced.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Jingjing Editor Li Yang proofreading Li Ming

Western World Season 3 Exposure Special Preview, Landing on HBO in 2020

“Western World” Season 3 Exposure Special Preview, Landing on HBO in 2020
Sauna Night News November 9th, the special preview of the third season of the American drama “Western World”.The new technology company is introduced in the notice.Incite inherits advanced computing power and solves more problems related to life technology. It is expected to become a competitor of Delos.The third season of “Western World” consists of Evan Rachel Wood, Tessa Thompson, Thandy Newton, Luke Hemsworth, Aaron Paul, Ed Harris, VinsonT. Casso, Jeffrey White starred, Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joe Nolan created, J.J. Abrams as one of the producers, landing HBO in 2020.It is reported that the third season of “Western World” will continue the story of the second season, called the story of the robot rebellion and escape from the Western World theme park to the real world.Episode producer Jonathan Nolan once said at this year ‘s Sundance exhibition, “The best part of the third season is that we abandoned the concept of metaphor and treated the story according to the world ‘s original face-and the real worldIt’s a huge bad show.”Western World” is a science fiction series released by HBO in 2016. The original idea originated from the 1973 film of the same name, starring Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris.The story is set in the future world. In a huge high-tech adult theme park, the robot receptionist can enable tourists to indulge in all kinds of desires, but the receptionist has the autonomy and thinking, and they begin to doubt the nature of this world., The robe awakened and rebelled against humanity.The first season of “Western World” premiered on HBO on October 2, 2016, and the second season aired on April 22, 2018.Xu Meilin, the editor of Sauna Night, proofreads Wei Zhuo