He returned to Wukesong after 1004 days, he is still an active offensive and defensive “Sun Dasheng”

Sun Yue attacked and tried his best.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Jiangshe February 19, 2017, Wukesong Gymnasium, Sun Yue represented Beijing Shougang in the last game, the team lost to Sichuan 113 to 114, missed the playoffs at the last moment; 1004 days later,Sun Yue returned to Wukesong. This time he was wearing a Beijing-controlled men’s basketball jersey. He still failed to laugh to the end.However, he scored 18 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals and a super trap performance is worthy of recognition.”It’s nothing more than changing the order of the rims. It turned out to be on the side first, but now on the other side.”Before interviewing many times before the game, Sun Yue was outstanding. This is just an ordinary regular season game.” Like facing each opponent before, we are preparing normally. We are here to play the game and will not think too much.”However, Sun Yue’s good memories for fans from 2013 to 2017 are still in place, and all the things that have happened between the past two seasons and the Shougang Men’s Basketball are also indelible. Sun Yue returned to Wukesong Stadium this time,Absolutely not ordinary.Sun Yue’s long-range shot, targeted.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe warmed up before the team game, the host at the scene was already warmly introducing Sun Yue, “Sun Dasheng, Brother Monkey, welcome home,” Sun Yue also held up the telescope to deal with the enthusiasm of fans.When introducing players from both sides, Sun Yue received no less calls from the audience than most Shougang men’s basketball players.When the game really starts, every confrontation between Sun Yue and his old teammates is ready to get attention.For most of the game, Yannis arranged for Zhai Xiaochuan and Fang Shuo to defend Sun Yue in turn. Due to the rotation of position, Sun Yue also occasionally directly played against Chang Lin, Wang Xiaohui, Zhu Yanxi and other old teammates.”We will focus on the defense of” Mongolian Brother “. His response on the court is still very important to Beijing Control and will give him a special care.”In an interview before the game, Fang Shuo specifically mentioned the match with Sun Yue. With his and Zhai Xiaochuan’s efforts to guard against it, Sun Yue did not get used to it, and he scored no points in the first quarter.However, returning to Wukesong, facing the old club’s Sun Yue, he gradually found a state and was not weak in the offensive and defensive breakdown.Democracy Fang Shuo, Zhai Xiaochuan’s defense, successfully layup, decisively hit a three-pointer during the counterattack; in the middle of the second quarter, Wang Xiaohui got an excellent counterattack layup opportunity, which was covered by Sun Yuefei.As Fang Shuo said, “I’m very happy to see ‘Mongolian Brother’ returning to the stadium. After two years of precipitation, I can still prove myself when I come back.”Even after more than 1,000 days before returning to Wukesong, the team he played for lost the game, but in front of tens of thousands of familiar fans, Sun Yue proved with facts that he is still the” omnipotent Sun Dasheng “.