2019 Basketball World Cup Argentina defeats France and advances to the final

According to the CCTV Sports Official WeChat News, the Argentina team played against the French team in the 2019 Basketball World Cup semi-finals.In the first quarter, the Argentine team started 10-2, Scola scored 10 points in 4 of 6 solo.In the second quarter, the French team once overtook the score, but under the high-intensity defense of Argentina, Gobert only scored 1 point in the first half, and veteran Scola made a double-double in the half.Campazzo hit a super difficult buzzer with a three-pointer, and the Argentina team led by 7 points to end the half.In the third quarter, the Argentine team continued the hot state, the single team 21-16 France team, continued to control the French team’s single quarter prominent control under 20 points, and maintained a two-digit lead.In the doomsday, the French team strengthened their defensive strength and clenched the score. The Argentina team used Scola ‘s two key three-pointers to rely on the strength of team basketball to stabilize the overall situation. In the end, the Argentina team defeated the French team 80-66Hold your head to the finals.Editor Yang Li Source: CCTV Sports Official Wei Wei Title: Scola 28 + 13 Argentina 80-66 French team headed for the finals!