14 health care tips with honey disinfection with black pepper to stop bleeding

14 health care tips with honey disinfection with black pepper to stop bleeding

In our daily life, we are very important to our health. In addition to some important things we pay attention to, in fact, every little thing in our daily lives can affect our physical health.Today, I will bring you some healthy common sense in life. Let’s take a look together.


Honey sterilization studies have found that honey has a strong antibacterial effect and can prevent bacterial infections caused by any cuts.

So disinfect with honey before bandaging.


Stop bleeding with black pepper Next time in the kitchen, if your hands are injured, wash your hands with cold water (or soap if you cut the meat), then sprinkle some pepper on the wound, this will stop bleeding soon.

Because black pepper has good analgesic, antibacterial and bactericidal effects.


Shave a little less dust and nose hair. If you are allergic and have some beard, wash with liquid soap twice a day.

Studies have found that people rarely use antihistamines and decongestants when shaving.


Pets can lower blood pressure. To reduce the prevalence of hypertension and stroke, keep a dog as a pet.

Studies have found that petting your pet often allows you to control your blood pressure when you are stressed.


Rush, wash away the trouble Before going to bed, prepare some notes in the bathroom. When you get up the next day, write the people and things that make yourself angry on the note, and then tear them into fragments that can be washed away by the toilet.With these notes being washed away, it seems that the things you worry about are being washed away.

Although weird, it worked.


Green apple can alleviate the worry. If you are a person with closed phobia, just like you are in the elevator or on the subway, you will feel worried. Then you can try smelling the green apple.If you are planning to sell a house, you can try to put a basket of fresh green apples on the table. This will make the buyer feel that your house is too large.


Change of name According to the survey, the name means that more active people live longer4.

At the age of five, people with common names will only live three years longer, while negative names change lifespan again.


Choosing the first location when going to the bathroom After investigating 51 public toilets, the expert found that the first location closest to the bathroom door had the fewest bacteria and the most paper towels.

And not many people use the first position, because people consider their own possibilities.

Always stand upright when flushing, because water splashes can contain toxic bacteria that can infect people with enterobacteria and hepatitis.


Excessive fractures with magazine pads If your expansion has a fracture, in fact the bandage in the hospital can only produce a slow effect. If you use a thick magazine pad, roll up the magazine and wrap it with a rope.Good bandage.


Don’t blame yourself for losing the key. The research found that young people and seniors have very different interpretations of their misplaced keys. Young people will blame who took the keys, and the seniors will blame themselves for not knowing where to put the keys.
Do not use age as an excuse at any time, this is a very useful psychological hint.


When the leg is itchy, scratch the other leg. When the body is itchy, bend the same part on the opposite side. This will make you feel that it is scratching.


The solution to a high fever In fact, any high fever can be reduced by drinking plenty of water.

But if you want a fast fever, put ice cubes all over or near the groin.

Both of these places allow you to quickly reduce fever, which is uncomfortable but useful.


Washing hands without antibacterial soap has not always been sufficient evidence to show that antibacterial soaps are really better than ordinary soaps, and there is still the biggest problem with antibacterial soaps. He gradually becomes stronger and stronger, and makes them resistantStronger.

Familiar with your own driving skills. If you are driving a long-distance bus, imagine how your back would react if someone dropped a glass of ice water from your neck. Remember to use this side to drive.