A touching story of the nation’s divorce

Florida city of Kara Dumont and Viney, are a poor and loving couple.Dimon is a low-income mechanical maintenance division, due to the purchase of shares has not been lost to pay off bank loans; Viney is a kindergarten teacher.For six years, the basic cost of removing their money, all to pay off debts.A weekend, a […]

A touch of

I think every season has its unique color, just like everyone has his style.  I met a person, and does not leave a deep and shallow ground wound licking any time, accompanied with forget.  Sometimes, looking back to see who of their own, but often inadvertently tears.  Youth is not closing, but the heart, has become increasingly bleak.    It […]

A touch of

Faint light of people’s heart like the subtle touch of color, light flavor, feeling faint, faint mood…  I like to see a touch of green branches touch of green to wipe clean, deposition of muddy earth of the brush and bright eyes from a collection of beautiful scenery a hurry I staggered back from the road […]

A Touch of Zen Fragrance

Southern Song Dynasty, a broken, under the iron heel, the Central Plains to make into scorched earth.Person romantic swordsman Lu lakes on three self-destructive appearance, incognito, to the south to join the most prestigious brothel Wan Florist became a mention teapot GUI NU.It was called for the ugly slave.War can change a person’s life.Lu three […]

A Touch of Zen flower can be children

Qing dynasty Qianlong period, with a hunter named a Southern Zhu Jing, his father died of illness early, and his mother only had each other, usually living by hunting.This in deepest winter day in the mountains to hunt as usual Zhu Jing.Surprisingly, he just came to the hill, in the midst of the woods found […]

A touch of youth epitaph

We have a youth she stood without taking into account age she read it slowly fade away through the age of the students do not know things pan over a young and frivolous wading through tears of strength in the river more and then also turned silent in the Sentimental smile can not meet the […]

A touch of the beauty of life

Life there is beauty everywhere.The family, various utensils placed patchwork bright and clean, which is a neat beauty; hostess dressed wind flowing black hair is beautiful, make people feel fresh and comfortable, this is a quiet beauty; graceful, fresh and natural, this is a confident beauty; man of the house of joy and calm, aloof, […]

A touch of rain lengthy King

[REVIEW] and then further to go, I go out to see the trees, most of them blew up tender shoots, I think, these tiny room certainly have lived a little elf, elves alone is the spring.   Today’s purpose is to make a sightseeing tour, Purple Mountain is a mountain, water is water Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing and […]

A touch of perseverance

New Year’s Day of that year, he dragged his big suitcase, set foot on the train to the north.Three days in advance booking, was removed several times, still can not buy tickets to sit.  In desperation, he had to bite the bullet and stop the night before arriving in Beijing.Take a deep breath, full of repressed […]

A touch of love

A touch of love that year, the spring, they met.That year, in late summer to autumn, they know each other.Since they met, it is over 1299 days, when 31276, 1870560 minutes, 112233600 seconds.Since they know each other, have in the past 1149 days, when 27576, 1654560 minutes, 99273600 seconds.At that time, he said, is love […]