Father love is a breeze ( prose )

The May of my hometown is warm, not only the mountains are green and the fields are filled with a kind of plump harvest, but the May of my hometown is sweet. There are not only songs and laughter here, but also strong nostalgia around my old house. I came back again from a call […]

Dumb Sister’s Life ( Xia Liang Literature Cup ) )

I have only one sister, but she can’t speak and can’t hear the wonderful voice of all things in the world. She is deaf and mute, four years older than me, but she is as smart and kind as ordinary people. Unfortunately, her sister’s fate has suffered from God’s unfairness in succession, she was bitten […]


It was a rainy day, with the endless rain hanging down, like thinking of infinite worries. The air was so silent that time seemed to stop.     However, a sudden gust of wind tore up the rain curtain and scattered the bead curtain, just like my mood……     This is a story about brother and brother. Want […]

All the wine spirits in the dust

The news of grandpa’s death was also thanks to my unreliable old watch. He asked me when I would return that day.? At that time, I didn’t think so much and casually said, ” I’ll go back in the winter vacation at the end of December.”. After a while, the old watch asked me a […]

A group of western ducks

The ducklings grew up day by day and slowly put on their vests – big hairs grew on their wings. Mother always has a smile on her face. I don’t know what my mother is looking forward to with these ten ducklings. It should be the only living property in our family except for a […]

Fun in marriage

Fun in Marriage Author: Ying Jiao / QQ: 1670403438 Remember when her daughter was over two years old, I once taught her a lesson. When she heard her husband’s voice coming back from work and driving into the gate, she rushed out and cried and said, ” Dad and Dad, change your mother and change […]

Good deeds are ” good causes”

To be a person, one must strive to be true, good and beautiful. Giving people roses has a lingering fragrance. If we pay, we will certainly get something. If everyone does this, then society is a stable and harmonious society.     It is not easy to be a human being, and we need to spend all […]

Doing a good job in mass work is not an overnight affair

Mass work is expensive and lasting. If it is done on a whim, or if it is done on purpose, it is nothing more than grandstanding, making achievements capital, and fooling the masses. ” Fake, big and empty” will only lead to greater resentment among the masses in the end.. Serving the people is the […]

Behind Life ( 2 )

For a long time, what has been valued for me is not the so-called successful people who embrace flowers, hold applause and various titles. Of course, they naturally accept applause from all sides when they come to this step.. However, for me, I still prefer the back of their lives. Frankly speaking, if they leave […]

Accompanying the whole life is the mood

Everyone is eager to have a good mood and mood, which is a kind of perception, feeling and exclamation that a person exerts on his heart by various external factors.. According to world medical research, mood seriously affects people’s health. People who are in a bad mood for a long time will lead to various […]