How to identify the area gingivitis and periodontitis?The difference between gingivitis and periodontitis

Gingivitis and periodontitis, although only one word, but there is a fundamental difference between the two。But many are these two concepts is not very clear, it is likely to cause confusion between the two。To help these two concepts we can have a clear understanding, we will carry out the following specific introduction。 Gingivitis and periodontitis […]

"Foreign legion"Running as a national treasure relics lost overseas Chinese help to return home

Recently, another "national treasure" Return to China。 Well-known overseas Chinese, Hui Wing Mau, chairman of Shimao Group recently donated a "Silk Road Landscape" to the Beijing Palace Museum。 Ming Dynasty scroll painting in the 1930s lost overseas, donated the $ 20 million invested by the Hui Wing Mau bought。 According to the China Heritage Society […]

Confusing process all the way along the money supply article Zhou Xiaochuan proposed eight aspects of support

Rich and diverse investment and financing mechanism to build a "along the way" an important prerequisite。  A signed article in People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan recently on "China's financial" magazine published "to jointly build a" along the way "investment and financing cooperation system" that "along the way" involves the construction of a large number […]

China "unicorn" large scan: "Internet +" category accounted for five percent

March 8, Foxconn will be successful too, with speed to market 36 days to create a company to get the history of A shares Pass。With the positive signal regulators continue to release more "unicorn" companies landing A-share seems just around the corner。  Unicorn for domestic enterprises, as an investor you know how much?Data show that as […]

BGI: collect articles talking about the company "set of state assets lie" and other phrases purely gossip

BGI said in a statement today, found one titled "Report BGI pseudo-high-tech fraud allegedly bribing officials hoodwinked, cheated sets of large-scale state-owned assets," the article, the company's remarks spread malicious slander。In this regard, the company said, "National Gene Bank of Jiangsu cell center operations center" in the name of the institution does not exist, private […]

And more emphasis on pushing the steel and coal industry group only to prevent "merger" no "synergy" scene

Recently, the central ministries joint inspection team composed of around backward production supervision and inspection work, the formation of the lead after the end of the report submitted to the State。At the same time, the steel industry to resolve excess capacity, to prevent "the bars" resurgence special checks are also set to expand by 8 […]

70 billion pharmaceutical market value wiped out step "three measures" trying to "transit robbery"

Following last year on November 29 intraday record 155.After the highest price of 41 yuan / share, listing just turned "age" of step Pharmaceutical shares Waterloo, this year, its share price again and again lower, as of yesterday's close, the step size pharmaceutical market value when away from the highest price point, has evaporated over […]

"Discouraged" Sun Hongbin which are emboldened? 80 million land bank 69.8 billion in cash

In (019,183 May 28.HK) 2016 annual results meeting, the financial record of the Board Chairman of China Sun Hongbin publicly expressed their pessimism about the real estate industry。"I believe this round of regulation will be particularly far-reaching impact, since more and more policy tightening, more and more stringent limit, the second half of impact, the […]

Good sweat steaming sweat steam or hot yoga is good to note matters

Good or sweat steaming hot yoga, sweat steaming summer often go to a health project, hot yoga more popular, so good sweat steam or hot yoga is good?Xiao Bian tell us something about good or sweat steaming hot yoga。 Khan steam Bikram Yoga good or better people to stay in one room, so that the […]

China's most famous living flash marriage

Saying "Gods," the most capable people have real power and ginger, which is a late-bloomer。    After he Kunlun Mountains in the next, you talk about love, playing the most famous China's first flash marriage, he was seven years old that year, has been delayed marriage and childbearing policy from very far away, but from the love […]