will say, when Shengjun Hao threw himself playing 杭州夜网论坛sadomasochistic Wife with Jiang Xiaolian, Pei Dai Jun is still focused on doing the same as before Mrs. Sheng, Sheng coincides with mom, dad Sheng older, the body well, she is now back in front, taking care, he did not notice her husband came home less and less, to treat her attitude more and more indifferent night.

  Among these, Sheng parents realize that they get older, the body as before, Pei Dai Jun has been questioned several times, I still have not asked each other how to give birth to a child Shengjun Hao?Between rhetoric, accusing Pei Daijun great meaning infertility.   Pei Dai Jun dare to admit that her husband rarely come […]


  Daughter Pei Dai Jun, a generati广州桑拿on born to parents loved by, her character, more like the parents of the complex, on the one hand there is the idea of progress, but also to eat the bitter, on the other hand it also adaptable, gentle, focused her studies, B admitted to the University City, met with […]

he stops to struggle, including the negotiation and Jiang Xiaolian, to nursing homes leads to stimulation of ginger each other almost myocardial infarction, late at night to find her husband driving a sports car chase, etc. Kanaya, her wild excitement to the Shengjun Hao, tolerate each other, taken overall Pa common thunder means, she finally divorced, then Jiang Xiaolian and happy life together.

  The novel is a passing of the outcome of the first wife: “Jiang Xiaolian was removed later that I heard from others, who hold the former wife and her father, who are accustomed to luxury living, not long after they spent all the money, I do not know to go where, probably flies well, but […]

he two mutual affection, she borrowed a sum of money, even if Chores, she will find a way to pay back the money.

  - Then, is the classic romantic novels of the plot, Shengjun Hao made a condition of the exchange, he can give money, or even parents access to the jiangjia B city, was admitted to a nursing home, enjoy the best treatments and services, but he asked, Jiang Xiaolian to live in hi深圳桑拿网s private villa, which […]

is simply unsightly, but simply expensive and all the bells and whistles of a single product overlap, living the summer clothes come up with a Christmas tree effect.

  ”Do you have what it takes to help?”Pei Naochun began, the other party like a faint sigh of relief, then just keep go on up.   ”.I, I hope you can help my daughter.”The man sighed..   Pei Naochun from Listening to the man speaks start to finish, no open mouth shut too, mind is full of […]

y moved to the.

  They finally understand clearly that this was concealed for nearly two decades story – Pei Naochun never thought of myself in this story about the right to choose, is in the hands of son.   They knew, turns out that the great scientist had been lost children, intelligent bracelet founder of the mind, not the name, […]

, if not save it, it is a human life, she will not last through a lifetime of conscience.

  This arrived at noon, the village in which the people who work there, also continued to come back from work, Ruan also bustling.   Do not know when, Zhao Xiaoling take their children also went to the home to see Zhao Xiaoling, Zhou Xiuying uncomfortable in his heart, “Where have you been previously??”   Zhao Xiaoling a […]

e country has entered into a collaboration – insert ID card automatic identification, no driver’s license is automatically turned off manually driving operation, have a driver’s license, you can manually be automatically.The discount will share this technology to countries other car companies, common prosperity.]

  ”and also.”Pei Yuanbo cleared his throat, suddenly a little embarrassed, the audience is just noise has been static,” All glory belongs to Mr. Pei Naochun, Dad, I’m your proud of it?”   Pei Naochun the audience clapping, just nodded, his face full of happy, and long arms around the stage Pei Yuanqi Peiyuan Bo, the two […]

in the fourth floor ballroom, today held a public online live product launches, organizers fared burgeoned in recent years is a five-membered New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., who first introduced this three generations of electric cars on the market quickly seize the market, a lot of honor.

  Relevant staff running around backstage rush, the eyes full of eager, I do not know how two parked cars impress booth, covered with red silk top, only to see the shape, a lot of positive media or squatting or patting according to the station’s real time with first-hand information.   Time is up, the glittering nod […]

uanqi, this matter Peiyuan Bo heard a tip on the table, and later by the father is a tuition each year, cost of living, and found a good family relatives, foster families do.Come summer vacations, Pei Yuanqi also often invited to come, and Pei Pei Yuanbo received a lot of counseling together Naochun.

  To the university, the two have passed the same professional, business together in the last year, he resolved, in a nod father’s laboratory, se深圳桑拿网t up only three members of such a miniature laboratory.   Two yuan things by the book, said: “In this season of grass sprout, spring breeze, whether human or animal.”   ”speak English.”   ”Mr. […]