Back to Basics

Part One: Back To Basics With the development of society, more and more fast-paced urban life, and unpredictable, people can not figure.We have to adapt to this society, almost every day to change their.Or cater to flatter, or forbear concessions, or deliberately dress, and even force myself to learn, and all this is all camouflage.Although […]

Back Articles

Part one: the back of the leaves, such as butterflies, flutter in the wind blows.Between Fen Yang, your perseverance turned on so dashing left.Walked into the clear autumn cold, you have embarked on a piece of road covered with warm, out of the sea of my heart, I took my dreams.Step by step, curl […]

Baby, you grow up afraid

Baby, today to call home, my grandmother told me that you grow up, do not go to kindergarten grandmother and my mother sent, that you know better, do not say you love trouble as before, baby, I should be happy not it?Our little guy finally grow up, can I actually get a bit lost.I was […]

A two champion

Emperor Kangxi, Wang Sanxuan Yizhou Prefecture Liuhe village, his parents died, come down, thanks to weekdays when the rich man’s uncle alms to survive.Others are poor go rather short, square nineteen years had been in the move, now is to study hard, ready to obtain Scholars.At midnight that day, Wang Sanxuan are candle night reading, […]

A true love fritters

That year, she was sick, he took her to the town by dray to find clinics.He said a laundry list of good things, all the coins out of your pocket, doctor finally called her needle, and then stuff into two Wong Chuk wrap medicine.  He pulled dray go back, she still sat in the car plate.Through […]

A true heart to leave it

A writer, if long-term retention of a real heart, which is important for a person’s essence.Because, you say the truth, you will be happy!Although it will suffer unfair treatment.However, please remember one truth: the wind can never beat the sun.    A good article is derived from the most real life on earth, along with the epitome […]

A tree, a peach tree to open

In her childhood, parents busy, no time to take her, then sent her to the mountains of grandmother.She refused to let parents crying to go, but beautiful grandmother, poultry flocks, there are close to many age children to play, a few days she would like a duck, reluctant to leave.The children liked to play with […]

A traveler of strange bed horror stories

Upon completion of college, I was a British friend and stay in Paris.When we are young, I am afraid that life will really some indiscretion place, especially to stay in this city a very Chunxindangyang.One night, we are the Royal Grand Lodge of the surrounding area to play around hanging around, hesitated a moment at […]

A tramp anniversary

He was born in the city of Tempe, Arizona, a poor family, parents are workers, should not have high wages, combined with alcoholism his father, the family often stretched.He not only inherited his father’s mantle, became an alcoholic, but he also smoking by nature, a true addict.  He was doing nothing, often to steal, hardly anyone […]

A touching story

The story begins like this: time from the beginning of 2063, one day, the old man to the hospital received a notice of liver cancer, said the notice, the old man only a month of life.He was depressed, but after crying for a while, he will want to open, after all, their age is not […]