Balcony secret

Balcony whispering that the sun was swept away by the long dust of spring, erasing its original glory, only one silver mirror hung on the eastern sky in April. Even the mirror is not as good as it is. You can turn a blind eye if you don’t see it.. Therefore, the sundries on the […]

Ask a friend

Friend, are you in a good mood? Good mood is flowers, rainbow, fog, it makes people be elated and sunny. If you have a good mood, you will be optimistic, feel the interest in life, and even let people die and prosper. Create a good mood, which is a transcendence of life and a self-rescue […]

Aftertaste invigilation

My fears are in two seasons, one in hot summer and the other in cold winter. It is the invigilation period of the exam at the end of the semester.   I once compared invigilation to the imprisonment of our body and mind by professional feeling.. That kind of unspeakable helplessness is written in our expression […]

A wandering mind

[ Guide ]: With the light tone pulling, I climbed up the hill. The splendor in front of me shook my whole body. It turns out that there are yellow flowers on the back of the hill. A cigarette – red flower bud extends obliquely like your head hairpin. Hanging red, shuttling between the yellow […]

A man standing on the top of the mountain

In Urumqi, I have been used to going through all kinds of hardships and hardships, silently walking to the towering mountain tops. I can struggle to climb to the top of the demon hill opposite the school, I can climb to the top of the hill in the outer suburb of bogeda, and I can […]

A chastened man gains wisdom

People, who is not a silly time. He always said that he did not believe in climbing the sky at one step. How could he ask for trouble today?? It’s been the third class for five years. I thought I would establish a different way of communication with them from other teachers, that is, open […]

The heart has sunshine

[ Editor’s Note ]Life attitude depends entirely on one’s own choice. Things in the world were not divided into happiness and unhappiness, but the attitude and perspective of the people who felt it. Optimists tend to face unpleasant and happy things correctly, while melancholy people tend to see happiness as pain.. The important thing is […]

Black mood

If you like black, you have chosen light. Under the temptation of night, the warmth of you alone will not leave a shadow. Even in a sad background, you will not feel bitter or frostbite or infatuation.. The night is like water, moaning incessantly where you can’t see it. Many beautiful lies and vivid love […]

Grandma Wang’s Happy Old Age

Granny Wang is seventy years old and looks very young. Although her hair is gray and mixed, it is very tidy. Her clothes are neat and neat. She always nods and smiles at me before swiping her card and running back..     Every day she and her wife will take the first bus to the Xishan […]

Flowers like snow

When her son was two years old, she realized that her husband had given birth to a healthy girl with another woman, and she resolutely divorced. After the divorce, she took her two-year-old son to Shanghai to see a doctor. After the expert consultation, she advised her to give up and told her that maybe […]