How do men keep fit to stay young

How do men keep fit to stay young

The 35-year-old is a transition period for men from youth to middle age, and their physiological skills have experienced a subtle decline.

  Method 1: Abdomen and leg lifting exercise method: lying on the back with a slash bar, arms straight, holding the support behind the head with both hands, the upper body is fixed, legs straight up to do the abdomen and leg lifting exercise.

Keep your legs as close as possible to your shin, then lower them, and then raise your legs in order.

  Requirements: The fixed angle of the swash plate can be based on your own physical condition, such as better waist and abdomen strength, the slope of the swash plate can be larger, the strength can be smaller, and the slope can be smaller.

When you lift your abdomen and raise your legs, straighten your legs; do not bend; when you lower your legs, slow down and stretch your abdominal muscles; do 10-15 times in a group, rest for 1-2 minutes after you finish, then do the nextGroup exercises can be done in 2-3 groups.

Do it 2-3 times a week.

  Role: Improve lumbar and abdominal muscle strength, expand the chest, and enhance respiratory function.

  Method 2: Lie on your back with two heads. Practice method: Lie flat on the floor or bed, legs straight together and your arms straight behind your head.

When you sit up, lift your legs and arms at the same time, and move them towards the middle of the body. Use the cymbal as an axis to fold the body in half, then return to the original shape, and then continue to exercise from both ends.

Do 10-15 times in a row, 2-3 times in each exercise, and 3-5 times a week.

You can use it after getting up in the morning or after other exercises to assist in exercise.

  Requirement: When you sit up at both ends, your limbs should naturally straighten, do not bend and bend, and move at the same time, not in a sequence; inhale when both ends are up, exhale when you lower your legs, and don’t intentionally hold your breath; during the initial training, the coordination may be poor, Hands and feet cannot start at the same time or the folding angle is small (the hands and feet cannot touch together).

It doesn’t matter. Through the displacement of time, the alternate action is done to the full.

  Role: Increase waist and abdomen strength and improve body coordination.

  Method 3: Weight-bearing kick exercise method: 1.

The body is supported with one leg upright (weak supportable support), the other leg is tied with a sandbag or other heavy object, and the front kick is performed. The height of the kick should form a right angle with the upper body. After kicking 5-10 times, And then continue with another leg.


The preparation action is the same as method 1, but instead of kicking forward, instead of kicking to the side of the body, the greater the kick to the side, the higher the kick, after 5-10 kicks, then the other side kicks, each exchange3 times.

Slightly different from the above method: not kicking, but flexion and extension.

The specific method is to sit on a high stool with your feet hooked to dumbbells or other weights or lower legs to tie a sandbag. The upper body naturally contains a chest, and your hands are supported by a pair of high stools. The unloaded legs naturally sag and the weight-bearing legsFlexion and extension exercise. After flexing and stretching 10 times, change to the other leg and exchange the legs 3-4 times.

  Requirement: When doing front kick and side kick, the leg should be straight, do not bend and bend, the upper body does not move; when doing high stool flexion and extension, the upper body does not move, using the knee joint as the axis for flexion and extension.

  Role: Mainly develop the strength of the calf and thigh quadriceps.

4 mistakes for brewing milk powder for newborns

4 mistakes for brewing milk powder for newborns

For various reasons, some Baoma cannot use breast milk instead. At this time, it is necessary to give baby and infant milk powder.

Experts reminded Baoma that there are many aspects of baby milk powder that you need to pay attention to. You must pay attention to the brand and quality of baby milk powder. At the same time, there are many things you should pay attention to when making baby milk powder.


Add milk powder first and then add water. The correct brewing method is to pour a fixed amount of warm water at 40 ℃ -60 ℃ (do not use boiled water for brewing milk powder, which will destroy the nutrients in the milk powder).Proportion of milk powder.

Because it is easier to control the water temperature and volume.

  First add water to adjust the water temperature. If it is too hot, you can cool it with boiling water.

Then adjust the amount of water according to the baby’s needs and the scale on the bottle, and add an appropriate amount of milk powder, because it is too thick and too thin does not meet the needs of the baby. It is better to add milk powder to control the amount of milk powder, and the concentration of the milk powder is accurate.

If you add milk powder first, the water temperature is insufficient, and the amount of water is not well controlled, it may waste time and milk powder.


Increasing the concentration of milk powder and adding supplements by yourself Because the capillaries of infants and young children are very weak, if the concentration of milk powder is too high, it may easily cause the capillaries of the children’s brain to rupture and cause bleeding.Affecting the mental development of young children will increase the infant’s internal burden, cause digestive dysfunction, cause constipation or diarrhea, and severely cause necrotizing enterocolitis.


Change the milk powder directly to the baby Many babies will face the problem of changing milk for some reason during the milk powder replacement. Changing the milk powder for the baby must be gradually transitioned. It usually takes one or two weeks for the baby to replace the milk powder.

The baby’s gastrointestinal function is weak, and there will be a replacement for the original milk powder. Therefore, when replacing the milk powder, you must mix the two types of milk powder together. At first, you can increase the number of the original brand and the number of the new brand.Measure to completely replace the old brand.

The whole process can take one to two weeks, and let the baby have an adaptation process.


Boil the reconstituted milk powder again and re-boil the reconstituted milk powder, the structure of the nutrients such as protein, vitamins and the like will change, thus losing nutritional value.

If the baby drinks this milk, the nutrition obtained will be greatly reduced.

  Baoma should pay attention to, if you are feeding newborn babies with infant milk powder, in addition to choosing milk powder with quality assurance, everyone should pay more attention to the brewing of baby milk powder.

Experts have summarized 4 points for Bao Ma, hoping that Bao Ma will pay more attention.

Difficulties in finding jobs for graduate students

Difficulties in finding jobs for graduate students

For graduate students graduating this year, job search competition is particularly fierce.
Not only are undergraduates playing the “low pay” card, but also a large number of international students returning home to apply for jobs.
So, for this group of highly educated graduates, how to stand out from many job applicants?
The reporter interviewed several graduate students who are looking for jobs, and their experience may give readers some inspiration.
  Cherish the opportunity for internships. Do n’t put Miao Chennian upside down in journalism. Since the second half of last year, she has successively gone to many media units for internships.
Because of her master’s degree, it was easy to get an internship, but Xiao Chen failed to stay.
Investigating the reason, she felt that it was the failure to persist.
去年7月,小陈进入某主流媒体实习,不过实习的同时,她还忙着搜罗其他公司的招聘信息,实习期间花了很多精力做“网申 ”,结果本末倒置,报社觉得她做事不够积极,She persuaded her to go home early in less than a month.
Later, Chen went to several TV stations. The media units usually hope that the applicants can practice for a while to observe their abilities. However, Chen also quits because of the long time.
  Now thinking about it, Xiao Chen thinks that if he could bear his patience and stay for a longer period of time, he would have more opportunities to show himself, and maybe he would stay.
In addition, she also realized that she should distinguish between the primary and secondary, concentrate on the internship during the internship stage, and put aside the job search in advance.
She suggested that graduate friends take each internship seriously and summarize the experience after each internship, which will be very valuable in the future job search process.
  Demonstrate your own advantages, sober to know myself Xiaotang is from Shanghai International Studies University, and recently just finished an internship in a unit, waiting for the final result of the offer.
Because of his sober understanding of himself and his own advantages, Xiao Tang was praised by the unit leaders.
“Foreign language is my strength. I have been proactive in highlighting this ability since the interview.
Xiao Tang said that no matter whether the company has English documents that need to be translated or act as temporary interpreters, she has volunteered and tried actively.
Several times, the company leaders met the intern.
“It’s important for newcomers to get familiar with the company.
“Xiao Tang said that she has a more outgoing personality and enjoys communicating with people.” My internship position is related to marketing and sales, and my personality can help me achieve better results in my work.
“Xiao Xiaotang said that undergraduate teaching exercises practical and operational abilities, while graduate students focus more on theoretical research. Master students must combine the two well.” From the perspective of learning ability and cultural heritage, graduate students are absolutelyA win for undergraduates.
In addition, Xiao Tang also suggested that graduate students should not focus on job hunting in foreign companies and banks. Although these positions are better treated, they may not be suitable for themselves.
Foreign companies pay attention to the language expression and appeal of students, while some graduate friends are inherently introverted and more adept at learning, and will lose out in competition with undergraduates.
Therefore, graduate students must undergo necessary training to improve their competitiveness in the workplace.
  Interviewing is an important step in a job search.
Workplace experts conclude that graduate friends are apt to make some “advanced mistakes” during interviews.
To sum up, these “advanced errors” are mainly caused by graduate students’ failure to “put down their own shelves”.
  不善于打破沉默  因为长期在“象牙塔”中学习,或者自认为学历高,研究生面试时不擅长主动与面试官交流;还有些时候,研究生遇到面试官是位本科毕业的年轻后生,心中就Will mutter: “How can he be qualified to interview me?
“It turned out to be cold.
In fact, proactive conversations leave an initial good impression on the interviewer.
  To answer some questions from the perspective of space caves, graduate students are good at dealing with theories, but forgot to give examples.
Graduate students themselves give the impression of “only reading” and talk more about their own experience, which not only adds points to the answer, but also implies that the examiner has relevant practical experience.
  Pretending to be perfect When you are in the “group”, some people hold the view that “graduates should be better than undergraduates”, answering questions smoothly and steadily, and rarely have their own views.
When it comes to yourself, it is a “perfect person” with no shortcomings.
This type of answer will only make you lose points.
  Asking for salaries voluntarily: At the end of the interview, the examiner took the initiative to ask the question without mentioning the salary. In fact, he made a “taboo”, which would make professional interviewers very disgusted.
Now that undergraduates have taken the initiative to reduce their salaries, asking about salary makes people feel that you care.
In fact, if the recruitment unit is interested in you, it will naturally ask about the salary situation.

Home cooking for anemia

Home cooking for anemia

Jujube and lotus seed porridge: Jujube has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing spleen, nourishing blood and soothing nerves; lotus seed has nourishing spleen and stomach, stopping diarrhea, nourishing kidney astringent essence and nourishing heart qi.

Take 15 grams of red dates, 15 grams of lotus seeds, and 100 grams of glutinous rice. Add the right amount of brown sugar and cook until thick.

  Pork liver and peanut porridge: liver foods are rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins; peanuts contain vitamin B1 in all foods.

Use 20 grams of peanuts and 200 grams of rice to cook porridge. Cut 50 pieces of pork liver into the porridge and add the sauce to eat.

Jujube rice porridge: Previous rice is rich in B vitamins; jujube is very rich in vitamin C.

Take 15 jujubes, make 100 grams of rice porridge and add brown sugar to eat.

  Longan wolfberry porridge: Longan can nourish the heart and spleen, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves; wolfberry can nourish the stomach and kidney, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves, take 15 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of wolfberry, 20 red dates, 200 grams of rice before porridge.

  Mulberry spinach porridge: Mulberry can nourish liver and kidney, nourish yin and nourish blood; spinach is rich in essential amino acids of the human body; use 30 g of mulberry and 200 grams of rice to make porridge until thick, then add 150 grams of spinach for 10 minutes, add seasoningReady to eat.

10 best foods most forgotten

10 best foods most forgotten

The following foods have high nutritional value, but many people don’t like to eat them.

hzh{display:none;}  1.Chinese Cabbage A cup of chopped Chinese cabbage contains only 22 calories of conversion, but contains a lot of nutrients.

Chinese cabbage contains sulforaphane, which can increase the amount of enzymes in the body.

(Enzymes can prevent the production of free radicals that damage cells and can prevent cancer.) Studies have found that sulforaphane has the highest ability to promote enzyme production, as do any other phytochemical.


Beet is a red vegetable rich in folic acid and betaine.

These two chemicals work together to reduce levels of homocysteine, an inflammatory lipid that can damage arteries and increase the risk of heart disease.

And beta anthocyanins, the natural pigment in sugar beets, have been experimentally proven to prevent cancer.


Pomegranate Pomegranate contains high concentrations of lycopene, which can prevent prostate cancer more than tomatoes and watermelon.

Moreover, a cup of pomegranate contains 688 mg of potassium, which is 63% more potassium than bananas.

Pomegranate also contains a lot of fiber, 9 grams per cup.


Lettuce Half cup of cooked lettuce contains a large amount of lutein and zeaxanthin, each cup contains 10 mg.

These chemicals, called carotenoids, prevent repeated aging because these substances absorb light that damages the eyes.


Cinnamon cinnamate controls blood sugar and reduces the prevalence of hypertension.

In fact, the study found that patients with type 2 diabetes implanted 1 gram of cinnamon per day for 6 weeks, and their blood glucose, blood lipids and poor plasma were significantly reduced.


Purslane purslane has the highest levels of omega 3, and research has found that purslane (melatonin, an antioxidant that blocks production) is 10 times higher than any other fruit and vegetable.


Pomegranate juice research found that drinking 2 grams (56 grams) of pomegranate juice per day for one year can reduce systolic blood pressure by 21% and significantly improve blood flow to the heart.


Lycium barbarum has the highest antioxidant capacity index among all fruits.

And research has found that the sugar in wolfberry can reduce insulin resistance and prevent diabetes.


Plum Dried Plum Dried contains a large amount of neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid, which are two kinds of chemicals that can resist free radicals.

These free men can cause damage to the cell’s machinery, which can lead to cancer.


Cucumber Seeds Cucumber seeds contain a large amount of magnesium. Studies have found that people who have high levels of magnesium in their blood have a 40% lower chance of premature death.

Did you miss at the weekend?

Did you “miss” at the weekend?

Introduction: I do n’t turn on my phone or answer the phone, I do n’t watch TV, I do n’t chat on the Internet, I do n’t pay and I do n’t go shopping on the street.White-collar workers are eager to meet online on the weekend and suddenly “miss”-away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, withdraw from the stressful working state and become a true free person to relieve psychological pressure.
1. On the weekends, netizens met “missing together” and “work pressure, I want to disappear on weekends.
Without books, turn off the phone and disappeared on the weekend.
Find a place, forget the stress of work, know strange places, meet strange friends, and spend a chic weekend.
Anyone with this hobby?
Please leave a message and meet together.
“This is the declaration of a” missing weekend “group on the forum.
Recently, more and more white-collar workers are enthusiastic about playing “missing” activities on weekends: no internet, no phone calls, short trips with strangers, self-driving tours, etc., so as to get rid of stressful work conditions and relieve stress.
The life of urban white-collar workers is getting more and more boring-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, all in the company’s grid, there are leaders, jobs, and there are a bunch of faces staring at the computer just like themselves. The work has been programmedAlready.
Feeling exhausted and exhausted, he especially wanted to change his life style on weekends.
2. “Missing” is like recharging the body. Many “missing people” say that they feel “missing” on the weekend. In the short days they “disappeared”, they either traveled short distances, watched movies, or read books or slept., Cleaning, dating a stranger . as long as it’s not related to work, play whatever you think.
Even if the weather is bad, even at home in a daze, you can really relax and feel happy.
3. Finding a space for self-release However, the “missing on the weekend” also attracted some doubts on the forum.
Some netizens believe that this method of decompression is very new and attractive at first glance, which makes people “can’t help but be tempted”, but the operability is not strong and there is no way to try it.
Because many companies clearly stipulate that employees’ mobile phones must be turned on 24 hours, if they are found to be turned off or no one can be found, they will be deducted.
Some netizens do not agree with this way of decompression.
Netizen “Voice of the Shadow” believes that the “missing person” is too lacking in responsibility.
Although the unit does not go to work on weekends, the entire person plays “missing” and “disappears” without a trace. What if the unit has an emergency and cannot find anyone?
Wouldn’t you delay your work?
In addition, some netizens believe that there are many ways to reduce stress. To find the one that suits you, you can not use QQ, do not “weave a scarf” (write Weibo), do not open a mobile phone, or do not contact friends, but you do not have to play “Missing”.
Expert analysis: Modern people’s fast-paced life and stressful work pressure are breathless. Slowing down life and returning to nature has become a fashion, and people have begun to slow down their fine life.
As for the phenomenon of “playing disappearance” that is becoming popular among white-collar workers, an expert in social psychology believes that this shows that urban people are increasingly focusing on finding a space for complete release for themselves.
However, the rapid development of modern technology and economy, advanced communication and communication have changed people’s lifestyles, and they are like many invisible shackles that fasten urban people. Every day, they face a steady stream of information exchange, which easily leads to “information fatigue complications”Some white-collar workers will have the mentality of” reversing everything, “because of the high work pressure and thus going to the extreme of” missing “temporarily.
Occasionally “playing missing” and looking for a quiet environment can loosen the mind in a timely manner and help to adjust the mindset. It is a simple and happy lifestyle, but you should be alert to the situation that will evade reality for a long time.

Hidden rules for summer toddler diet

“Hidden” rules for summer toddler diet

Infants and young children have weak gastrointestinal functions and slow absorption. Therefore, it is easier to lose appetite in the summer. Let us talk about what needs to be paid attention to in the summer baby diet!
In fact, take a look at the suggestions in various aspects. There are some potential rules for the addition of summer children’s diet!
  Precautions for infants and young children in the summer: Follow the appropriate amount of rehydration but not more than 200 ml each time. In the summer, babies are prone to lose water unknowingly, so proper rehydration is especially important.
But you should pay attention that you can’t remember to let him drink water when he is very thirsty, this will dilute the stomach acid, and it is not good for food digestion and sterilization.
The correct method of hydration is to urge the baby to drink more water and increase the frequency of hydration, and the amount of water should not exceed 200 ml each time, so as to help the baby’s body full of water.
At the same time remind parents to never let your baby drink ice water on an empty stomach.
  Precautions for infants and young children in summer: More salt and less sugar. In summer, the baby sweats more. As the sweat is expelled, a large amount of salt in the body will be lost, leading to electrolyte imbalance in the body and affecting normal metabolism. The baby is more prone to fatigue and anorexia.
Therefore, it is necessary to add salt in the summer, but at the same time, it is necessary to limit the sugar intake in the daily diet.
Eating sweets to your baby in the summer will cause your child to have high blood sugar levels and lack of appetite, which will affect the baby’s normal nutritional intake for three meals, and will also be accompanied by toddlers’ tooth decay and obesity.
  Precautions for infants and young children in the summer: more vegetables and fruits are fried, and fried foods are not easy to digest. Accumulation in the stomach may cause the baby’s bloating and discomfort, and the increased demand for oxygen in the stomach will cause the child’s mental weakness and physical and mental fatigue.
Therefore, this kind of fried food, try not to give it to your baby in summer.
If your baby is hungry, give him more fresh fruits and vegetables. The cooking method is recommended to be light, which will help digestion more easily.
At the same time, the digestive summer diet rules also give the baby more milk and more eggs, lean meat, fish and other high-quality protein.
The nutritious breakfast recommended by Smart Mom is oatmeal with milk and fruit. This kind of breakfast sounds very helpful for digestion, doesn’t it?
It can also sustain the calories your baby needs for a day.

4 University Questions for Parents Feeding Baby to Drink Water


4 University Questions for Parents Feeding Baby to Drink Water

The role of water in the human body is very important, it can help transport nutrients in the body, participate in the metabolic response of cells, maintain blood pressure stability, regulate body temperature, and remove waste in the body.

But how much water do newborns and babies drink every day to be healthy?

What to pay attention to when feeding baby water?

  First, when does a baby need to drink water?

  Your pediatrician recommends that you do not drink clear or distilled water until your baby is six months old.

Infants need enough water from breast milk and other baby foods such as milk powder.

Because the baby’s diet is almost exclusively breast milk or milk powder, and most of the milk and milk powder are water, babies usually do not need to drink extra water.

  Once your baby starts to grow teeth, they need fluoride to nourish the growth of new teeth, so at this time you need to let your baby drink fruit juice.

Some parents may want to drink more water because they are afraid of constipation.

In fact, there are many reasons for constipation in babies, which are mainly broken with the function of their stomach.

Although eating habits have an effect on constipation, they are not the main factor, so the amount of water intake mainly affects the amount of urine, not the quality and quantity of stool.

  Second, the 4 points to feed the baby 1. Do n’t feed the baby within half an hour before meals. Although drinking more water can speed up metabolism and be healthy, but for young babies, drinking water at inappropriate times may easily affect the bodyOh!

One of the times when it is not appropriate to feed your baby is before eating.

Drinking water before meals can reduce gastric juice, which is not conducive to food digestion. Drinking a bulging stomach will also affect your baby’s appetite.

Therefore, you need to advance a little bit and let your baby drink a small amount of water half an hour before meals. This can promote the secretion of saliva and help your baby digest food.

  2. You can’t feed your baby with water within 2 hours before going to bed.

Younger babies cannot fully control urination after deep sleep. If they drink too much water before going to bed, they may easily have enuresis.

Even without enuresis.

Getting up a few times a night to urinate can also affect sleep.

So mothers try not to feed the baby within 2 hours before going to bed; if it is really necessary, try to control the amount of water and let the baby lick a little to quench thirst.

  3. What kind of water do you give your baby?

What temperature is best?

  Boiled water is your best drinking choice.

After multi-layer purification treatment of boiled water, the microorganisms in the water have been killed at high temperature, and the calcium, magnesium and other elements in it are very beneficial to the body.

But pay attention to drinking fresh boiled water, because the biological activity will be lost by more than 70% when exposed to boiled water for more than 4 hours.

  The study found that it cooled to 20?
The boiled water at 25 ℃ has specific biological activity. It is very close to the characteristics of the baby’s cell fluid, so it has good affinity with the cells in the body, it is easier to penetrate the cell membrane, enter the cell, and can promote metabolism and enhanceImmune Function.

  Too cold or hot water will damage your baby’s delicate gastric mucosa and affect digestion. So in summer, it is best for your baby to hold the same boiled water, and in winter it can absorb boiled water of about 40 degrees Celsius.

  4. How much water does the baby need to drink every day?

  Factors such as age, room temperature, activity level, body temperature, small amount of milk or food can affect your baby’s need for water.

12-month-old baby should drink 120-160 ml per kilogram of body weight per day; 2-3 years old will drink 100-140 ml per kilogram of body weight per day.

Depending on the baby’s own situation, parents can supplement their baby with about 10% of their body weight every day.
15% moisture.

As long as your baby’s urination is normal, you can let your baby drink a small amount of water several times according to the actual situation. If your baby sweats a lot, you should increase the frequency of drinking water instead of the amount of water.

Counting the ten worst weight loss methods

Counting the ten worst weight loss methods

A variety of “weight loss secrets”, a variety of “weight loss theory”, dazzling, difficult to distinguish between authenticity.

If you want to lose weight or are losing weight, look at the ten weight loss paradoxes listed by foreign medical experts to know the true meaning of weight loss.

  Ridiculous idea 1.

All food is born equal. The work of Cornell University in New York, USA, found that the cause of obesity is not how much other food to eat, and that the transfer through food will accumulate a lot of fat on you.

  The reason is simple: in the process of digestion, the body metabolizes proteins and sugars to burn more metabolism than metabolism.

For example, if we consume more than 418 kilojoules (100 kcal) of food, if the food is sugar, only 314 kilojoules (75 kcal) is converted into body fat, and if the food is rare,There will be a transition of 405 kilojoules (97 kcal) into misfortune.

  Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that there is only a cumulative short-term average of 30% per day.

Eat less aunt, especially avoid eating fat, cocoa butter and other foods with high levels of saturated fatty acids (such as butter popcorn, ice cream, etc.).

  Ridiculous thoughts 2.

Eating dessert foods can’t be divided into good and bad categories. The right amount of food is the key.

If you really want to eat sweets, then eat it with confidence, but the amount of food consumed in other meals must be reduced accordingly.

If you want to eat small desserts often, but don’t want to store snacks, try the cooked fruits, iced water with juice or piled up the sponge cake. These foods not only satisfy your taste, but also are nutritious andNot getting fat.

  Ridiculous thoughts 3.

Fasting fast foods Not all fast foods are the “natural enemies” of dieters.

An ordinary hamburger, a steak, a roast chicken or a salad with a low-speed seasoning are all delicious foods to choose from.

Of course, chickens or fish with fried fries, milk ice cream and mayonnaise are extremely high in conversion, so dieters should not eat more.

  Ridiculous thoughts 4.

After losing weight, it is difficult for an obesity researcher to systematically observe the weight loss process of obese and non-obese dieters. It is found that weight loss is very easy. There is no so-called “weight rebound, difficulty in weight loss”.Increase “one said.

  The amount of weight loss that is reliable and does not harm health is 0 per week.

1 kg.

The easiest and most effective way to achieve this goal is to fast off snacks every day and eat eight minutes at dinner, that’s all.

  Ridiculous idea 5.

There is no essential difference between apple-type obesity and pear-type obesity. Recent studies have found that slight storage in the upper part of the body (upper body and abdomen-apple type) is more likely to cause higher than distribution in the lower part (hip and thigh-pear type).Blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes.

You may not be able to distribute adulthood, but you can avoid obesity syndrome by losing weight all over the body.

  Ridiculous idea 6.

Dieting is the quickest way to lose weight. Research has found that a large reduction in the metabolism of alternatives to repeated intakes is converted to a “metabolic mode” that will allow the body to conserve energy and reduce metabolic rate.

The more you diet, the better your body’s ability to store energy.

In the long run, repeated dieting can potentially affect weight loss.

  Therefore, it is best not to replace the recent overeating with a diet, which will only be counterproductive.

Moreover, dieting for more than three days without restraint has led to gallbladder disease, increased kidney burden, resulting in decreased immunity, irritability, and hair loss.

  Ridiculous idea 7.

You can enjoy the exceptions on the ground and don’t think that there is no cockroach in the food using temporary substitutes.

In order to ensure that the total transient does not exceed the standard, you still have to control the amount of food.

  Ridiculous thoughts 8.

Temporary partial eclipse is the most effective way to lose weight. In order to lose weight, eating only one type of food (such as fruits and nuts) for a long time is the most unsuccessful way to lose weight.

Losing weight in this way will not only succeed, but once you return to normal diet, your weight will increase quickly.

  Ridiculous thoughts 9.
Losing excess weight, just looking at what you eat a lot of research shows that dieting and exercise weight loss is better than dieting alone, long-term moderate-intensity exercise is better than occasional short-term exercise.
In the daily life, consciously strengthen the exercise, such as using stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking instead of taking the bus, doing housework instead of waiting for the hour, etc., the effect is better than simply dieting.

  Ridiculous idea 10.

If you are very fat, it is all your wrong body and body size is mostly determined by genes, some people are destined to be obese, and others are not slim at all.

People with high blood pressure in childhood are generally difficult to become thinner, because obesity in children makes him have more aunt cells than ordinary people, and once aunt cells are present, they may only increase or decrease and never disappear.

Having loved everything is enough

Having loved everything is enough

From his resentful eyes, carved into my heart, he will inadvertently stab wounds wrapped in layers.

  At this moment, I sat quietly alone under a dim lamp in the high-rise building, watching the night-falling capital city and the vast night sky in front of the window, and lonely turned over the past that never faded.

  There are too many stories about love in this world, but I believe that the story between us cannot be counted as a perfect love.

Meet quietly and break up quietly, and even didn’t say “precious” to each other when they broke up, only vaguely remembered that each other was drunk to the fullest, the figure faded away in the far night mist . I always thought I hadMy heart is like water, but when the night is quiet, I often remember those beautiful days.

  At that time, the sun was warmer and the sky was more lush, and I soared around the campus like a lively blue bird, squandering the sunny days until I met Feng.

  Feng is a handsome and gentle boy, with him like heaven.

When he was alone, he didn’t dare to stare into his eyes, lest the disobedient eyes conveyed his own affection.

So “I’m getting ridiculed for Iraq”, “People are thinner than Huanghua.”

The self-esteem of the girl made me unable to speak, letting my thoughts flutter like autumn leaves.

In the early morning, I leaned against the tree with regrets and looked at the maple running on the guide. I felt that the sky was very close, but the maple was too far and too far . This intoxicating pain lasted half a year, finallyAt dusk when the setting sun reached, I saw a tender girl, and the little bird leaned against Feng’s broad chest like a human. The overflowing happiness let me escape from that path, and the tender tenderness made me unable to restrainTo look back.

From then on, the gloomy eyes were engraved in my heart, and accidentally wounded the wounds that were wrapped in layers.

  At the graduation party, the candlelight was swaying and the moon was dim.

I have become accustomed to hiding in the crowd, and my heart is as calm as water, and even this seemingly calm water is often surging waves.

One of Feng’s friends approached with a glass of wine and drunk slightly, and inadvertently told Feng’s regret.

It turned out that Feng’s heart had been deeply in love with me, but his excessive restraint made him retreat.

One of the ways to suppress your feelings is to shift, as with many classic versions, clumsy and overwhelming.

  I was deeply distressed, and I would not let tears burst, and infinite remorse came to my heart.

A “snap”, I don’t know whose glass was broken, my heart fell apart that night, and I was drunk in the sadness of parting . Yeah, if everything can be pushed back, those yearsHow much regret will be left!

Bring a little and a half drunk, stay awake, years are flawless, it’s just us who are wrong.

  For many years, some people say that I am a chic girl, maybe because I used to express my feelings vividly and wipe out the clouds of past events.

It can come out of countless lonely days, but this chic did not forget, that pure emotion and unrepentant devotion is the best gift left by youth, and it is also the comfort of the soul in the middle of the night, because I hadLoved, deeply loved, all this is enough.