Just for skin!

Doing Yoga!

Just for skin!
Doing Yoga!

Practicing yoga on the body can maintain a healthy, calm mind, and improve body shape. The correct facial massage is like yoga for the facial skin. It can not only promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also get rid of sagging and aging skin., Increase flexibility.
  Today, facial massage is no longer a professional treatment that can only be done in beauty salons. As long as you master the essentials and methods of massage, you can easily do yoga for your skin at home and become your own personal masseur.
  Massage, an essential step in the beauty procedure For more and more Asian women, massage has become a necessary step in the beauty procedure.
For centuries, this traditional technique has been passed down from generation to generation by women for its extraordinary efficacy, and has a long history.
  A quarter of the new generation of Asian women (according to a survey by Dior Asia Beauty Center) regularly use massage creams.
Massage, with the precise and rhythmic movement of the fingertips on the face, can really relieve skin fatigue and stress, resist environmental pollution, and lose luster caused by various external aggressions.
However, there are other key in-depth effects of massage that are popular with Asian women.
  First, massage can promote microcirculation of the skin.
In the warm and humid climate prevailing in Asia, it continuously affects the microcirculation of the body, resulting in the vitality of the microcirculation becoming weaker and weaker with time.
  Secondly, massage can soothe facial muscle tissue, because Asian women’s skeletal characteristics and lack of sufficient skin internal support tissue may cause bone relaxation.
Regular massage can help firm up the facial skin and activate the skin’s inner rosy glow-which is essential for a beautiful and healthy complexion.
  ① Decompression—Place your ten fingers along the center of the face to the front of the ears.
Gently massage along the hairline, pressing your fingers slightly and pressing gently.
Massage slowly and deeply as if you were pulling your hair backwards for relaxation.
  ② Soothing—Place your fingers on the bones under the eyes, apply pressure, and press slowly.
This gentle and fine massage not only promotes microcirculation, but also eliminates tiredness.
  ③ Oxygen activity—Squeeze the depressions on both sides of the nostril, this part concentrates most of the blood vessels on the face.
Squeezing this area can effectively promote microvascular circulation and help restore facial radiance.
  ④ Energy-Apply pressure to the depression in the back of the neck.
Massaging this area helps to promote energy circulation in the body and promotes blood circulation in the head.
Gives new life energy and revitalizes facial skin.
  In just 2 minutes, the skin is deeply soothed, nourished and plumped, instantly replenishing vitality.
The natural functions within the skin are stored, becoming younger, more beautiful and shining.
  Facial Massage Q & A Q: Why use a massage cream?
A: The special massage cream can not only make the touch feel smooth during massage, but also absorb the heat generated during massage, which not only exerts the massage function, but also avoids the possible damage caused by friction.
In addition, today’s massage creams often combine a variety of nutrients, which can nourish the skin while massaging.
  Q: What should I pay special attention to during facial massage?
A: First of all, you must pay attention to the intensity of the massage. Otherwise, you will lose more than you pay for it. If you pull the skin too much, it will cause wrinkles on the face.
Of the five fingers, it is recommended to massage with the beauty finger (middle finger and ring finger). The speed should not be too fast or too slow.
  Q: How long is the massage time?
A: The massage time depends on the nature, condition and age of the skin.
Usually oily skin can be massaged for 5 ~ 10 minutes each time, normal skin for 10 ~ 15 minutes, dry skin for 15 ~ 20 minutes, it is better to massage once or twice a week.
For those under 25 years of age, because skin elasticity and metabolism are better, about 5 to 10 minutes a week can be massaged, over-massage is easy to produce negative effects.

Diet recipes!

Let pampering from head to toe

Diet recipes!
Let pampering from head to toe

What does baby eat?

What should my baby eat?

Do you know what foods your heart, lungs, hair, etc. need to eat?

Here is a food map for everyone, telling you the recipe for eating from head to toe.

  Brain protection: Biscuit research has found that the right amount of sugar can provide brain fuel and improve your memory.

  Eye protection: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, which can improve vision and prevent night blindness. And eating sweet potatoes regularly is good for the skin, but it is not suitable for people who are losing weight.

  Lung protection: Tomato UK studies have found that eating tomatoes more than three times a week can prevent respiratory diseases.

  Heart protection: Magnesium in tofu overnight can help prevent blood clots and high blood pressure. Tofu can also increase the calcium content in the body.

  Stomach protection: Garlic research abroad has found that people who eat garlic often have a lower chance of getting stomach problems.

  Leggings: Bananas supplemented with potassium can help you reduce leg muscles and prevent leg cramps. Of course, bananas are not a long-term choice for weight loss people.

  Skin care: Pumpkin vitamin A can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

  Armor: Oyster Oyster contains a large amount of zinc, which is an important nutrient required to maintain nail health.

  Toe care: Biotin contained in cashews can help toenail grow healthy.

Laugh at yourself

Laugh at yourself

I have a friend who has a black hair on her head that looks prematurely older than ten years old.

Whenever someone guesses his age wrong, he smiles with tolerance: “Nothing, you are not the first.

Didn’t anyone say that?

The lively road is not grassy, and the smart head is not hairy!

“This kind of self-deprecation and tolerance is very rare.

  Self-deprecation is a self-joke, a self-confidence and free and easy expression. Only a confident person dares to laugh at himself, because he knows that self-deprecation will not affect his mentality and the impression on others.


Fosty once said, “The golden rule of laughter is, just laugh at yourself first if you want to laugh at others.

“British writer Jestadon is a fat man, and he has difficulty moving due to excessive reasons.

He once told his friend: “I’m a man who cuts three times more than others.

When I made a seat on the bus, I broke down and let the three ladies sit down.

“This is a kind of self-deprecation.

This lighthearted self-deprecation created a lighthearted humor, while at the same time showing Jestadong’s high confidence.

  When we encounter an embarrassing situation, if we can use self-deprecating to create a humorous position appropriately, we can effectively place our own embarrassing situation, and at the same time, we can give the other party an easy experience and get the other ‘s goodwill, soThe atmosphere became more harmonious and more conducive to the purpose of communication.

  After Reagan became president of the United States, he paid a state visit to Canada.

At the beginning of his speech, Reagan’s speech was constantly interrupted by the chanting and martyrdom of the anti-American protesters.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre?

Trudeau was embarrassed by this situation, but Reagan smiled and said to him, “This kind of thing happens from time to time in the United States. I think these people must have come to your country from the United States on purpose.

They want to make me feel at home.

“After Trudeau heard this, he suddenly smiled at both ends, and Reagan caused an embarrassing situation.

When the crowd on the field heard Reagan saying this, they became quiet.

  The famous Chinese painting master Zhang Daqian once toasted Mei Lanfang at the banquet and said: “Mr. Mei, you are a gentleman-move; I am a villain-move.

“Here, Zhang Daqian ridiculed himself as a” little man “according to the characteristics of his work, and immediately activated the banquet atmosphere.

Couple yoga, passing the energy of love

Couple yoga, passing the energy of love

Couple yoga is a tool that provides the power to connect our humanity. The two increase mutual trust by supporting each other’s yoga poses. In a way of yoga, they share and feel the true meaning of love with your “he”.

  Yoga teacher Lynn and Gaura Lynn, who was a professional martial arts athlete, fell in love with it at the first sight when they came into contact with yoga in 2004; she felt that they could find a peaceful mood and true happiness through practicing yoga.

Since 2010, Lynn has brought Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi to yoga.

Gaura has a deep attainment in yoga. He studies the basic principles of ancient yoga philosophy, culture, gyro rituals, Sanskrit prayers, Indian music, and Ayurveda (Indica medicine).

  Exercise precautions: Backward movement, hypotension is not suitable for people.

  During the stretching exercise, ask your partner if they feel fit and be careful not to overstretch.

  Thanks: Support of Y + Yoga Club First Form: Meditation Communication 1.

The male was lying on a yoga mat with his legs as wide as the cricket.


Girls uniforms, open legs, completely double in boys.


The palms of the two were folded to their chests, facing each other and paying tribute.


Breathe deeply and slowly ten times.

  Emotional communication: See each other with admiration while looking at each other.

  The second type: bend over and stretch 1.

The two stood face to face, bending their upper bodies until they were level.


Hold the opponent’s wrist, and make the body’s center of gravity backward until the force is balanced.


Take a deep breath and move each other’s centers of gravity backwards as you exhale.

  Role: This pose helps stretch the back of the body and stimulates the body’s circulatory and immune systems.

  Emotional communication: When a couple is practicing, they can support each other by touching and pulling on the palm of their hands. They can also have a humble heart to treat the other half of your love.

  The third type: swivel Shubei 1.

The two men crossed their legs and twisted their spine.


Pull each other’s floor together, connect one by one and sit under the bone to press the floor.


Straighten the tail spine during inspiration, twist backwards during exhalation, and leave 8-10 deep breaths on each side.

  Role: This exercise can help ease the tightness and stiffness of the lower back.

  Emotional communication: When doing back-to-back postures, the back of our chests, that is, the back of the heart chakra, can get each other’s induction. The back of the heart chakra represents acceptance of love, which can improve lovers’ sense of security, and have a star when accepting each otherOpen mind of tranquility.

  Fourth style: accept your love 1.

The boy kneels on his knees, his thighs are 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground, his arms extended forward, and his chin or forehead touches the ground.


The girl’s feet are larger than the hips, and her hips and coccyx sit on the boys’ hips.


The girl slowly bends back and lays on the boy’s hips, raising her head to straighten and relax.

  Role: Help the other person stretch their upper body, stretch and relax their lower back and shoulders.  Emotional communication: Mutual support requires absolute mutual trust. This action can deepen the trust of the other party and make you deeply thankful to the other party.

  Fifth type: tight resistance 1.

Boys and girls sit back to back, boys with their feet facing each other, or sit crosswise and align to open.


The boy’s arm touched the ground and slowly squeezed into the distance.


The girl straightened her legs, raised her arms up, and hugged the boy’s head back.

  Inhale first, the boy slowly leans forward when exhaling, so that the girl has a compression on the shoulder and chest.

  Role: The close tails between the couples help the boys to open their chests and shoulders while helping the abdomen and thigh muscles of the boys.

  Emotional communication: The back and the back depend on each other tightly, and the heart and the heart are closer together.

While stretching, both parties can open up and become more dependent on each other.

  Sixth style: Love is like a rock 1.

The boy clasps the girl with both hands, his thighs are firmly on the ground, and his legs and buttocks are strong.


The girl stepped on the front of the boy’s thigh, grabbed the boy’s wrist, slowly tilted his upper body back, and squeezed the front of the body.

Strengthen the contractility of hip muscles.

  Role: This pose allows boys to experience a strong support, allowing girls to have enough space to show themselves and support each other because of mutual trust.

  Emotional communication: Mutual support will deepen trust and make the relationship between the two sides as rocky and more stable.

  Seventh style: Only you with full heart 1.

Sitting cross-legged, with the tibia and ischium attached to the ground, the entire spine must be straight up.


The back of the chest is spread evenly at the same time, palms are closed on the chest, eyes can be closed, just simple breathing.

  Sit with your legs crossed, let your thoughts or thoughts go down, and meditate quietly for 10-20 minutes.

  Emotional communication: There are no thoughts or thoughts in the brain, only the shadow of the other party is left, so that deep love is deeply precipitated in the heart.

Helping those who are timid

Helping those who are timid

1, caused by natural temperament.

This kind of child reacts more slowly to strangers’ people or things than ordinary children, and it takes a long time to adapt. Some children have weak neurotypes, are too sensitive, tend to be nervous, and instinctively do not know people, things, and the environment.feeling scared.

  2. Environmental impact.

The adults in the family are not good at dealing with foreign affairs, the children have little contact with the outside world, and lack of communication experience; living in apartment-style small families, most infants and young children are closed indoors, allowing living spaces for interpersonal communication to be learned, which is afraid of life during communication.,timid.

  Write a diary for your child and leave the best memories!

  Don’t miss the opportunity for early development in the age of 0-3. 3 Educational issues.

Children have been frustrated in previous interactions, such as parents forcing their children to be human, acting, etc.

When a child is unwilling because of racial psychological preparation or tension, he is persecuted by his parents and prepared for responsibility, which causes the child to be afraid of association.

The requirements for treating children are usually too high and too strict. The children are reprimanded for doing something wrong, and the child shrinks because of fear of failure.

Parents take care of their children too much and do everything instead. Once encountering a new environment, the child loses the ability to adapt to the new environment and will be at a loss.

Some children cannot control their own behavior due to the lack of normative constraints at home. Once dispersed among the crowd, the difference with the family is too great to adapt, resulting in timidity.

  How to help children?

  1. Parents should not rush to correct what is caused by nature, and allow the child to have a gradual process of adaptation.

While respecting the child’s expectations and not being threatened, the child is gradually expanded to accept new people and things.

  2. Due to environmental impacts, children should be actively created opportunities and environments for interaction with the outside world.

For example, visits between neighbors, take children out to help guests to know different people, go to the park, look at the crowds in the street, so that children can have the opportunity to contact some strange but kind people; let children help others do somethingDo what you can; if you meet a child of similar age, encourage the child to approach and play together . 3, parents should properly reset their child in the family.

Respect your child’s personality and help your child develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love, neither doting or demanding.

In the activities of bringing children as guests or receiving guests, the child can be prepared in advance, or some moderate requirements can be made to guide the child’s behavior in front of the guests. After the activity, the child’s behavior should also be evaluated. MoreEncourage, less criticism, let the children try to communicate successfully, and encourage the children to make progress in their interactions.

30+ crazy woman maintenance


30+ crazy woman maintenance

Are you a scumbag?

Have you successfully promoted to the 30+ light mature female circle?

After 25 years of age, the traces of time have quietly come to knock on the door, so 30+ defeated dog girls, you must also grab the tail of youth and start crazy maintenance.


hzh {display: none; }  随着偶像剧《败犬女王》的热流而过,随便在路上、办公室或者其他公共场所都能听到在念叨着里面的故事情节,讨论着胜犬秘诀.

So are you a scumbag?

Have you successfully promoted to the 30+ light mature female circle?

Today, Maizi will teach you a few “naughty spells” and make you a wondrous dog.

  The term stubborn dog dialysis Japanese manga refers to a woman over 30 years old, high income, high education, successful career, but no emotional end.

It is true that the losing dog in your mind is essentially, in fact, after 25 years of age, the traces of time have quietly knocked on the door, so 30+ losing dog girls, you must also grab the youthful tail and start crazy maintenance.
  Are you doing this now?

  The most common condition is that the skin’s ability to self-recovery is worsened. In the past, I stayed up late singing or K-Books, but I did n’t wake up in the morning, but I did n’t get tired in the morning.Apply the mask to strengthen the essence to recover.

In addition, the lines of eyes, eyebrows, forehead, etc. caused by expressions will gradually become apparent.

  How does the scumbag care for her skin?

  The skin of the female dog is not as old as many years of wind and frost, so the maintenance focus is on prevention and maintenance. Usually the basic moisturization may not be enough, and the concept of anti-aging needs to be strengthened.

  The common skin problems of the female dogs include fine lines, pores, rough and dull skin, but because the female dogs mainly work, excessively complicated maintenance procedures are also a burden, so if you strengthen the maintenance of essences and creams, you canProvides moderate hydration and nourishment to the skin.

  In daily life, normal work and rest is always the most stable cornerstone of youth. Diet should be kept as light as possible, less oil, less salt, less sugar, and at the same time can be supplemented with appropriate nutritional supplements such as SOD and antioxidants.

  Must-have dogs-they are wild Lancome beauty skin rejuvenating lotion 30ml / 780 yuan for 6 hours: As a single subversive “essential muscle base”, Genifique beauty rejuvenating lotion becomes the first step in daily skin care routineIt can refresh the skin in just 6 hours.

  7 days: Daily skin care starts with “Essence of Muscle Base”. In just 7 days, the skin’s touch will become more and more delicate and silky, become more pure and brighter, and the skin texture will be tight and elastic.

The most surprising thing is that as long as the skin is started from “gene care”, the bottom layer of the skin will become better, and the follow-up skin care products will be more effective.

  Netizen Water Blue Xiaoyu: Open the small lid, its size is translucent milky white, squeezed a little at the tiger’s mouth, but it is as transparent as jade, water and water.

Gently spread it evenly, and it will be easily pushed away. It is not greasy or sticky, only light and moist.

The skin also absorbs quickly. In this hot and dry summer, it is very comfortable to use. After use, the skin is hydrated and smooth, and it is no longer as dry as before and a little elastic.

This feeling from the inside out is great!

  Estee Lauder’s new instant repair special moisturizing essence 50ml / 880 yuan Estee Lauder’s latest global synchronization ANR on September 1, 2009, 30 years of genetic research, 20 international patents, irreplaceable mysterious formula, 24 hours race against time magic repairWitness the miracle of youthful skin for 10 years!

  Xiaobian experience:

hzh {display: none; }  新版ANR PK 旧版ANR   气味:跟旧版没差异,或者说是我鼻子没闻出太大的差异来,依然是那股特别的味道,用过的姐妹应该都知道啦。   Slight: It is slightly thinner than the old model, but it is easier to absorb. It is absorbed by the skin after two shots.

Delicate and refreshing, good ductility, one drop is enough to apply on the entire face.

  Effect: The first feeling is very moisturizing and very fast absorption.

The skin feels instantly filled with moisture and nutrients-this is probably due to its 1500 times stronger moisturizing formula that instantly nourishes the skin.

Then follow the usual procedure to apply and apply the night cream I have been using.

The next morning I got up and observed the skin carefully. It was very clean, and I felt the skin was quite hydrated. It seems that the new water-locking function is indeed very powerful, which makes me very satisfied.

  Must-have for dogs-you can get a unique formula of Sihily All-In-One Emulsion 125ml / 1180 Yuan in one bottle. It combines many precious plant extracts such as ginseng, Centella Asiatica, Horsetail, Rosemary., Hops, etc., and formulated in accordance with the precise and perfect ratio, can fully meet all the needs of skin health, and comprehensively enhance the skin’s own immunity and resistance, help the formation of collagen, can promote skin metabolism, maintain skin health。
Provide skin with vital energy in all aspects, realize the skin’s comprehensive moisturizing, nourishing, firming, elasticity, repair, anti-pollution, anti-aging, etc., or completely improve the overall quality of the skin on the basis, and supplement the skin energy from time to timeBalance skin condition and improve overall health and vitality.

  Netizen: The town’s treasure of the big plant brand!

As a beauty enthusiast, how can you and me not try this once in this life?

I want to say that this lotion absorbs really well. After use, the skin is obviously smooth, delicate and refreshing, and the taste is also the favorite of many people. It is a must-have for men, women and children, all year round, and home travel.
  Estee Lauder Platinum Flower Chrysanthemum Cream 30ml / 2500 Yuan Designed for the dreamy development of platinum women under 35 who are pursuing luxury quality. It contains Estee Lauder’s epoch-making development results-Huayang Time Factor (Youth Molecule).The 23 patents under application are the true fountain of youth on the skin!
  It incredibly freezes time, quietly wipes away the “primitive lines” of the years, and infinitely extends the precious youth and vitality of young skin.

Day after day, the delicate skin enjoys the ultimate respect, showing unparalleled ultimate brilliance and youthful health, blooming in our exclusive platinum elegance!

  Netizens: I like the feeling of essence milk staying on the skin, a touch of natural fragrance.

With the opening, smearing, the skin was transformed into a pearl color in an instant.

Self-confidence and contentment arise spontaneously.

Adds a firm, hydrated feel to the skin.

Decoction method of special Chinese medicine

Decoction method of special Chinese medicine

For some special medicines, when the doctor prescribes it, the first right corner of the drug is marked first fried, then down, fried, simmered, fried, washed, etc., special attention should be paid when cooking.

  1, frying first: shell, ore-like drugs, such as turtle plate, armour, vermiculite, stone cassia, keel, oysters, magnets, raw gypsum, etc., due to the hard and hard, the active ingredients are not easy to dissolve, can be broken and fried for 20?
For 30 minutes, add other medicines and fry.

For aconite, aconite and other drugs with side effects, must be fried 45?
60 minutes to reduce toxicity and ensure safe medication.

  2. After: Mint, Artemisia annua, Amomum villosum, white cardamom and other odors. The active ingredients in Jiujian are easy to volatilize.

Uncooked vines, rhubarb, senna, etc. are fried for a long time, and the active ingredients are destroyed. Therefore, these two kinds of drugs must be fried before the general medicine is finished?
Get off in 6 minutes.

  3. Frying: For the sticky, powdery and fluffy drugs with strong viscosity, such as terracotta, psyllium, sea gold sand, green daisies, talc, puhuang, and spinosa, it should be wrapped in a small gauze bag first, and then with otherUse the same medicine to avoid turbidity or irritation and cough.

  4. Gelatinization: Ejiao, turtle gum, antler gum, etc. In order to avoid entering the frying pan, they are often heated with water or rice wine and exchanged for cash.

  5, another fried: For ginseng, American ginseng, velvet antler, antelope horn and other valuable medicines, often fried separately, taken alone or mixed with the medicine.

  6, brewing: such as antelope powder, panax notoginseng powder, bezoar powder, pearl powder, thenardite and other precious and small quantities of drugs or powder drugs, in order to avoid waste, decoction is generally not used, other fried liquid or boiling water can be usedChongfu.

How to buy ripe fruits

How to buy ripe fruits

Apple-If the bottom is cyan, it means that it is not yet ripe.

Tap and see, if the sound is not crisp, it means it is not fresh.

  Pineapple-Look at the color of the skin first. The round black plump pineapple is the freshest.

If the leaves are dark green, it means that the sun is good, and the sweetness and juice are much.

The fragrance is the most delicious to help suppress the soft pineapple.

  Strawberries-Fresh strawberry pedicles are dark green.

The pedicle should be bright red all around, if the fruit still has white parts, it means that it is not yet ripe.

  Banana-The skin has many black spots and the darkest yellow banana is the most delicious.

5 ways to increase your explosive speed

5 ways to increase your explosive speed

Core tip: Speed refers to the ability of the human body to move quickly.

Armed policeman training is a comprehensive and complex movement. In order to hit the target or avoid the opponent’s attack, it must have the speed to complete various actions quickly. This is also an important condition for whether the opponent can be defeated in actual combat.

  (A) the main content of speed training1.
Speed of displacement.

That is, the ability to change direction suddenly in action, including balance and control of inertia.

Such as footwork, body movement, etc.

  2.Muscle speed.

That is, the ability to defeat the enemy with correct and fast movements is mainly the speed of muscle contraction.

  3.Mind speed.

That is, with agile thinking, think about how to defeat and defeat the opponent.

  4.Speed of action.

Attack from the correct state, correct posture, and technical action.

5.Visual speed.

It refers to whether the eye can quickly find its flaws when the opponent is moving or stationary.

  (Two) specific training methods 1.
Practice a 30-meter run: Physical fitness training runs at a speed of 30 meters.

Such a distance can give play to speed, improve lower limb strength, and improve coordination.

Changing conditions during running can also train trainees’ mental concentration and resilience.

Includes the following: 30-meter fast run, 30-meter change direction run, 30-meter acceleration run, 30-meter side run.

  2.Practice reaction speed: one side attack, one side defense.

The defender is required to find out the action before the opponent attacks and make a defensive action correctly.

  3.Quick skipping (half minute skipping, count): one is to jump once with both feet, and the rope is wound once; the second is to jump once with both feet, and the rope is to be wound for two weeks.

  4.Shooting practice: First, hit the target in the predetermined order and evaluate the time required to complete the specified number of moves; second, specify 30 seconds, and then hit the target multiple times in the predetermined order.

  5.Weight-bearing exercises: such as pushing bricks on horses, wearing heavy gloves and punching sandbags with legs or hitting hanging bags.

  Everyone should pay attention to the following issues in speed training: 1.
To complete the training movements at a speed of speed, the movements used are the correct movements that the trainee has mastered;
The duration of the hitting exercise will generally exceed 20 seconds; 3.
Specialized action speed exercises should be consistent with actual combat actions; 4.
When training, you must master the interval between exercises.

Do you know the principle of running fitness

Do you know the principle of running fitness

Core Tips: In the early stages of exercise, the speed of running is limited to no discomfort, and the distance to run should not be difficult.

After running, muscle pain in the lower limbs may occur. This is a normal reaction and will disappear after a few days of exercise.

  At the beginning of the exercise, the speed of running is limited to no uncomfortable feeling, and the distance to run should not be difficult.
After running, muscle pain in the lower limbs may occur. This is a normal reaction and will disappear after a few days of exercise.
  In order to determine the level of your exercise level, you can take some tests three to four months after taking a running exercise. The test starts with the distance run in 12 minutes.

  People in the 30-39 age group can’t reach a distance of 12 in 12 minutes.


8 kilometers, indicating a poor level of exercise; if it can reach 1.


6 kilometers, indicating a good level of exercise; if it can exceed 2.

6 kilometers, that is to reach an excellent level of exercise.

  For those in the 40-47 age group, those with poor exercise levels run 1 distance every 12 minutes.

Within 6 kilometers; 1 is good.


4 km; 2 for excellent.

More than 5 kilometers.

  Those who are over 50 years old are poor, and the distance between good and excellent people is 1 every 12 minutes.

Within 5 kilometers, 1.


4 kilometers and 2.

More than 5 kilometers.
  Don’t fantasize about getting the desired results in the short term, only regular exercise will increase your level of exercise.

If you only run once a week, you can run a long distance without many digits.

Because in the six days of interrupted running, the body’s tissue has consumed all the benefits of running.

Therefore, running must not interfere three times in a week.

People who usually lack exercise, once they decide to start regular exercise, often exercise too much, which will lead to adverse consequences.

Exercises should be carried out in an appropriate and gradual manner. The following items should be recorded in the diary every day: 1. The nature, content, duration of the exercise and the time spent in each exercise;  3, appetite and sleep conditions; 4, whether there is a desire to continue to exercise; 5, pulse beating.

  According to the above records, it is not difficult to analyze the amount of exercise and make necessary adjustments to exercise in time.

At least, the pulse beats more than 120 beats per minute after 5 minutes of running, and the pulse beats more than 100 beats per minute after 10 minutes of running.

If the pulse rate is too fast, the amount of exercise must be reduced.